Now I'm picking up a pinch.

Because I was thinking too much about measuring the size of my finger, or when I held my hand, I was unconsciously measuring the size of my drug finger.

How to make a ring with your index finger and thumb that it will definitely be split too.

Cecilia doesn't have the status of blunt.

Rather, it's the level that reigns at the apex of a common sense man in my acquaintance.

The situation that I have to be honest with you already.

I'd love to deceive you if I were to deceive you...... why don't you give it a try?

"Ugh, this is the way my lover's bond is going to deepen in fashion..."

"You're lying."

Immediate discovery.

No, it's not too soon to conclude anything at all.

"Huh, because the timing for Mr. Youki to put a prefix is limited. In order to force my opinion through this situation, I tried to switch my mind on myself."

Stupid, that's all they read.

Isn't this the same way that the Kitchen II switch was sealed forever?

Well... it's time for me to graduate.

I didn't think they'd bust me before I got the momentum.

"My loss."

"You're my winner."

"No, that's Cecilia. I'm worried about the future. I don't think I can hide anything."

"Are you planning on hiding something from me?

"No, no, no way"

I hope you don't take it in a weird way.

"Right. … so that was earlier."

I thought I could derail the story like this, but reality isn't that sweet.

I can't seem to escape Cecilia's blame.

Then why don't you reopen it like a man?

"Oh. That was measuring Cecilia's finger size."

Confess straight.

Cecilia seems a little surprised by this, too.

'Cause I'm not going to delude you anymore, and it's a bad idea to lie badly.

Talk about losing the sense of surprise but not wanting to be a guy who makes excuses.

"Even if you want to buy a ring, you won't be able to figure out the size of your finger. Doesn't it suck that I proposed because of it but it doesn't fit my fingers? That's why I wanted to know the size of Cecilia's fingers, so I went into action."

"Well, that's what happened"

I'm done talking to you.

No excuses, good thing you bumped your feelings?

Cecilia is upset.

This is a valuable scene.

Should it be folded or pulled......

It's usually Cecilia's turn after this.

"Mr. Yowki... you've been thinking about it properly"


Was I in Cecilia such an assessment?

"No, no. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean Mr. Yowki didn't think anything of it. That... you declared yourself a partner in the guild. That's what I thought it meant."

"That won't be enough. There's usually a scenic place where you give them a ring when you're alone and propose..."

I told you.

What are you doing? What am I really doing?

I accidentally put the plan in my mouth.

You looked at my expression and you guessed it. Cecilia hardens up, too, and it becomes subtle air.

Silence...... what can I say at times like this.

Rotate your head desperately.

"... Phew"


Cecilia laughed at this time.

Did something funny happen?

Just the two of us get awkward and shut up.

It was such a scene.

"Sounds really like Mr. Yowki."

"Uh... you know what?"

Because I thought Cecilia laughed because she acted like me.

I hear Cecilia enjoys this situation even though it's something I have to reflect on as far as I'm concerned.

"Didn't you solve my finger size by sneaking up on Mr. Sophia and your mother?


Surely Mr Sophia and Mr Celia would have known.

If it's about managing ornaments or those two, be sure to do so.

I didn't have to find out for myself.

"That's the place, Mr. Yowki"

My empty behavior that should have to be fixed.

Why is Cecilia smiling when she has been pointed out to fix it?

"What does that... mean?

"Think for yourself there. Wouldn't it be boring if I told you everything?"

A woman's heart is difficult.

Happiness, now help me.

"There's still something I don't even know about Mr. Yowki. Let's explore each other now."

"That sounds... fun"

"Isn't it? This time I found out that Mr. Yowki was planning a proposal for me."

"As far as I'm concerned, I wanted to surprise you."

"I'm surprised enough right now.... but if that's what Mr. Yowki says. You surprise me even though you know I'm going to be proposed. Try to make a plan like that."

Is this a challenging letter from Cecilia?

Surprise on Known.

Try your best.

"You don't know when, do you?

"I'll wait. Years."

"That's too long to wait"


At the end of the day we joked and laughed at each other.

Whatever it was, I could tell the size of Cecilia's fingers.

The proposal hurdles are up, though.

Cecilia seems happy, okay?

I'm sure he's making happy memories in the next room.

"It's like Cecilia worked day after day, too. Shall we go to bed today in preparation for tomorrow?"

"Right. I want to sleep a little... maybe."

"If I stay awake, I'm worried about what's going on in the next room."

"I explored... you know what I mean, right?

"Of course it is"

I don't expose myself to working curiosity and smashing it even though the day is going to end in a good atmosphere.

Besides... maybe today will be an unforgettable day for Raven and Happiness.

I got ready for bed and went into bed.

"By the way, was that the only way you thought about measuring finger size?

Cecilia came across the question just before she went to bed.

I didn't think I would...

There were several candidates to keep them from getting more noticed.

"Well, you know, measuring it into a sleeping gap"

"That's a good way. You just have to make sure I'm asleep. Why didn't you run it?

"I think I'll knock you down when I see you sleeping."

"... Really?"

It must have been either frightened or lit.

"Was there anything else?"

"I wonder if there were any maneuvers to give you some gloves and tell you what the tightest thing is. If I was suddenly presented with a large number of gloves of different sizes, I would be surprised, so I immediately came up with a bottom-up proposal."

"I guess I was wondering that, too."

"I knew I was thinking about measuring it with my fingers. Connect with your lover while you walk."

"You can't just hold hands, can you?

"That's where I forced my fingers and pinkies to bend and make rings."

"I'm so glad I noticed earlier!

It was me and Cecilia talking late at night when I said I was going to sleep.