"After your operation, even though I was on my way to get dressed, Yuga broke into my room and I got dressed all over again!?

I want you to stop talking so fast.

It is also difficult for the eyes to see that the clothes are slightly disturbed.

Yuga's jealous of me, isn't she?

"Mikana, leave the house dressed like that...... Youki-kun!?

It is a quick flag collection.

It's not my fault, don't be a killer.

It would be troublesome to make any more noise in front of the house.

You thought Cecilia was a pain in the ass when it got big, too, and she acted fast.

"Mikana. Hurry up and go to your room!

Grabbing Mikana's arm, he hurried into the house.

Yeah, Cecilia's right to go here.

I'm changing my expression by the way. Do I have to deal with Yuga......

"Let's just get inside."


Why am I leading the way when it's Yuga and Mikana's house?

I have a problem with this guy himself, and I'll listen to him gently.

"What have you been worried about lately?

"Mikana is cold!

I'm back to my usual routine.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I've solved a number of troubleshooting problems in a gorgeous way.

I am also refraining from proposing.

I can't stop here.

"I'm not married, so I don't know what newlyweds look like. Why don't you discuss it with your daughter-in-law before you say it's cold?

There's a pattern where you push too hard and your opponent's pulling.

I'd tilt my neck if they asked me if this one would fit into it.

Even if something capable is working, it might work out if Yuga is careful.

Maybe we can work it out if we discuss it.

"Oh no... there's no way I can live with Mikana and keep my distance!

That's a strong end.

I turned a little against too much momentum.

If there's a value for the strength of love, a hundred is lightly over it.

But there's no way you could have.

Aren't you willing to do your best?

"Why don't you say that's for Mikana...

"For Mikana?

"That's right. After all, even if we get married, it would be necessary to have time alone with each other. Sometimes there are things that accumulate at work, sometimes when I want to be alone. I don't know, even here for Mikana..."

"If Mikana's stacking something up, I'll take care of it. We'll go to the hot springs together, or we'll go to a beautiful place with a view. I'll do my best to find a restaurant with delicious food!

Love is strong.

Push it so hard. Push it, this guy.

As far as this goes, I can imagine what it would be like to be alone.

In addition to this, I can snort Micana's worries if she even gets involved in the Sukebe event.

I'm in a good mood early, but what am I supposed to do, this?

"Mr. Yowki. I'm done dressing Mikana."

Cecilia came out of the house about to give up.

What kind of flow should I take from here to what kind of story?

"Dear brave man. They want Micana to buy the kind of treats that they serve to their customers. He said it was because only a brave man could do it."

"Okay. I'll be right there."

Yuga ran away, correcting the outfit that had been so messy all along.

It's simple at times like this.

"... So, what's the operation?

"It's a failure."

"That's a failure."

"Sit there if you want."

When I entered the house, Micana's sermon time began.

Me and Cecilia sitting on the floor together.

... It is unusual to have Cecilia next door in this view.

"You're usually looking up at Cecilia, but you're next door this time."


"I'm sorry the operation I've been thinking about just failed."

"This is what happened as a result of my agreement, too. Mr. Yowki, it's not your fault."

"But that's why Cecilia's in such a position. You're usually the one scolding me."

"If you always recognize yourself as the scolded side, make an effort to reduce the number of times you are scolded by me from now on"

"Ugh... that's right. I'll be careful."

"Do so. We've been spending more and more time together lately, and I'm going to keep pointing it out more and more."

"... can I assume that's all you're looking at about me"

"Be my guest."


"I'm not flirting!

The scolding from Mikana began.

"You did it on purpose, now."

"No, that's not true. Hey, Cecilia."

"I didn't mean to be that conscious either... but does flirting include conversation now"

"... do I have to explain?

I see an aura of anger from Mikana.

Looks like you should fix the story.

"So pretend it's me and Cecilian people. Pretend it's me. The operation ended in failure, right? I wonder what I shouldn't have done."


It is just total denial.

"I was going to clearly put into practice on the spot the line that how far is good and not from here."

"Doesn't seem to have worked for the brave."

"It's rather counterproductive. I came to Atashi's room after watching the two of them interact and burn up."

It's not burning up.

I didn't seem to be able to calculate Yuga.

I didn't know the flirting behavior itself was out even though I showed a bad example.

"Hmmm...... right. What do you say we hang out until Yuga's satisfied?"


One blue muscle was added to Mikana's forehead.

No, I'm not kidding.

"Yuga's insatiable cravings could be causing this weird phenomenon. If so, it means accepting it and giving yourself up until Yuga is satisfied."

"... you didn't forget the story after your honeymoon, did you? Even Atashi felt guilty about trying Yuga, and she was dating at first. But... you don't have to tell me."

Don't make me tell you everything.

That's right, should I say brave?

I'm in trouble for not having a real hitter.

"Does Cecilia have any good ideas?

"Is that me? The brave man's behavior couldn't be prevented even if he could make some predictions from the time he was traveling, could it? And because of the character of the brave man, I was wondering if he would be afraid of recoil if he was forced to hold him down."

"That makes sense. I think I'll have a little patience if I strongly say no to Atashi.... I'm scared that one day, suddenly."

I go in a direction where I'm more and more afraid to talk.

You're a brave man, but you're afraid in a different way.

This situation that even if the three of us get together, we just have to hold our heads.

Well, maybe I have no choice.

"It's a story. I feel like I'm on my way to completion."

"What do you mean?

"No, I said yuga. You're a brave, handsome, demon king defeated and married to childhood tame. I feel like I'm about to end it."

"Isn't Story a Story"

"That might be true, though. Because Yuga feels like the hero of the story. I just thought so."

Normally, you get married and end up happy.

Depending on the object, there may be afterwards.

"It's been a few years since my child..."

"Are you a child"

"A child."

The three of us shut up.

Is that what I mean?

"No, no, no. I'm telling you a story. It's strange to associate it with Yuga."

"Mr. Yowki. I was wondering if the current story was quite destructive. Look at Mikana."

Mikana is...... yeah, looking far away and squealing with children, children.

It wouldn't be strange to be conscious because we're married.

"But even if you're worried about the behavior of the brave man, if they even talk about children, Micah will be confused."

"'Cause we're a couple. I don't know if you're gonna think about it."

"Being a couple and the sun is shallow also causes a lot of troubles. He's the brave one."

"Because they're Yuga..."

In the first place, my newlywed wife wouldn't talk to me about how my husband's lucky sketch would go away.

Besides, I'm the one who's told the story.

This is also because the other person is Yuga.

"Which is more realistic than convincing Mikana what to do with Yuga"

"It would be more realistic to convince Mikana. But I want to help Mikana as a friend."


If Cecilia says so, I can't choose an easy path either.

But there's a way to open it.

"Would you like to hear more about Yuga?"

"Is Mr. Yowki here"

"Yeah, I'd love to hear Yuga's thoughts."

Will you take me for a walk when I get back?

Thus it was decided to go out alone with a man on a holiday.