Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been consulted by the brave daughter-in-law.

Quinn's problem was solved successfully.

I also got the ring safely so I'm ready for the proposal.

Later problems.

"What's it like to do a proposal?

I'm not experienced and I don't know anything about it.

It's not the same thing as referencing someone's.

It's strange to talk to you, all this is something you have to think about yourself.

If I said I would refer to an acquaintance's proposal.

"In the case of Raven, do you propose at the destination? I don't know how you said it."

Do you even go away and propose by yourself rather than in Minerva?

"In the case of Yuga…"

Completely fill the outer moat, then propose in front of the public and.

"... if I do it, I'm going to get a sermon from Cecilia later"

I don't think Cecilia wants that kind of flashy.

That's an acceptable proposal because it's Yuga.

"I don't know because Cecilia was watching Yuga's proposal too. Wouldn't they compare it to mine?"

That's a normal proposal, I don't know what Cecilia would say.

As a man, there are parts of me that I can finally do.

I have no answer for worrying while staring at the ring I bought.

"I don't know what to do..."

There is a respite for time.

There shouldn't be a rush to try.

"Put it on hold and get rid of what you're asking me to do now."

I haven't given you the souvenir for Yuga that Shot asked me to give you yet.

Depart as soon as you decide so.

There are no good ideas to worry about while walking.

We quickly arrived at the nest of love between the two of us.

Even knocking on the door is silent... - You're not there?

I thought I'd go home, and I heard a doozy run.

"Duh, which one is it?

"Uh, it's a yogi."

"Oh, you're a yogi-kun. Um... I was wondering if you could just give me a minute. Really for a little while."

Yuga left in front of the door without even hearing back.

Maybe it wasn't a good time.

If only you'd listened to me, I'd put it back out.

Yuga had already left, so she waited very long.

After waiting about five minutes, the door finally opened.

"Please wait. Come on, come in."

Yuga, who welcomed him, felt hurried to get dressed.

My hair is all blurred out, and my shirt and pants are wrinkled.

Sorry to bother you, but it's not a good vibe.

"Looks like we should change the day."

"That's not true. I need to talk to you about something."

That led me forcefully into the house.

The living room is cleaned up beautifully and I don't feel like I just cleaned it.

I guess I keep it down every day.

Hats and pairs of goods stand out on pillows and cups.

Looks like a good couple.

In case there won't be.

"Look, this. Meet Shot when you get to Brying. He asked me to give it to Yuga. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the wedding."

Give Yuga a souvenir entrusted to you by Shotkun.

He checks the contents and smiles happily.

Good to see more new pairs of goods.

"Oh well, Shot... thank goodness"

I'm not well at all.

Is something wrong?


"That's right, you listen to me!?

I suddenly got better.

I guess I should go home.

"Mikana's been cold lately."

The consultation started even though I hadn't told you to ask yet.

Micah said it was cold.

"That's not why?

The honeymoon didn't work out so well, but it finally did.

I can imagine Yuga going crazy, but I can't do the opposite.

"That's why I'm here. Even today is my day off..."


Mikana broke into the living room.

I'm not completely in good hands this way either.

What's wrong with the room even though it's beautiful, both of you?

"You didn't say anything extra..."

Mikana is first stuck in Yuga and grabbing the chest barn.

At this point, it is certain that it is laid on the butt.

Is it also a problem to do something extra?

Either that or it won't be cold at all.

If you look from the side, you'll be too hot instead of cold.

"Migana... Guruji no..."

The brave man who defeated the Demon King is about to fall by his daughter-in-law's neck fastening.

This would be a good article, too.

Yeah, I snorted and watched it go, and Yuga gave me a help sign.

"Yo... Yo Giggin..."

It is the limit.

"Why don't you let him go?

"Oh, you were there."

Yuga was finally freed where Mikana recognised my existence.

The moment I let go of my hand, Yuga falls apart.

"Your newlyweds are killing you more than I think."

"Don't get me wrong. Because it's not always like this."

"You mean sweet honeymoon"?

"Well, it's a hit... wow"

They're having a happy honeymoon.

I'm shy of you. My wife and her husband are falling on the floor and having pimples and cramps.

... Seems happy.

"How could such a happy husband have talked to his wife about being cold?"

"It's a little... right there. I'd like to talk to Cecilia, if I may."

I'm the only one with a problem.

No, it's a heavy load on one of me to talk to my newly married wife.

"Well, shall we go now? I don't know if you're here."

"He should be here. I promised just today."

"Something convenient."

"Isn't that what you've been up to? I'll be right back. Wait.... I'm going to collect it because it's going to be unnecessary."

Mikana dragged Yuga to the next room.

I was left alone in the living room.

Hmmm...... what are you talking about?

Cecilia, you told me to talk to you, so I guess you shouldn't ask in depth.

When I waited, only Mikana came out of the room with a good sense of humility.

Come on, let's go.

"What about Yuga?

"... I'm sleeping with my pillow in my arms"

I wonder if that's the pillow you're holding.

I left the house because I was rushed to go as soon as I could if I had my eyes on the next room.

If I hear it in depth, it's going to piss me off and I won't confirm it.

I didn't hear anything in particular on the road either and arrived at Cecilia's mansion.

To finally listen in Cecilia's room.

"So what is it that Mikana wants to talk about? I only heard about it on this occasion."

Micana opened her mouth even as Cecilia couldn't seem to say she was going to cut it out.

"Well... from that honeymoon."


"Yuga's going to be great. Looks like she's lost her sight."


"That's the problem...... what's that face for both of us!?

"Whatever they say about your face... hey?


Isn't that love?

I couldn't talk about it, so I thought it was something.

When I opened the lid, my husband said it was okay.

Besides, as much as I don't have any prospects... that's good.

I was worried about the opposite before the honeymoon.

You should accept that your wishes have come true.

"It's a problem for the happy."

"That's right. It's a sign that the brave man cares about Mikana."

"Yo, brave daughter-in-law!

"Stay happy"

"... I'll fist you one shot at a time."

Was the joke past?

Cecilia tells me you've done too much.

It's unusual to make jokes like this.

It's because they're Mikana.

"So what's the problem?"

"That's why I explained it earlier."

"Isn't it love?"

"This one's serious!

"Isn't that what Mikana wanted?

"... when I wake up in the morning, there's a good chance that the sleeping rolls I should have worn are falling off before I went to bed."


"If Atashi was dressed, there would be another good chance that Yuga would fall on Atashi."


"There's more, isn't there?

Mikana shows off many episodes afterwards at no cost.

I'm a couple and... some of them had limits to convince me with.

"... it turns out that magic alone has unexplained power in this world."

"Yes. I agree. It seems impossible to unravel."

The line that Yuga is deliberately thin because she is not that clever.

It just happens indiscriminately, not just because Yuga doesn't want Mikana.

I also know Mikana gets tired.

He thinks Yuga was turned down and made cold when he really asked because he was unconscious.

"Hey, don't give up!

There's nothing I can do about all this.

I only ask you to work hard because of my daughter-in-law's privilege.

"I already have a choice to enjoy myself."

"Even Atashi doesn't reject Yuga. It's just that it might be good now. If this phenomenon starts happening in public..."

I said phenomenon.

Well, it looks like we're just doing it in the house now.

It's not good for some things to happen in the city.

Did Cecilia think the same thing about me? I look at this one with my eyes open.

I have a proposal for you.

Grasp the box with the ring you're sneaking in your nose.

I don't think I can give it to you yet.