"Why am I walking with a man on holiday when I'm refraining from proposing..."

I want to say how this happened even though I suggested it from myself.

"I said something, Youki-kun"

"No, nothing"

Looks like he accidentally put it in his mouth, it's dangerous.

But you didn't hear what I was supposed to say quite clearly.

Did Yuga also have deafening skills?

When I saw Yuga's face while I was wondering, I got the point.

When this guy leaves, he thinks about what to do with Mikana.

That's your face, absolutely.

You're not here, I can't forgive you.

Is it Mikana, Mikana, Mikana in your head?

"Um, come on, what are you thinking now?

"Oh, that's about Mikana, of course."

I'm out of words, you brave man.

I knew he was a brave man.

Is that why you don't have the idea of a crowd?

"Is your honeymoon going well?"

"So Mikana is cold..."

"Because that's good enough. It's not cold or anything. Talk about a couple being able to communicate."

That you don't push love unilaterally.

"It's... it's done. I share housework. The two of us are talking about managing the money and getting a penny from Mikana. We're both going out on holidays."

"I am..."

I don't want cuteness there.

And you're a brave man, but you're on a penny basis.

I'd like to hear more about the case, but that's not what I want to hear.

"I'm in a position to support my family anymore, so I'm talking about not being able to read as much as my wife's air."

"What, I can't read...!?

"No, I don't."

I know, actually, but you can't tell me directly.

We have to guide him somehow.

"On our honeymoon. There was a lot going on. Communication is important. Right!?

The other half is threatening the momentum.

I don't know if Yuga felt my temper either. I shake my head vertically over and over again.

"My husband reads my wife's air."

"Read the air?

"That's right. Read my wife's air. If you want me to do something, I'll take care of it. If it's tingling, I think I should take it easy."

"Mm-hmm. I'd do my best for Mikana. If I'm in a bad mood, I'll be in a bad mood somehow."

I guess we should fix it first from this emptiness.

You should restrain yourself to contain Lucky Skebe.

I need to tell you that.

"Youki-kun came with me, so you know. I took an oath on my honeymoon. He said to prioritize Mikana and act!

Why is it always so extreme for this guy to do it?

If I wanted to, there would be more Sukibe events in the house!

He said he was able to reflect Yuga on his honeymoon with Mikana and make the situation now.

"As a result, you're halfway there as a husband and a brave man..."

"Hey, don't be awful!

As a husband, it is too much for my wife to stand in a subtle position.

Isn't it too much priority for my wife and my position as a brave man at stake?

"... I don't know. Learning how to treat your wife."

"I don't have to study to deal with it properly... right?

"It's your loss at the point where I can't say enough"

"Because. I just messed up on my last trip. You also know I'm not confident in myself!

"The other way around. If that's what you think, I know someone with kids, so let's go talk, huh?

"I know someone with children... Yoki, that would be a betrayal to Cecilia."

"Imagine what, you are!

I said a joke, so I bashed my back hard.

Totally, what are you talking about?

"I know a man, and Cecilia knows him, so stop joking about saying that because it's not funny"

"Sorry. Sorry."

"I think that's the place. Here we go."

Pull Yuga. I'm on my way.

"I'm newlywed and I'm buying disapproval from my daughter-in-law. Make sure you give this guy some advice. No."

"Ha, if you wonder what you're doing here, is that marriage counseling? Go home. I'm not free."

I'm here to rely on Clayman. Is this what it looks like after all?

I don't have time for the habit of being at my desk at reception.

"What's so busy about that?"

"I'm in the middle of teaching staff now. I started working on paperwork with Sierra at the same time, and I'm just telling you how good I am."

I think I'll slap him instead of this guy, Mr. Sierra.

Indeed, next to Clayman, Mr. Sierra is desperately organizing the paperwork.

Clayman's desk is built with a pile of processed documents, and Mr. Sierra has something like 30% left.

Sometimes, I stare at Clayman with tears.

"Look at me soaking up a sense of superiority, and let me burn my confrontation and improve my technical skills."

"That's a bad education."

"Thanks to this education, Sierra's working efficiency has improved."

"I have trouble reacting even if I get my chest stretched"

"Oh, you know. It's time for me to come in."

I had the usual interaction with Clayman, and Yuga came out with her mouth.

"Hey, are you registering for the guild again?

Yuga had me disguised because it's troublesome to make a scene.

They thought I was registered because of Guy.

"That's not true today. This is my friend. I'm a newlywed, but I hope to hear the trick of being a married couple."

"It's not that hard... muggle!?

I held my mouth down because I was annoyed.

Shut up and listen to the seniors here.

"Uh, you know what? Looks like Sierra's work isn't done yet. Let's just talk a little bit."

"All right, then tell him"

"The trick is to get laid on my daughter-in-law's ass."

"All right, let's hit something else"

"Wait a minute."

I grabbed Yuga's roots and tried to leave the guild and they stopped me.

No, 'cause that's the first piece of advice I'm gonna give you. Come on then...

"Mr. Sophia's hard work looks clear"

"Hey, listen to me till the end. It is laid on my daughter-in-law's ass. It's what it takes to have a peaceful marriage. You'll be tired of all the fighting with conflicting opinions. Then it's not a bad thing to entrust everything to your wife."

"... well, does that make sense"

"You have to pass your opinion. It's enough when my wife can't do it."

"As far as it goes. Bye. If my daughter-in-law has a husband who's too close to being distanced, what am I supposed to do?


Apparently Clayman saw Yuga and guessed something.

Yuga can't say anything.

I'm holding my mouth.

Clayman opens his mouth while the brave man has no say.

"I know you want to leave it to your wife, but you're too disappointed. If you really want to snuggle with your wife, twitch and be nice. We'll have to wait till they get here."

"Be nice and wait..."

"Oops. Maybe I'll see my daughter-in-law's face that I don't normally see."

"Mr. Clayman. It's a real experience."

"Ugh, Sierra. More paperwork?

"Shh, excuse me. At least once we've cleared this pile of paperwork, please."

Return to work the way Mr. Sierra panicked.

Um, I thought Clayman was such an avid senior character for junior education.

I know something's happened, but that's not the point this time.

I could get some advice, and it's not a good idea to get in the way of Mr. Sierra's education, and let's go home.

"Thanks for the help. Bye."

"Whoa. Looks like Quinn took care of this one, too. Don't worry about it. It was surprising that I started studying about people's sex... well, it felt peeled off. As parents, I'm relieved."

Sophia told me about it.

"Sophia seems surprised, too, but she'll get used to it.... don't tell me that Quinn tells me I should do this better."

Are you supported by my child?

Could it be because of the change in attitude at work?


Yuga seems to be the limit. Should we leave now?

Break up with Clayman and leave the guild.

"Pfft. Are you going to kill me!?

"A brave man should be able to."

"Still tough."

"Well, calm down. Let's hear Clayman's advice. Don't go after yourself. Let them take care of you."

Show subtle kindness and pull yourself back.

If you repeat this, maybe you can.

If you take the latest precautions to keep your lucky sketch awake and approach it as far away as you can.

"Mikana to me..."

What do brave men fantasize about?

I go back to Yuga and Mikana's house, worried that I would be able to act as advised.

When I walked into the house, I wondered if it would be tough to get away even if I could be gentle.

"Mikana's sick."

Hey, it would be too soon to take advantage of Clayman's advice.