"Welcome back"

I waited in front of the room and Raven walked in looking tired, so I speak.

Cecilia is waiting in her room because we want to put a sledge on each other here.

You'd want Happiness to say hello, not from me.

Slowly moving to look at me... it's obvious that work isn't the only cause.

You're still seriously ill.

"... oh, a yolkie. You went out of your way to welcome me. Thanks........."

You can thank me with a thirsty voice.

Shall I just ask you to come into the room?

"I picked you up for a reason. I'll have Raven sleep in that room tonight. I've been waiting to tell you about it."

"... what are you talking about, Yoki? Happiness and Cecilia will be using this room."

"I'll be in my room with Cecilia... You know what I mean?"

We're talking about staying with each other's lovers.

There would be no explanation this easy to understand.

But not passed on to the negative-mode Raven.

"... well. A guy like me tells me to play wild boarding and reflect. One, if you look up at the night sky and sleep, you can think deeply about your short behavior."


Where is the guy who kicks out of the room and flirts with his lover alone while his friend is misaligned with his lover?

You might be looking, but I'm not such a flirtatious guy.

"Look, Raven. There's someone in that room waiting for you who wants you and wants you. I've been waiting a long time. Come on in and get him."

"... was waiting for me, is that it?

"Oh. Because you told me about yesterday. I'm not asking you to forgive me. Happiness also needed to organize his mind."

Because I'm already organized and ready.

I was wondering if I could go with that persuasion.

Why are you sighing, Raven?

"... Yoki is amazing"


"That kind of care is what I should do. I'm a lover of Happiness, and that's something I'll have to feel and realize. Looks like I'm counting on Yoki even when I'm dating... a face that fits Happiness."

"No, he said. You don't say that, Raven."

I don't want to hear that pitiful dialogue.

"How long did you think I was dating Happiness? We'll train together and have a fight. It's a family thing. She's like a sister."

Happiness would look blatantly disgusted if she were listening.

"Exactly. It's been less than a year since I started dating Raven, because I'm not willing to lose with Happiness."

"... that may be so"

"No, don't convince me."

"... which one is it"

"That's where I say I know Happiness better because I'm a lover!

What, it's my family and... I can't help but give up.

Come on, come on.

"Is that how you feel, or do you end the attack with a single failure? Pulling yourself in line with your opponent would be one of the splendid choices. But the opponent has changed his mind and is ready to fight. It's convenient...... I might even think about it. It's just... why don't you be a man of convenience for once?

"... a man of convenience, huh? That's a really convenient story."

"I'm sorry about my little one."

Totally my brother's gaze, but nothing would be better.

The two of us laughed at each other and headed to the room, where we arrived.

"Do you want to come into this room?

I point to the room where Cecilia and I are staying and say.

Of course, I'm kidding.

"... because it looks like Happiness is waiting for me to come home. Excuse me."

"Right.... have a good night."

I don't think Raven heard me because my last words squirmed bossy.

It's like I heard Raven's surprise when only a good inn should have proper soundproofing.

I have business with Cecilia... Come on, Raven.

"Did it work?

When I got back to my room, Cecilia ran up to me.

Cecilia was worried about you two, too.

"I wonder if the rest depends on the two of us. If you're really worried about my hearing enhancement..."

"It's forbidden today. If you use it... you know that."

I'm afraid of my lover's smile.

I promised I would never use it.

What happens if you break it... it's horrible to just think about it.

"So I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Speaking of which, you were in the middle of a conversation.

Cecilia's off all day tomorrow.

I can't believe you two took your time sightseeing...... I wish we could.

"It's good to go out, but I got a problem."

"Trouble…? Were you caught up in something again?"

That's what Cecilia's image of me looks like.

I want you to rest assured that this time it's different.

"No, I got to know a new reporter before I got here. He's in this city."

"How did you get to know a reporter?"

"Kind of when I was a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Apparently, as a reporter, he's new. When I think about getting here, I don't think I'm the only one."

"Surely coming here should have kept Mr. Raven from leaking it to anyone either. If you insult me, you may be considered the worst Mr. Youki is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. And about Mr. Raven and Happiness..."

"To avoid that, I'm going to move tomorrow."

It's an operation to keep Woodman off the Ravens somehow while enjoying his date.

I always do this, and I can't slow down after all.

Cecilia can be annoying, but this filling...... absolutely.

"I'm sorry, Cecilia. I think I'll be bulky tomorrow. But I'm gonna have a good date."

"You don't have to apologize. Is this a date while catching the reporter's attention? I'm thrilled you don't have any experience."

Are you paying attention...... thank goodness.

Thank you for holding hands naturally, I was there to thank you.

"No. Me and Mr. Yowki are lovers. I'll help you. … of course, I hope to make up for it in the future."

"Oh, I'll take care of it"

"... may I ask you one thing, by the way? I think there's something wrong with the way I held my hand earlier."

Look at the hand Cecilia told me to hold.

My hand holding Cecilia's hands wrapped around her.

Obviously he makes a ring with his index finger and thumb and fills it with Cecilia's drug finger.

... I thought I had to measure all the time, so I seem to have done it unconsciously.

There would have been a better way!

"This is... the..."

"Maybe, isn't it?... I can't believe I was trying to measure the size of my fingers"

Oh, my God!

I don't know what to do, I don't know how to mislead you.