I think I underestimated a reporter named Wood One.

"I'll wait. - Hey! Be sure to... Be sure to cover OOOOOOOOOOO!!

"He said he's still coming after me!? This black thunder demon swordsman and Cecilia specialty. Princess, what do you mean you won't give up watching the roof walk?"

"You're having trouble deciding what to scratch from in this situation."

Cecilia is also calm in this situation.

How can this be so simple that I don't even have to think about it?

This happened when I deliberately showed up in front of Wood One to keep it away from Raven and Happiness.

It was supposed to end properly scattered. It's chasing me with tremendous endurance and leg strength.

We met by chance... so I said no interviews.

I'm not listening.

"Please. Just give me five minutes to cover it... please!

"I don't think I'm gonna give up at all."

"Right. Aren't you allowed to get interviewed already?

"No, no, it's still too early to tell the world about the relationship between the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Cecilia"

"..................... Really?"

How can I perceive that long silence?

I'm having trouble reacting.

I know I have to respond to your request as soon as possible.

"So how does this situation get cleaned up?"

"It's... um"

Amazing stamina doesn't know decay is still coming after me.

Wouldn't that leg help other jobs?

I'm not tired of anything else, but weirdly you don't like to keep getting attention from around.

I have no choice, let Cecilia have a little patience.

"Sorry, Cecilia. Let's get in the alley. Then you'll magically disappear."


"And I'll do something about Wood One"

"Do something?"

I magically disappear from Cecilia because I went down the alley before I talked about the operation... I also took off the costume of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and gave it to her before.

I'm a yogi now.

"Wait... oh, that?

Wood One who came to the alley without knowing anything.

You seem confused by losing sight of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Cecilia.

"Excuse me, brother there. Didn't you see Mr. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman running to tell the roof? I thought you were probably holding the Virgin Mary sideways...... Huh!? Something's suddenly cold."

I guess that chill is because Cecilia is disappearing in front of you.

Because those two names are forbidden to Cecilia.

Wood One embraces one's body as if to tolerate chills.

Still, they're going to continue the interview.

"Oh, so you can see the two of us."

"Uh... I saw it. It looked like we were in a hurry."

"I'm in a hurry...?

"It's only today, it's because of your patience."

Special, it's finally vacation, so don't cross spear. It's an operation.

I don't think I can see it, but I feel a glance from Cecilia that it works.

It's okay, even Wood One should know how it feels.

"Oh, be patient... I knew I hadn't gotten that from any other reporter. The fact that it's only today means the next day we're both going on a date is a long way off. I mean... don't you mean if you miss today, you don't know when your next opportunity will be! I can't do this. Which direction are you two in?!?

The situation worsened as a result of the failure of the operation.

Wood One grabbing my shoulder and shaking it.

I want it to stop because my brain shakes.

I see Cecilia sighing.

Damn, I'm not gonna end up like this.

"Uh, actually, I don't know where I went either."

Secret moves, refreshing.

You won't be able to say anything about this.

"No, no, that can't be right. You said you saw him earlier, didn't you? Besides, at least you're picking up a voice, and you know the direction. You know but you won't tell me...... brother no way!?

Things got worse and worse.

At least they think I'm related.

I don't know what to do Cecilia... Cecilia was disappearing.

You can't grab me and let me go. You can't run away in front of Wood One.

In absolute despair, with the sound of something falling from the back of the alley, it was time to bring it down, Mr. Devil Swordsman, I heard Cecilia saying.

"That's the voice of the Virgin Mary. Excuse me, excuse me."

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Woodwan left toward the direction where his voice heard him.

"Thank you Cecilia. Thank you."

When the magic was released, Cecilia appeared with a set of Black Thunder Demon Swordsman gear.

He seems a little angry.

"Totally no more... what would you have done if I hadn't made the drive work and raised my voice"

"Thank you so much. Thanks."

"... well, good. Look, please get dressed. Let's go on with our date."

Copy that, sir.

Received a set of Black Thunder Demon Swordsman Gear from Cecilia and quickly fitted it.

Nevertheless, shall we continue with the date…?

"Is there something on my face?

"No, it's nothing"

If you say that, you'll think it's cute.

Helmet, you're doing great today.

You wouldn't have misled me if they had seen my face.

Danger, danger...

"You've misled something now."


"Mr. Yowki, it's too easy to understand. We need to make a little more effort to hide it."

Apparently, helmets alone couldn't hide the upset.

Cecilia laughs at me and I look up to heaven unintentionally.

Can you work hard to figure it out?

"Let's train"

"Well, I guess even if Mr. Yowki tries, he'll turn that effort into a bubble."

"Isn't it terrible, it"

"If you regret it, please refine it. It was obvious."

Cecilia showing me her hands spread out in front of her.

I guess what I'm trying to say is last night because I claim to do it and my pharmacopoeia.

"I'm reflecting that I could have done more about it"

"It would be nice to bring that reflection to life next time"


The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is invisible in front of Cecilia.

You know how great Cecilia is again.

"Do you want to go then?"

I also went back on a date with Cecilia when I finished dressing.

Even then, after being chased from Wood One, he used the abilities of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and the occasional Yoki to break through.

Don't you know that Wood One will give up too?

It's evening if you find yourself being chased.

"I guess it's time to give up"

"Right. It's dinner time. I've been running around and wondering if there's a limit to my health."

If you two were talking about that, I could hear Wood One.

No way......

"Really... it's really good in a little bit..."

Wood One running in a flimsy state.

The limit seems to be close already.

Still doesn't seem to give up.

"Something... I'm starting to feel like I'm doing something wrong"

"I also wonder if I'm going to end the day without him being able to get anything..."

On feathers plagued by guilt I'm not sure about.

I guess you can ignore it...... but I don't know.

"Shall I lose my roots"

"Right...... just be careful what you say. Because I don't know what's going to happen with words I said once. Because there are things I can and cannot recover."

He said, "I know."

After being chased around for half a day, I decided to get interviewed.

When I accepted, Woodwan thanked me while I was half crying.

I don't have anything to wipe... oh, I wiped it with an important notebook.

Don't bite your nose with the interview tools.

"Damn, so how far is the relationship between the two of us first"

"I'm a lover."

Cecilia answers clearly.

"Eh. In public, I believe the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman was talking to his partner."

Sure, there are people who think it's a work relationship... it was a lover's declaration as I am.

"Not at work. A partner in my life."

"Are you serious? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"It's okay. Please calm down. Because we still have time."

Cecilia's overflowing good man Aura wraps Wood One.

That figure is still......

"Mr. Demon Swordsman?

"No, it's nothing"

True, don't get in trouble for not getting your head up.

"I don't care if you let me know more about your current exchange..."

Hey, that's where you don't have to dig deep!

Cecilia's eyes aren't laughing, so stop it.

He said he was responding to the interview while annoying.

"... can we get mixed up too"

"… Add"

For some reason Raven and Happiness came.

No, no, no, why did you rendezvous!