"Let's sort out the story. I mean, Yuga doesn't know why, but she's working, and she's taking action against Mikana without looking."

"Mr. Yowki, that expression..."

"Well, you're not wrong."

"Is that good!?

I didn't really say anything wrong.

Cecilia doesn't seem convinced because she's, uh... blurry.

We can't stop talking here, so continue.

"Tachi is bad for being unconscious. And when unexplained forces were working, it became difficult to combat them. If you keep accepting it, it could have a negative impact anywhere but your personal life.... That's the least visible landing spot I've ever seen."

"Is it difficult, Mr. Yowki?"

"No, I don't know about all this. I have a hand in talking to Caius."

I just went there the other day. You wanna bring in some new trouble?

I've been trying to be busy, and you should refrain.

When it does, it will be resolved within you.

Well, what shall we do?

I also have a proposal...... hmm?

"I flashed."

"Is it true"

"Oh. I think this operation will ease our action on Mikana. I can't say for sure because they're Yuga."

"What way?"


Cecilia is stunned when she tells the two of them what the operation is about.

Micana bassari that it doesn't work like that.

But they managed to hire me for my strong push.

"Okay, so when are we going to set the date of the operation?"

"Maybe not today. You think it's better as soon as possible, don't you? I'm worried because my behavior is getting drastic. If you two have plans, of course you can come later."

"I'm fine."

"I can go too"

"... could you please"

There were no plans, so we started the operation.

First, the three of us sneak into the love nest of Yuga and Mikana.

I went down an unpopular path disguised perfectly because it would be difficult to make a scene here.

Arrive at the Love's Nest without any particular problems.

This is the real deal.

"Cecilia, are you ready"

"What are you ready for"

"of the mind"

"It's always okay. I'm just going to do something unusual."

Cecilia's right for once... you're no different.

It's a pleasure to say,

Well, I'm the one who said it. Do you feel comfortable?

"Oh, welcome back, Mikana. Cecilia came to Yoki too. Welcome."

Yuga greeted me when I entered the house.

He has a full smile on his face to Mikana.

"I'm home."

Wife with a cold reaction to her husband greeted with a smile.

If they start snuggling around here, they'll get in the way of the plan.

It's bad for Yuga, but let's have patience.

"Mi, Mikana. You in a bad mood?"

"That's not true. Look, a customer came through there. How long will you let me stand on your doorstep?"

"Oh, sorry."

This is my husband's diagram that will be laid on his ass at this point.

Cecilia is laughing, too.

I'm with you.

I manage to be patient and move on to the living room and sit on the couch.

Mikana said she was going to get dressed and pulled into the next room.

Yuga cut it out after checking sideways that Mikana had entered the next room.

"Uh... I wonder if something's happened"

I guess I'd think so if I came home all of a sudden.

I do have a purpose, but I can't let Yuga fool me, so excuse me appropriately.

"There was a lot going on on on our last honeymoon. I wonder what's happened since then."

I didn't lie to you.

"Then it's okay...... no. I told you earlier, Mikana did."

"Dear brave man, I heard the circumstances, too. You're talking about Mikana being cold. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think Micah will act cold."

"But Micana has more contact than she needs, so let's avoid it."

I guess that's the conclusion you're reaching because you're overdoing it.

I'm unconscious. I'm probably scared.

We need to do something soon.

"Though couples sometimes have to be patient. Because the brave will spend a long time with Mikana. Sometimes you have to respect their opinions."


I'm starting to roar.

Have a little patience, kid.

If Cecilia's persuasion was going to fix this, she didn't have my operation either.

When I sent Cecilia a signal with my eyes, she closed her eyes and shook her neck to the side.

He decided it was impossible to continue persuading him like this.

Then we start the operation.

"Fair enough, Cecilia. Yuga also has things to think about. I'm the same guy. I don't even know what Yuga thinks."

Are you insane, Mr. Yowki?

"Because. I knew you wanted to appeal to someone you loved."

That's what I say. I put my arms together with Cecilia.

It's okay, this is an operation.

Never bring it to a good atmosphere or anything like that.

Yuga also has a black thunder demon swordsman, so don't hesitate to snuggle around.

"... you certainly don't know"

Cecilia has also put her head on my shoulder.

All right, the operation is going well.

Cecilia wouldn't be full of it either... no, yeah.

I want to believe there isn't.

Note that when it comes to Yuga's reaction.

"What, what!?

It is confusing.

I never snuggled in front of Yuga.

Well, that would also be such a reaction.

But that is also a sign that this operation is alive.

"I learned about Yoki's relationship with Cecilia before this. You're both close."

The level that we're close enough to put our arms together?

Let's attack some more as we get there.

Speaking of which, I brought you some sweets from home.

It's the kind of baked treat I would eat at tea time with Cecilia, which I couldn't afford.

I brought the hemming...... before construction because I had extra.

Open the bag and place it on the table.

Of course, we all eat with a pinch.

"Yes, Cecilia"

It's the royal road of the twinkle, uh.

Pretty high hurdles and embarrassing but decisive.

Cecilia also hesitated for a moment, but put the baked sweets I offered into her mouth.

"............... Mr. Youki, please"

When Cecilia finishes eating, it's my turn now.

You're more embarrassed to be fed than fed.

Well, I put it in my mouth for a moment.

The sweet fragrance characteristic of baked confectionery comes in, but I think it tastes better than when I eat it myself.

The power of doubling appetite by Ahn has been great.

"Are you two like that from time to time?

Yuga ate it.

"Well, Cecilia's busy, too, and I don't see her often. For not seeing you... it would be nice to see you, and a little."

It is true that Cecilia is busy.

Except I don't know if I can see you with that.

No one can see me, no one can infiltrate the mansion.

I don't think it's a good idea to set things up so we don't see each other much here.

"'Cause I'm gonna miss you, too, when the days go by that I can't see you"

Cecilia also got me on the setup.

Oh, Yuga convinced me to say so-so.

Will this still be within common sense?

Then I'll have to go bolder.


I will grab Cecilia's shoulders and face her forcefully.

Cecilia's face is somewhat puzzling in front of her.

But we have to.

Because this is the last resort.

I look Cecilia in the eye and then slowly close my face...

"... it's too much!

I got pulled.

Me crashing to the floor in a pitiful voice.

"... what are you trying to do by going up into people's houses"

"No, the..."

"... let's hear your excuses slowly at Mr. Yowki's house. It doesn't matter what you do because you're in love with each other."

"I don't know what happens after we get married."

"We need to be mindful of moderate behavior even after marriage. You'll hate it if you don't not only match your desires, but also your opponents. Let me be rude around here today to learn about that neighborhood, brave man."

Me being dragged off without question.

"Yuga, don't be like me."

I left a throwaway dialogue and left the house behind.

That's it, pretend to be people and pretend to be me. The operation is over.

Leaving the house and being dragged is disarmed.

Stand up and reflect lightly.

"I don't know. Yuga was watching us quite a bit."

"You felt your gaze. I watched the second half. I just don't know if this is going to reduce my own excessive behavior towards Mikana after a while."

"Later, we'll hear about the effects from Mikana."

"Right. By the way, is your cheek okay? I made the addition and subtraction, but it was falling on the floor, and if you could show me, I would treat it..."

Don't worry, I just fell in deliberately to look daunting.

It's an operation I told myself, and Cecilia's not serious.

There is no swelling, so there is no need to worry about it.

"It's okay, it's okay. Because it's an act."


I really wish I didn't have to worry.

"Bye. Earlier...... Continue or something"

"What are you talking about"

I was told with a frightened face.

I was just wondering if I could do it for a little while.

"... that kind of thing when I get home"

"Oh well..."

We got awkward with each other.

Are you kidding me when I get home?

All right, I got prep practice earlier.

From here I snuggle around at home and invite her to dinner and give her a ring......

"Don't go home on your own!

They still won't solve the problem.