When Cecilia and I broke up and picked up Quinn, I had already finished my journey assignment and waited at the front door.

Sophia, isn't it too soon to finish the journey...

"All right, let's go"

"Yes, I'll be careful not to bother you"

This is how I left the mansion, but there is one place to stop before I leave the city.

"Let's say a word to Clayman before we leave."

"I don't think my father really cares."

As Quinn expected.

"Oh, come on, come on."

I don't see how I care in particular, and I end up with an ambush reply at the reception.

It would be too appropriate, wouldn't there be something a little more?

"Isn't that why you said it? My father needs to be particularly concerned. I'm glad the power relationship at home is leaning."

"Power relations?

"My father and Fiora want to be everywhere. Me and my mother scolding it. Without me, my mother would have to take care of both of us by herself. I am very heartbroken when I go out…"

Don't you think anything about this young son of yours? This man.

He's shaking his neck sideways when he looks at Mr. Sierra.

It seems that the situation is somewhat problematic.

Shall I snitch on Mr. Sophia that he was all over the job...... hmm?

"This is..."

"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki?"

"No, it's nothing"

When I told Quinn, she said, "How did you know?"

I left my guild tonight to tell Clayman he's gonna be in trouble while he's stuck.

From there, the journey begins aboard the carriage.

Because even a carriage called Brying takes four days.


I boost my hearing and steal the voices of those who come running behind the carriage.

"Go, run."

"Will it be okay to leave the Patron God alone? I asked for a message. Will it be well communicated? Wouldn't you make a strange mistake with the Patron God? Again, back now...... no, I have a purpose. I can't see you for just a little while. Oh, patron god......"

"How long do you run... until you can work hard? Yeah, I'll do my best..."

They're coming with three of us.

No, no, I'm overburdened with Fiora.

Ceremony I don't know how much God will keep, but it's gonna take four days.

"Not at all..."

"What's wrong with you?

"'Cause I'll have three more fellow travelers at my next break."


Mr. Sophia left it to you, and you don't mind if I add three more?

The moment we arrived at the resting place, we quickly ran in and captured the three of them.

When I grabbed Seek's root and asked him what was going on, he said he was envious that he could just take Quinn on a trip.

It's a heartbreak trip, envy me?

It would be an experience I wouldn't want to experience if I could.

Needless to say Seek is going, they both followed him.

I hear you've reported it to Mr. Sophia, and no.

Clayman would be happy to have a life without water for a couple in a while.

I had no experience on the journey while babysitting the four of us, I was anxious but the burden was the same as usual because it was practically like babysitting one Seek.

Let's not go into the woods because there's going to be a rare herb.

The journey went on like that, but Quinn was not supported by a prominent upper sky state, Fiora.

You're slow, you're sophisticated! They said so.

Now leave him alone...

The journey proceeded like that, and it was only after noon on the scheduled date that we arrived in Brying.

"I was actually supposed to arrive at noon."

The road became crowded as we approached Brying.

Why is it so crowded?

Cupid of love. You're not very busy or anything.

"I just lightened it up, but you want to go out for dinner again?

The roads were crowded, so it was done with preserved food, right?

"We're all right!

"Mr. Youki has business with Quinn, doesn't he? So, by the time the sun goes down, we'll meet in the town square."

Seek habu-bu complained but the two of them took my arms and dragged me away.

Is one gargoyle believer and one full of knowledge?

Well, it can also be called a flower in both hands......


Quinn was dropping the three of them off with an indescribable face.

It looks in contrast to Seek.

It's not that hot...... but you'll have some thoughts.

We need to get him to Caius as soon as possible.

Take Quinn, with low tension, to the abandoned castle with Caius.

"Is this... an abandoned castle? What are you doing here?"

"Quinn here should be able to grab something."

Get inside quickly.

You're still an abandoned castle, but you're cleaning up nicely.

Is Quinn restless? He's walking around looking at Kyoro Kyoro.

Good, you're in a mood swing.

I guess I've never walked through an abandoned castle, and year-to-year curiosity is responding?

The plan went well...... finally reaching the top floor room with Caius.

"Well, here we are. Kaiusu."

Open the door to the room.

There were figures of Caius and Shea preparing to go out.

Prepare these two for an outing...... Yeah, I ran into Caius trying to get Mr. Shea to tie him up and bite the monkey mole and put him in a coffin.

It's already too late to close the door in a hurry.

"Mr. Yowki... is this what you wanted to teach me"

"No, it's not"

"I don't want to take away Mr. Happiness's happiness."

"He said it wasn't. You're so misunderstanding right now."

Because what you see is not always the truth.

Although it was a shock video for Quinn, who didn't know what was going on.

Why didn't I open the door after I checked?

It's too late to regret it, and I'll turn in Caius and explain.

When I open the door again.

"Hey, you didn't seem to be alone today"


The two of them have greeted me as if nothing had happened.

No, no, you were supposed to be in custody until just now.

"What, what!?

Quinn is panicking, too.

I can't explain it because I'm not sure either.

"Well, today's consultation..."

"Wait. What are you talking about?"

"What do you mean?

I hear Caius doesn't really understand the question between me and Quinn.

I don't care what you think.

It had not been thirty seconds before I entered the room again.

"Um, I think I saw a woman there about to be tied up and put in a coffin."

"Oh, you mean that. Then turn around for once."

Me and Quinn turn around as they say.

I look back because I've been given permission even for about twenty seconds.

There was no sign of Shea, who had been there until earlier, and the coffin was just rattling and shaking.

... Yeah, you know what?

"Well, let's talk about it."

"What, are you going to move on?"

"It's good. Look, look at the coffin."

Mal's written bill came out of the coffin when I pointed.

It's okay because it has been acknowledged by Shea.

"I'm sorry to introduce you, Mr. Yowki, but I'm getting anxious."

"Don't worry. Because Caius is a pro on that path."

"Ha ha. My name is Caius. He is the Cupid of Love who leads the lost Lamb in this abandoned castle. Boy, let's hear your troubles."


I stop trying to talk because I seem distrustful because I failed from the first encounter.

Was it too intense, though coincidental?

"Hmm...... well, you should sit down. It won't be the kind of consultation that ends in stand-up. Then you're not supposed to be here. I'm new to you. [M] Sometimes it's hard to talk, so talk as much as you can."

"Um... I..."

"Even kids your age can be troubled by love. It's not embarrassing. The only difference is if it's fast or slow."


Quinn slowly spoke about his current state of mind.