Why is Wood One here?

If it's not the state of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, it's a situation that makes you want to hold your head.

But I don't have time to think about it.

"Please provide information. There's no kidnapping only for Mr. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, is there? Is this your daughter's escort or something?"

If it's a request, I'm talking about how we can divulge that information.

How more than that......

"Why are you here?"

"You see... the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman told me to rely on my feet for information."

Did the extra advice cause you any trouble?

But you think my information was leaking?

I should always pay the utmost attention.

"I ran around all night and purchased information that someone from the Brave Party was coming around here."

Apparently, one of my extra words set Woodwan's reporter soul on fire.

"I didn't expect to see Mr. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman here. Come on, let me cover you!

I never imagined you'd hit such a handicap here.

Even in this gap, Happiness is trying to escape.

Uh, no more trouble!

"... Huh. I'm sorry, but it's not a request this time. Occasionally, I was just here in this city on personal matters. This girl is that... this is the kind of relationship"

If you look at where you're trying to hold down the reluctant Happiness and bring it back somehow, you'll see that it's a somewhat close relationship.

Or Happiness, I hope you won't resist.

"This kind of relationship...... I knew it was a kidnapping!

"There's no way this Black Thunder Demon Swordsman would do that.... Yeah, no, I'm not here all over the city to do a cont today. Now excuse me!

Wind for escape activates magic!

The wind raised the earthen smoke and dazzled me.

In the meantime, run away with Happiness... I don't want you to try to run away and make an adult of yourself.

You can't go to Raven like this.

I guess I'll attack you from a different direction.

I decided on an idea... so I headed to the nearby woods.

"Here we are."

"... kidnapping"

"You're a good friend."

"……. Sleeping remarks"

"Yes, sir."

I don't intend to have a cont with Happiness so I flush it gently.

Put me down on the spot... and make sure there's no one nearby.

Now you can reluctantly return to Youki from the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

He said to take off a set of gear and put it in the bag he was bringing.

"Well, I'm ready.... Stand up."

Tilt your head when you tell me you haven't been pinned.

You'd know if they told you to set it up.

Do I have to explain it clearly?

"Begin combat training now"

"... why?

"When your heart is moaning, you'll feel refreshed if it moves like it's funny."

"... ideas, toddlers"

"Happiness is still on her way to becoming an adult. This is the right thing to do."

Happiness putting up her own fans about whether she came with a cock to treat children.

Apparently, he was motivated.

"... shave!

"What, at all... what!?

With a sharp attack on his head... he went for his hair, to be exact.

Goddamn it, he said he was after something he didn't like.

"Come on, though, you'll get in the way of a date with Cecilia. Stop aiming there!

"... Operation"

"That's a highly calculated one!

Avoid dangerous attacks targeting Happiness's hair.

I am not lost in my expression.

Looks like we're back to normal.

Do you want to talk while avoiding an attack?

"What do you think of Raven?"

"... I like it"

"Right. I'm sure you can be quite clear."

"... of course"

"If you can clearly say you like that, let's go see Raven"

"… Rejected"

"Right. ……. Hey, if Raven is trying to cross the line with Happiness, can Happiness live up to his feelings?

The attack stopped.

"... I want to respond"

"You don't say you'll respond."


Happiness silent on my question.

If you can say you like it without hesitation, can you say it clearly there?

A woman's heart is difficult.

But I want my friends and ex-boyfriends to be happy.

I don't think it's a good idea for outsiders to say anything.

Still... it's like the second reading phase already, and you can push it back.

"Raven is a good man. I think and act on Happiness. It was also quite heartbreaking to say that I was too busy to see you. That's why I planned this trip."

"… Understanding"

"Well, if Happiness is unhappy with Raven, I'll tell him..."


Responses are quick for Happiness.

"So here's the thing... why don't you just accept him?

"… consultation"

"Let's hear it."

Did you finally feel like talking to me from Happiness?

Quickly, start listening.

He talked to me every now and then, reddening his face, looking full.

"Steady, I didn't know Raven had scared me to come this far and show me the man..."

Because the approach from Raven last night was getting better than usual.

He thought something would definitely happen when he slept in the room with him, and he overthought it and flaked his head.

I guess I'll just have to break it off that I'm going to grow up now.

Seriously... some people take the lead.

"Happiness...... let's get this straight. I know you do, but Raven's thinking about living with you."

"... cohabitation"

When I said marriage, I made him aware of it and thought it was bad for Raven, so I clouded him.

Has Happiness received cohabitation?

You haven't got the image of marriage... well, there's nothing to cling to deeply.

"... two men and women who liked each other that something would happen. When it comes to spending the night, there's no choice. Well, Raven wouldn't do anything if he explained it properly. Just... you think Happiness is good with that?

I thought a little and shook my neck down to the side.

"Then you'll have to decide to be ready"

"... ready"

"That's right. Show him to the Raven one. Be ready for Happiness!

Grab my fist all the way and stick it out to Happiness.

Happiness has also imitated and stuck his fist out.

Your eyes seem to be filled with flames of readiness.

"Tonight is the battle."

"… Accepted"

Outreach It motivated me lightly.

Well, I didn't hate Happiness either...

I don't stick around because it's extra.

Let's push him to the point where he can't go back within his own motivation.

"Well, shall we get ready by the time Raven returns"

"... ready?

"I'll give you all the money. Raven said it was the best. If you see it, you'll turn it into something that opens your eyes."

I don't know if I can arrange for clothes in time for the night.

"... Captain, chubby"

"Well, this is like an engagement gift for a friend and an ex-boyfriend."

"... engagement, not yet"

You know they're not gonna say it yet, right?

If I scratch around there, I won't tell you because I think I'm about to kick it.

"Well, then, we'll be back in town soon."

"... ooh"

I took my norinous Happiness back to the city.

It would be a hassle to meet Woodwan.

Stroll around the city in a defiant manner.

First of all, the clothes store.

"You're wearing regular clothes, bedtime clothes and dresses."

"... necessary?

"Use your regular clothes for dates after tomorrow. Sleeping clothes and dresses... it's up to both of us to use them"

"... Captain"

Happiness opened his mouth small and respected, groaning.

Hmm, shall I pretend I can't hear you here?

It's a respectful statement from Happiness that's really rare, so I won't say anything.

Shut up and take my gift.

I bought clothes without any trouble because I was fighting the enemy.

I can see my back. It looked like I was buying a dress or something, but I don't know. I don't.

Happiness chose it for himself.

Today was the day of the battle and I had to tell the female clerk - multiple clerks were dressed as Happiness changing dolls as I said.

By the way, this is my brother as soon as I walked into the store. I told him to pick out his sister's clothes, so there's no such weird mistake as we're dating.

While Happiness was being dressed as a doll, I was looking for clothes that would look good on Cecilia.

I found some clothes, so I wish we could both come during our stay.

That's how I accounted for it, but it turned out to be more than I thought.

Well, I'd ask you not to lick the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman's earnings.

It was evening when I finished paying and left the store.

"Was it already this time? You spent a lot of time choosing clothes."

"... Satisfied"

Happiness grins holding a bag of clothes bought.

It is almost facial.

"... thanks"

"Hmm... well, good luck"

"... battle"

"Do you have wins or losses?"

"… exists"

"Then don't lose."

I don't know what happens when you win, but I'll keep my backup.

Happiness, which usually doesn't put emotions on the table, is burning with melameras.

Let's oil him up.

Raven, I may not be able to sleep tonight......

"Well, let's eat and go home"

"…. Agreed"

Going into the right store and finishing dinner.

Because it's still early, or we don't have many customers.

Sit tight and order.

I ordered the salad because Happiness was asking for all the meat dishes.

How ready are you to be?

"I wonder if Raven is at work by now"

"... work"

"You wait late?

"... wait"


Apparently, he's willing to wait in his room until he gets back.

I guess I'll make sure I have enough to take home as a night meal on my way home.

If you're fighting back while you think about it, there's a reaction from someone you know.

That's not Wood One...... is this Raven?

I'm with multiple knights, looking around?

It's going to go bare without noticing us in the store.

Surprises fade and it's better to get past them.

You're not stopping by, let's hear the conversation just in case...

"I'm thrilled to be able to look around with Captain Raven."

"It's not insecure, so nothing very weird happens. What do you say, this city?"

"... Wangdu has a lot of people and problems on a daily basis. This city... right. Perhaps you should think about changing routes during the time you look around. There would be a place where it would be hard to see if you said it wasn't insecure. We should go through the alley as well as where we opened it. And then near the inn where tourists stay..."

"Captain Raven, what's wrong?

"No, a little..."

"Is something wrong?

"It's for personal use. Never mind."

"Never mind...... no, sorry"

"Captain Raven......"

"Stop. I'm saying the captain would be nice. Let's take it easy..."

Raven, you're distracted by the knights around you.

Hmmm...... well, don't sink in when you think it's your fault you were rejected.

"… preparation, preparation"

Happiness in front of him is stuffing his mouth hard with meat dishes.

Eat your vegetables properly.

These two are going well today, aren't they?

I can't talk about other people myself.

I think I need to check the size of my fingers.

Let's pray and eat meat so that things work out for me too.

Didn't you get food fights on the way? and remembered an old story with Raven that I took Happiness and escaped before my stomach got heavy.

I was on a rampage when I said prep, prep.

I told Happiness that you were about to lose the dress I bought in jeopardy and she kicked me.

I was careful.

Well, it sounds like Happiness, so is it good?