Shopping is safe and done and you're all set...... what is it?

I discovered that I was unlikely to be able to change Happiness by myself.

He wants to wear makeup or something... but I don't have it at all and it's out of battle.

It's good to be back at the inn, but what do I do?

"Can't it just be like usual?

"… today, special"

"Right. It was a battle today. I'm sorry about Raven if I don't turn around. Let's not compromise."

When that happens, there will only be one person I can count on.

Me and Happiness are dependable people... waited for Cecilia to come home.


"Happiness, I feel signs of Cecilia's return home."

My enhanced hearing and sense of smell reacted.

Happiness looks at disgusting objects but doesn't care.

I have business here, so I have to pick you up.

Let Happiness wait in her room and come to Cecilia.

"I'm back now.... Welcome?

Seems a little happy Cecilia.

I'm here to welcome you... but I need a favor.

"Actually, there's something I'd like to ask Cecilia."

"Is something wrong?"

It changes from a happy face to a rugged look.

Something serious didn't happen that far.

"I'll explain everything in my room."

Return with Cecilia to Happiness's waiting room.

So explain this plan with Happiness.

"As far as it goes. Happiness is ready..."

"I can't wear Happiness. I'm counting on Cecilia now."

"... plea"

"Wow, I get it. Please leave us both alone once."

He seemed to have turned forward and told me to leave Cecilia.

Or pushed away with both hands, sad.

"I've been a courtier for years. I'll take care of it."

"That's right, Cecilia"

"... trust"

After all, it is Cecilia who counts on it.

"Then I'm going to start quickly..."

"Oh, please"

"... it's forbidden for men from here"

That's why I was kicked out of the room.

Well, then, it'll be just for women.

I'm back in my room. I'll wait for Cecilia.

It would have been about half an hour before Cecilia came into the room.

"Good day, how did it go"

"Listening to Happiness, I've done what I can. Mr. Yowki bought you a lot of clothes, didn't he?

"I chose Happiness."

"There's also the depth of Mr. Yowki's nostalgia, and it's the completion of Happiness you don't normally see. Mr. Raven must be surprised, too."

You look like you've done it.

Seems pretty confident.

You were right to ask Cecilia.

"Mr. Yowki, by the way"


"Sounds like you enjoyed your date with Happiness during the day."

Cecilia tells me with her eyes.

No, no, it's not a date with Happiness. Come on...

"You bought Happiness a lot of presents, too, right?"

Cecilia's blame continues.

I did go out with a woman and bought a present as well.

I also went to dinner... is this cheating?

But Happiness is in a relationship like her sister's.

If you were wondering.

"Please don't take me so seriously. Are you kidding me?"

"Oh, yeah..."

Cecilia kills her voice and laughs at how I was in a hurry.

Hmmm....... I didn't think you were seriously mad.

I panicked because it was something I couldn't help but get the facts wrong.

Should we think and act from now on?

"Mr. Yowki. Have you really thought about what to do? I didn't refuse to ask for anything, and even if I got caught up in it, it was one of the factors that made me like to try to fix it."

Cecilia, who tells me not to lose what I like.

I fell in love with that kindness......

Now is the time to put it into words and tell them!

"I like that kindness of Cecilia!

"Thank you. But you can do whatever you want with my kindness... you know what I mean, right?

"Because that's not what I said. Purely because I just wanted to say my favorite part of Cecilia, too. 'Cause I'm never sweet about kindness and I don't even think about doing whatever I want."

Cecilia's eyes looked suspiciously glowing, so desperately give me an excuse... that's no excuse, is it?

Cecilia is laughing again when she sees me so desperate.

"You're easily too caught up in my jokes. You don't have to work so hard to deny it."

"No, because. Considering Cecilia's sermon. If it's too much, it's not good."

I hope you have to be careful when you remember what's happened to you by now, yeah.

"... does that mean I'm scared during the sermon? You can take it that way."

Cecilia is shaking small.

I can't see the look on your face, this is... it's not a joke, it's a real one.

"I was talking to you about Mr. Yowki. Really? Are you scared? As long as it takes..."

I can see the aura from behind Cecilia that Gogo......

This is a front seat pattern.

She was gently embraced when she sat up and listened to her.


"Again, not yet"

I was told in my ear that it was a prank success.

Was Cecilia such a character?

You mean I wasn't the only one who was trying to do it even after yesterday with incomplete combustion?

If Cecilia wants to... I'm serious too.

Give me a hug back and say something.

"If you haven't already, are you two going out?

I've been eating with Happiness, but with Cecilia, I'd still be in my stomach.

I refuse to invite you to dinner in this situation….

"I'd just like to agree with the meal, too. Wouldn't it be better if we waited to explain the situation to Mr. Raven?"

"... what?

"I don't think I'm going to go to Happiness's room because of what happened to Mr. Raven this morning."

"Sure you do."

It was pretty dented last night, too, so I wouldn't go and attack again myself.

There are ways to leave a note... but I don't feel like I need to convince you directly.

"I've been finishing my meal, so I don't even need to go out special. Happiness has been done properly too, hasn't Mr. Youki? Happiness, there was a supposedly evening meal in your room today, wasn't there?

"Uh, have you seen it? Raven's gonna be late, so I got it wrapped up."

"Did you still? Well, I'm glad you're waiting for Mr. Raven."

It wouldn't be nice if the two of you were wrong again.

Raven is depressed, and Happiness is motivated.

It wasn't good yesterday, but tonight... huh?

"So will you schedule an appointment for tomorrow while you wait for Mr. Raven? I'm off for one day tomorrow, so let's go out."

"I wanted to invite you on a date..."

That's what men say, isn't it?

Cecilia saved me because she told me that she was meeting my plans.

I need to be manly and give my opinion on where my date is going.

I don't get Duke to help me with tail dates or anything like that, like I used to.

Happiness and the clothes store I went to, the souvenir shop in the cafe I saw, etc.

I remember where I wanted to come with Cecilia when I went out today.

You think Cecilia saw a few stores she wanted to go home too?

It's fun for the two of us to schedule a date and the time is up in no time......


"What's wrong?"

"Looks like Raven's back."

You never crossed the day.

Well, I'm gonna lose my sense of surprise, so don't explain it in depth. I'm gonna have to throw it in the room with Happiness.