It was a failure to talk about the ring in front of Quinn, who had just broken his heart.

I still kept it a secret that the other guy was Cecilia.

Mr. Sophia knows the circumstances, so does Quinn... there's no such thing as that.

Mr. Sophia is not a light-mouthed person who speaks to his family.

Is it also harsh to mislead appropriately?

Seeing my troubled face, Caius seemed to understand and he came out with a help boat.

"Boy. It's good to know to propose. But I shouldn't ask any more. I need to know the details of the proposal because the person next to me should know. All you have to do is know his readiness. If you really want to know what's ahead... ask him after he proposes"

Quinn hasn't heard anything since because of Caius' follow up.

Thanks but... my eyes have changed even more to see Quinn's Caius.

I look at it with the earliest respect.

Not a bad thing......

"As far as it goes. He said he was anxious that his older girlfriend wouldn't think he could be strong enough to rely on him."

"Yes, may I be next to her?"

I wonder if this is the case in front of the store, and Caius is in the process of consulting with the young man who was wandering around with a grunt.

Consultation on the Cupid of Love doesn't pick a place.

As soon as we meet anytime, anywhere, if anyone is troubled, we get in on a consultation.

That's the Cupid of Love, a man named Caius.

"You should stop saying something about me. You must be rude to her for choosing you. If you have time to mourn your unreliable self, think about how you make her smile."

"Do I deserve that?"

"You don't need to be qualified to love me. Even if there is, it's not you, it's her."

"What the hell are you..."

"Brying's Cupid of Love is about me."

The young man said thank you and left with his head down.

"Cupid in love is tough"

"Sounds like a mission at the earliest."

Ha ha, and laughing Caius.

I hear a dong bang from the coffin.

I hear Mr. Shea wants to say something.

Is it something I can't tell you on the bill?

"It's okay. It's you I care about the most. I'm not going anywhere without you."

I'm sure it's a routine for both of us to flirt with the coffin ladder.

Quinn got used to it sooner or later, especially since he stopped saying anything.

"Mr. Yowki, Mr. Caius is still a wonderful person"

"Uh... well, yeah"

Caius' stock is soaring in Quinn.

Where did the broken heart and depressed air go?

"I'm on the side of those in love!

"Mr. Caius. Amazing."

I don't know, but you were right to bring Quinn to Brying because his depression healed as a result.

Thanks to Caius.

I'll talk to you later about the ring.

You're all rendezvous.

"Is that acceptable, Mr. Caius?"

Quinn pointed to two girls pulling the arm of one boy.

It's the same sight.

Is it going to be a story like what I said about being forgiven or not forgiven?

"Seek-kun, which would be a good souvenir of the patron god? This hand-rider Hunter Fox doll or Giant Bat-shaped photo stands well"

"I want you to tell me what the herbs that Seek-kun bought do. I want to know what it's for."

I want you both to stay seasick and desperate.

Teal's souvenir taste, Fiora's question.

There are so many mistakes and Seek is a troubled face.

"Hmmm... I've had a lot of experiences since I was younger. But you're not responding well either way. They gave me a hundred pieces of love, but there were two of them, dispersed, and I could only return fifty pieces of love."

"He said it should stop."

"No, in that case..."

Here Caius sent me his gaze, so I shook my head small and sideways.

I don't really feel romantic feelings.

Teal's got Guy and Fiora's moving with her knowledge.

"Right. I wonder if it would be nice if his arms were safe. I guess I'll just have to accept it as a price to pay as a sinful man."

Don't say anything harsh about Caius either.

If you accept, one day you'll be able to take both of Seek's arms.


Quinn can't do it if he's convinced.

Decide to keep your desire to penetrate and shut up.

Because Caius and Quinn have a good vibe.

Like a master and a disciple.

"Still, if you have any thoughts in you, you should act. Behave as much as you think and worry about. It's not enough for you right now."

"What's missing from me....... ok"

I get it.

Quinn saluted and stormed towards the three of them as he went.

I wonder if you're okay.

"This time, you're in a protective position."

"That sounds like it. It was really just Quinn. This is what happened when the three of them stuck together. I've never been a child's guardian or anything."

Even in the orphanage I went to with Cecilia, the popularity of children was bad.

Sometimes I feel like I can't rely on it.

"What are you talking about? If you're ready to buy a ring, you should keep a child in mind."

"A child..."

"Well, should we do everything in our power to propose now? Do you know what size it is?

"I have a note here"

"Which...... size is average as a woman. This is going to be in stock. Some of the things Shea designed, so why don't you take a look?"

I'm going to look at the note I gave you and suggest it, Caius.

That's not bad either, I'm going to get the ring and hope or fulfill it.

"It's fascinating, though."

I turn my gaze to the Quadruple.

"Aren't you both having trouble with Seek? You should let go once and for all."

"Mm, Quinn, I don't always say that."

"Seek-kun is not a thing. Since it is not even possible to remove the arms, Seek-kun's arms will be cut a thousand times as they are. Is it okay that Fiora can no longer see Seek-kun formulate the medicine?

"That's not good."

"It would. People's opinions are certainly important, too, Mr Teal. But they are also happier with souvenirs that they have chosen and decided so hard on their own. Even if I get an opinion, I don't think it would be very helpful if there were differences in years and personality between Mr. Teal's thinkers and Mr. Seek. You should ask the store."

"... I have a point"

"If you're a man, Seek-kun should sometimes say something nagging. Make an effort not to get caught before you say it hurts."

"Me too ~?

Quinn is working very hard.

The purpose is fulfilled to the end.

"Quinn's purpose is to cheer you up this time. Next time, I'll make time to get back out."

"Right. If that's your choice, I won't say anything more from you. I look forward to your visit."

"Guidance, I think we'll be there soon."

"I don't mind tomorrow or the day after. I'm a Cupid of Love. Discuss wherever and whenever you want."


Thus Quinn's comfort trip closed the curtain.

Organize what you get from this trip.

Where to buy the ring first.

Quinn, I bought it before I went home.

ready for the proposal.

And then there's the place and the timing later.

Quinn is the key.

I really hit my thoughts on Happiness.

A short time back from Brying.

For some reason I will be present too, to Happiness, who is cleaning the garden.

"Mr. Happiness. I admired Mr. Happiness!

I bowed my head and ran out of words.

That's Happiness was also dropping the wax he had in his hand.

"Um, you're engaged, right?"

"… information"

"I saw Mr. Happiness happily looking at the ring during my break the other day. After a long holiday, the depression is fixed, and if you look at the Raven Knights article, you'll see."

"... thanks?

At times like this, Happiness doesn't even know what kind of reaction to take.

I liked you. I don't know what they've ever said about you.

I wonder what kind of eyes I should be looking at.

"That's not what I'm saying. I know it was annoying, but I don't feel comfortable hiding my feelings. That...... I borrowed Mr. Happiness's chest as a child. Excuse me!"

Quinn, I'm done.

Cool even though I keep my head down.

How does Happiness react?

"... thanks"

I seem to have taken the choice of holding Quinn quietly with a gentle smile.

... Quinn, aren't you crying a little?

"Shh, excuse me"

"… lending"

It's not good to be here any more.

Having judged myself, I left the scene.

Congratulations on this... it didn't work.

"Dear Youki,"

"... what is it"

"Quinn says he wants to work in Brying in the future. He said he had a master and wanted to learn something. It's a good thing I'm feeling better... what does that mean"


He was completely apprenticed to Caius.

I also had a pretty hard time explaining it.

Well, as a result of Caius' influence, Quinn started studying that path.

You think Clayman got advice and the couple got even better together?