What Quinn said was decided on the engagement of her sister, whom she admired.

I want your sister to be happy.

Recently, I had a dark face, so it's good to have it brightened up, but my mood is complicated.

Something about not being able to follow the trail.

"Hmm... that's the story"

"Yes. As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Happiness seems happy, so I'd like to congratulate him."

Quinn answers with a twist.

There doesn't seem to be any lies in that word.

"I wonder why I can't. You also seem to be thinking about sorting out your feelings and dealing with them. [M] I wonder what one more push you're missing."

Caius asks Quinn by putting in a gesture to say if he needs it.

But Quinn doesn't even seem to know and remains silent.

Wait but no answer...... Caius starts talking again.

"I guess you've always lived with study enthusiasm and seriousness. For that matter, even though I understand it in my head, I think my emotions are getting in the way and there are strange takeaways."

That's a love cupid.

The analysis is close to perfection, and Quinn is also shaking her neck vertically in a way that surprises her.

The question is how to act and blow it out of there.

"Let me be clear... you're just a child. I can't take social responsibility. I'm sure it's impossible to make her happier than the other person. I want you to understand that."


Don't relentlessly slap reality on children.

I'm a little depressed.

Well, I'll tell you what, I want to grow up again soon.

"But children have a number of rights that are allowed in children. Adults have the right to be a little sweet in it.... I don't know, trying to sweeten her at this point."


"Tell me what you think and blow it off."


"If you have an unspeakable Moya Moya, you should be refreshed to share your thoughts"

"That's pretty tough. Wouldn't that ruin Mr. Happiness? And..."

"And... something. Later words would be more authentic."

Seems like a prospect to Caius.

I don't know, either, but you know what I mean.

I feel like I'm trying to hide the truth because of Happiness.

"Don't run, get bumped. The experience strengthens you. Don't waste what you admired about her. [M] Spit it out. I'm not that kind of character, I don't want to cause trouble. That's an excuse. Tell her what you want to tell her... then why don't you just wish her happiness?

"I... I'm sorry. Let me think. Thank you, too, Mr. Yowki. I'm just gonna hang out in the city by myself. I'll be at the rendezvous point on time."

Quinn left the room with a heavy foothold.

I wonder if it's okay to be alone in that condition.

"Sometimes I want to think alone. It doesn't matter if you're a child or an adult. I did what I could. The rest is for her to make up her mind."

"You demanded it be a lot harder for a child."

"I told you. Because you're a child, there's something you can do now. A splendid experience with a broken heart, too. How you get over it makes that boy grow up."

"Is that so..."

After all, was it right to bring him to Caius?

All you have to do is go home and see how Quinn acts.

"By the way, you were getting ready to go out. I won't talk to you. I'll be free."

"Oops, you seem to have got me worried. Actually, I've been doing it lately, besides the Cupid of Love. You're busy."

Other than the Cupid of Love... what is it?

I guess it's a side job, my real job is the Cupid of Love... hmm, this is the side job.

"What did you start?"

"Actually, I'm not only talking about love, I'm working on things related to marriage in general."

"Something to do with marriage in general?

I'm not sure it's too broad.

"I'm going to propose a few candidates for the ceremony, the staging, the arrangement of the entertainment, etc., to the person I'm going to marry. End of Love Station, that's the wedding. Setting such a sunny stage... don't you think it's exactly my mission to be a love cupid?

A bill with a bat on it is coming out of the coffin and shaking.

Seems Shea doesn't think that much.

I need my wife to understand first.

He seemed to be asking me for my consent, so he fingered me to look at the butt bills out of the coffin.

Without particular surprise, Caius spills a grin.

"Well, you enjoy designing accessories, too."

From the coffin!? of written bills came out.

Did you make a new bill?

It would be quicker to talk directly.

"I know. I see you sneaking up to your desk at night. [M] You look so cute..."

The coffin rocked violently with rattles.

I don't know if you're shy, but why don't I let you out?

But it seems Caius is not willing to let Mr. Shea go just by talking to the coffin.

"Some of what you think is being commercialized. I'm sorry I kept my mouth shut. Because Shot is helping me and I'm sneaking up on publicity."

The coffin began to shake even harder.

It's nothing good because I know the circumstances, but it's a pretty horror situation from someone who doesn't know anything about it.

Vampires smiling and talking to a violently rocking coffin.

Actually, my husband said he was happy flirting with his daughter-in-law.

Is this a good idea to speak up and walk away?

"Well, I'm leaving..."

"Oh. Also, if you get lost in love, you can count on me. Don't worry, we also offer post-nuptial consultations."

"It's gonna take a little longer."

"Good luck!

Haha left the abandoned castle after parting hands bye to Caius, who laughed high.

"Well, you cleared up your errands faster than I thought. What to do. Do you want to eat lightly in a shop near a hungry shiso?"

I miss acting alone a little...... did that make sense?

Looking for a diner, I was able to meet someone I knew.

When I first came to Brying, I met the old couple's husband, Gram, in the carriage.

"Long time no see, Youki-kun. How you doin '?

"Yes. I can't believe I'm meeting Mr. Gramm"

"I wasn't sure I'd see Yoki either."

Just fine, so I went into the store and decided to talk lightly.

Looks like Mr. Gramm wants to talk to you, too.

The content is about my granddaughter.

Oh, my God, it seems Shot hasn't given up yet. He keeps approaching.

"I was stuck with our lovely granddaughter. In the meantime, I was worried that my granddaughter would follow me."

"As long as it takes."

"I can't even call that lord's stupid son an idiot these days. The legend of Abandoned Castle openly declared that it existed and was doing new business. I was surprised when you came down here looking for help with the flowers."

Shot, you're seriously regenerating.

Caius also said, and is this what caused the road to be crowded when it came?

"So what happened?

I chased him back because of the flow of the conversation, but I think it's reasonable.

"I chased him back a few times. Still, sincerely, if you bow your head and tell me you need the power of your granddaughter... I don't think this kind of twitch is going to make you say it anyway. I left it to my granddaughter's discretion. There were no more rumors about women, and my granddaughter agreed to help."

There's Caius behind Shot.

If you're willing to do that to Mr. Gramm's granddaughter... I don't know.

"If I make my granddaughter happy, that's fine. I struggled with Orier, too. But I was happy for the hard work. I don't want you to end up struggling..."

I've heard of a lot of things in the past.

If I made a mistake, Mr. Gramm could have been torn apart by Mr. Orier.

When I think about it......

"Well, if that fool's son makes his granddaughter unhappy, he's going to attack me with wax even if I'm dead."

"What are you thinking?"

I know you love your granddaughter, but let's not do that.

"Because I put my granddaughter's happiness first. I need to show you the temper to be absolutely happy. Don't forgive me when my eyes are black."

"Are you in the mood to be happy?"

Am I being shown to Cecilia?

No, in this case, Mr. Celia.

You haven't been sweet, even though you've forgiven me.

"If you're a man, you should remember."

"Yes, I will try to make you properly happy...... ah"

What oath am I taking at the diner?

They look at me and they look at me.

Have you created any strange misunderstandings, this?

"No matter how much yoki you are, your granddaughter won't do it easily."

"No, Mr. Gramm. Please don't do that because I know all about it..."

Then they asked me about Cecilia, so I didn't give her a name.

When I told him I was a loved one, he nodded again and again with a gentle smile.