"I'm sorry I checked so many times. Isn't it true that I'm here in the wrong place?"

"... never mind. It's not like we're nobles here. I asked you out, so stay dignified."

"... delicious"

I wonder why I'm having dinner with someone I was trying to keep from seeing so much of a runaway person.

Woodwan is just terrified but Raven is following him well.

Happiness is delightful to cook next to Raven.

What the hell, this situation.

"Cecilia, I thought I was going to get a light interview. I wonder why we're together until dinner."

"There are times...... I would have run around and been hungry. Isn't that good? I could hear my stomach pounding when you were holding me."

"Black Thunder Demon Swordsman can't beat hunger either!

They seemed to hear an embarrassing sound.

Stuff dishes in your mouth before being pursued deeply.

Now you won't be able to dig deeper into this story.

Momogu was moving his mouth, while looking at Cecilia, he looked at this one with a grin.

Is there anything yet?

"I just didn't think you'd eat it as good as it looks."

"Have you read your mind again..."

Can I see Cecilia smiling so well?

Each dinner went on and I finished eating dessert to get to the point.

"Uh, so I'd like to resume the interview. From which..."

Wood One looking at me and Raven alternately.

Raven told me he was coming from me with his eyes.

Let's get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

"... let's go from me"

"It's from the Raven Knights Commander, isn't it? Well, you know, meeting her."

"... meet. That's..."

Raven slowly began to talk about meeting Happiness.

Hide the identity of Happiness, of course, about the time you helped him, about your voice, etc.

There were times when Happiness looked down when thoughts about Happiness were told along the way.

Woodwan notes crisp as he hammers.

Raven just took a breath and now it's my turn and Cecilia's.

"Then the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman will meet you first."

"Right. That's..."

My mouth stops when I try to talk.

No... can't you talk?

I was deputy captain at Demon King Castle and I was pulling it off, and I met him when he came aboard because he was one of the brave parties.

Yeah, this is the one that can't be in the article.

He's sending me a glance at what Raven and Happiness are willing to do.

We have to somehow go in the direction of delusion......

"It was shocking to meet the Devil's Swordsman."

Cecilia started talking when I tried to make up the episode.

It's like closing your eyes and remembering the time.

Looks like he's very calm and can afford it, and I guess it's okay if I leave it to him.

"At first, there was conflict, and I just lost."

"Oh, really?"

Yeah, I'm not lying.

"Those days followed, and I was suddenly confessed."

Well, I'm not lying.

"I declined at first. I didn't know anything about Mr. Demon Swordsman, and I didn't think about dating a man or anything at the time."

And I said, "How did this happen now?"

"Right. Well, there's something about being left alone. There are so many unexpected behaviors that there have been so many occasions."

I was frustrated that Happiness was snorting silently, but I can't say anything because it's true.

"But... I wouldn't say no if someone talked to you about it, Mr. Devil Swordsman. Why are you involved in solving this problem? Sometimes you have to hurt yourself."

"Even Minerva is famous for his Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, right? Speed at which the request is fulfilled. Perform the nomination request without doing so. He affirms himself that he will do the request quickly and perfectly. I can't believe my personal life is on that path, too."

"That's the devil swordsman."

It's about me that's being told.

I'm embarrassed to be here.

I didn't think we'd go from meeting to talking like this.

I'm not convinced they're just gonna talk about me like this.

Let's break into the story forcefully.

"There's no mistake in what Cecilia's saying... I'm that kind of guy. Cecilia likes me like that. When I was in conflict, you reached out to me for help. Exactly Saint... no, he was like a goddess."

I almost ran the ban.

Dangerous... once you get your breath ready.

My turn's not over yet!

"Sometimes I didn't feel like there was a disturbance with my friends in the days since then. But it didn't change my mind, and Cecilia accepted my confession."

"As far as it goes, as far as it goes... I've never even heard such stories or rumors. Are you sure you want to make it an article?


"Oh, thank you. I promise I'll make it an absolutely good article.... Um, by the way, let me see your face."

"Not yet. When the time comes, you will be able to reach the truth."

Respectful glance that Wood One was the only one to know when I posed numbingly.

Raven groaned with a small voice, sounding like a yogi, and was laughed at with his nose from Happiness.

Cecilia said.

"That's the Devil Swordsman, isn't it..."

Cecilia was on her side, too.

That's some kind of prick in the chest.

Now Raven called Wood One when I was impressed.

You got more stuff to say than that?

"... right. I don't want you to mention Happiness's name because you want to announce it from me. But you can write about this."

What Raven has shown me is a ring that got stuck in his pharmacopoeia......


Happiness has also modestly shown her left hand.

There's a ring in there with the same design as Raven.

Neither Cecilia nor I can hide our surprises in this.

"... I'm ready. I haven't made a formal announcement yet."

"That means the Raven Knights have an engagement with Mr. Happiness. Uh, Mr. Happiness's job..."

"... Happiness is a servant of Cecilia's mansion"

"Well, let me write in that way."

Last night or during today's date?

The two seem to have approached suddenly.

Buy a ring, come on a trip, have an intense evening and propose.

I feel like Raven got me ahead of me.

"I just found out the size of Cecilia's ring yesterday..."

I squealed softly, but couldn't squeal as well as Raven did earlier.

It sounded like Wood One.

"Excuse me. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, please give me more information on what's going on!

"Oh, no, what's that?"

"This is going to be a record article, too."

I shook my head beside Cecilia just to say that I had no choice but to make sure.

By telling me to be now, I'm going to talk about my struggles naked and the interview is over.

"I'll definitely write an article that won't make you all lose money. Stay tuned."

When he left the store, Woodwan bowed his head and left.

"... was it good, Raven? We'll make a fuss when we get back to Minerva."

"... it won't be that much noise when I'm around. Yuga and Mikana got married, too. You won't have a problem with me going on."

That's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna hold Happiness, Raven.

Happiness keeps herself... and you can see the relationship has progressed considerably on this trip.

"... happiness"

"Right. Lost and gone, most of all."

"... thanks"

"... Youki seems to be a proud family who can count on me to talk to them if they have trouble. So I'm thanking you... Wow, what's up, Happiness"

Happiness, who was heavily held on his shoulder, pounded out Raven's chest pompously.

So you don't think Happiness that far.


"... and a yolkie"


"It's a good thing Mr. Youki cares about people...... but I hope you care about me too"

It was hard after this to forgive Cecilia for being a little grumpy.

It got better without thinking about escaping from Wood One, so the trip ended with a couple of snoozes with each other.

When I got back to Minerva, I found out, and I made a scene about Raven.

I don't know who Happiness is yet, but I think it's just a matter of time.

Happiness didn't disguise herself. She met Raven.

Still, Raven protects to make Happiness happy.

Because if I make you cry, me, Duke and Seek won't shut up.

What kind of article did Woodwan write, by the way?

I bought the article because I was curious.

I'm off today to see it at home with Mr. Irene and a rare and separate Duke of Behavior.

"Humph, Raven Knights Commander, propose at the destination. Your opponent is a servant of a certain warrant lady. Someone who made me face my own complex, you know? You're writing something good inside."

Happiness's name is down as promised.

Some episodes have also been omitted, but nothing is exaggerated.

The problem is......

"Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, check the size of Cecilia's fingers. Marriage is a second reading..."

The episode of Me and Cecilia's encounter is also detailed.

But how is this the headline!

"Hey, Duke. Well, then, don't I look dumb? Raven gave me the ring and proposed. Meanwhile, I'm gonna check the size of your fingers, okay?

"It's good to be compared, isn't it? The size of the article is also bigger for Raven. I don't know what else to do."

"That's gonna happen?

"The comparison of this article is fabric stone. Next, the captains will appear in this article... when the captain proposes to Cecilia or takes a helmet."

I can't give anything back to Duke's words.

Anyway...... let's get a ring ready.