Enjoy your date while you manage to attract Wood One.

The purpose today is that.

Raven and Happiness can't be worn out.

Repeat the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman with me and Cecilia.

That's the plan......

"Mr. Yowki, wake up!


"It's morning."

That's why I slept.

I said I was going to sleep yesterday, but I talked to her.

When I jumped up, there was Cecilia, who was in good hands.

You should have slept the same time as me...

"Wow, sorry!

If there's a gap in you that's questioning me like that, talk to me about getting some support.

I rushed to support you so fast.

By the way, when you ask me why I got up early.

"'Cause it's embarrassing to see Mr. Yowki awake."

"As long as it takes."

I wanted to see Cecilia sleeping.

I've seen Cecilia sick.

"No, Raven and Happiness came to the room?

"You're not here. I don't know about you, Happiness, but Mr. Raven seems to be awake at work because he's out early."

"Let's go to your room."

I became the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. I went to the next room.

No response to knocking on the room.

No way, you two went out or something?

"I haven't heard back."

"Shall we go to the reception and ask?"


When I tried to go to the reception, I heard Raven.

"Shh, sorry. You're late. I'm sorry, but could you wait a moment? 'Cause when you're ready, I'm gonna go get you!

It's a rare and hurried voice.

... I guess I shouldn't touch it.

I looked at Cecilia for a moment and she was shaking her head to the side.

I knew it would be better not to get involved.

"Huh, okay. Me and Cecilia will be waiting in the room. Don't worry, I'm a sleeper too. I don't blame you, so get ready slowly before you come. I'll be waiting."

"Mr. Yowki, if you change your tone, it's not natural."

I have some advice from Cecilia.

But the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is this is the standard.

You'd better have momentum on everything, wouldn't you?

"Well then... take your time!

I hurried back to my room.

I waited awhile from there and the two of them came to the room.

Explain the situation without asking why you slept.

Raven and Happiness were blushing, but I don't know.

Happiness was watching Raven, but I don't know that either.

Wood One is here, me and Cecilia are attracted, and I enjoy dating in the meantime.

That's all I told him.

"... it is certainly troublesome to have a reporter. But is it good? We'll both want to walk around freely. It's my trip."

"… concur"

"Me and Mr. Youki can go out to mountains and seas where no one is if Mr. Youki cares about it, so don't worry about it and have fun."

"Cecilia, don't say that with a smile"

Happiness looks at me with contemptuous eyes.

I'm sorry I'm a lover who takes all the secrets.

"... I can't say anything about that."

"Well, I'm good at perception. 'Cause I enjoy dating while I sprinkle."

"... Arms"

Are you trying to tell me it's your job to entertain me?

Happiness is as tough as ever.

I'm not wrong about what you're saying.

We're just leaving with a forceful summary of the story.

Instruct the Ravens where Wood One is.

Have the start work as directed by me.

From there, I need to find out where everyone is and make sure they don't bowl well together.

What do you care about advanced things?

I'll do my best to have fun.

"Where the Ravens are and where the Wood One is...... you'll see it in your hands!

"It's good to feel better, but please don't fail to gather information."


Cecilia's wearing a collar on me to help me.

I'm sorry I'm such a boyfriend.

"I can see Mr. Youki looking sorry right now, even in the mask. If you have time to look like that, I want you to escort me firmly."

They poked me where it hurts.

If they say that, we'll have to do it.

Keep your hands off me, shopping time!

"I thought you were shopping first... but what you did with me didn't finish breakfast. First of all, he's got a stomach!


"The eye-catcher is on. Let's go."

I don't date like I used to.

I looked for a fashionable store that my lovers might go to.

It is a restaurant where you can drink tea in a quiet atmosphere where the interior is not too flashy.

This is the research power of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

I got some attention when I walked into the store but never mind sitting down and ordering.

Again, this is a tea and toast set menu.

Cecilia seems to be asking for the same thing.

"Clerk, shall I order two sets of this tea and toast?"

"You have two sets of tea and toast. Yes, sir."

Good stores have good clerks.

I didn't know you'd be upset when you looked at me.

"... I think you're just trying to stay out of it deeply."

"Really?... Well, I didn't say anything."

"Look behind the clerk who left. Yeah, he was snorting, so it was easy to guess what he was thinking."

"Ho ho. Did you read it from a trick or gaze? It would be troublesome if they spotted that habit in future requests. We have to fix it."

"... I'll find a new habit when I fix it"

"That's exciting"

If I was bickering, the tea and toast I was ordering came.

Dine enjoying the fragrance and conversation.

"... hmm?

The distance between the Ravens and Woodwan is getting closer.

It's hard to tell when you're indoors, so hurry up and put your face out the window to enhance your sense of smell.

We're still at a distance, but we'll meet as we go.

We have to stop it at all costs.



heard a low and sinister voice along with the feeling of being grabbed on his shoulder softly.

Looking back, there was someone who looked like the master of this store.

He is a middle-aged man with a thin, gentle eye.

... Something pissed me off?

"Didn't you like the tea? The moment I checked the smell of tea and took a sip, I thought I was in a hurry to get some air outside."

"... no, not like that"

I don't know what to do, it pisses me off.

No, maybe you're not mad, but it's not funny, is it?

I wonder what I can say to convince you.

Do I delude myself with the kitchen two switch?

"Oh, I'm sorry, Master. I seem to have offended you. But I have a point, too. Great lover, great store, and...... great tea. I'm surrounded by wonderful things, and I feel like I'm going to drown in this dreamy time. I opened the window to get back to reality once. That's what I mean."

"... Was I? Excuse me."

The master graciously returned to the counter.

This is the power of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"That was perfect."

"He looked like he couldn't deal with me any more."

"Certainly for another reason I opened the window. But my words are not lies. Cecilia is a great lover, and the store here is the best. Tea would be good. I'm drinking Cecilia's brewed tea, so somehow I know."

Every time I went to the mansion, I had a treat for tea.

Cecilia's brewed tea is great.

My tongue is fat.

"I haven't made my tea yet."

"No, no. That's not true. It's delicious, and I like to cheat on Cecilia's brewed tea."

I guess I never told you.

I like that time.

Especially a peaceful time to talk about what happened recently without a purpose or anything.

"Oh yeah...... You haven't done much lately, have you? Are you saying it's a bummer? We're often together."

"That's right. I'm with you, though."

"... shall we take our time when we return"

"I haven't heard much about you being on a trip and having fun when you get home."

"Me, too."

Smile at each other for a sip of tea.

Phew... not if you're taking a breath!

"Cecilia, Wood One is approaching. Keep it up and you'll run into the Ravens."

"Let's go, Mr. Yowki"

Hurry up and drink and eat and get the accounting done.

I need to get to Woodwan's as soon as possible.

There's just something I have to say before I do.


"What is it?

"I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman now."

"Okay, Mr. Yowki"


Is that what you're trying to hide?

Well, I'm walking out and so far it hasn't been a big fuss and is it okay?

It sounds like you should be careful in front of Wood One though.