Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've spoken to the brave daughter-in-law.

I didn't know you already knew who you were.

Turn in Cecilia... well, that seems to explain it better smoothly.

I wouldn't do anything bad from the mouthfeel.

"... Let's get Cecilia"

"Oh, why?

"I just decided it was better."

"Huh, yeah"

It shouldn't be a particularly serial occasion.

We don't have to explore each other.

Let's call Cecilia first.

"No, brave man! Mikana is sick!?

"'Cause on the trip, the porridge with this in it works for the sick."

"That's another herb!

When I open the door, I hear Cecilia and Yuga say it.

Looks like he's struggling pretty hard.

I guess it's about Mikana and it's empty.

Is it because I heard such an exchange from the kitchen?

"... heh. Yuga."

"Don't listen to Cecilia like that for a long time."

"It hasn't changed for a long time. That feeling."

"Oh, my God, so is Cecilia"

"That role is already that of Atashi. I asked Cecilia this time. I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing to me?"

"'Cause you're already the one who's gonna burn Cecilia's hands like that."

"Am I that much trouble?

"Try putting your hand on your chest. … so Cecilia seems busy"

You don't have to go see Cecilia busy, as Mikana says.

I gently closed the door.

"I can't call Cecilia, so I'll talk to her alone. Well, I guess it's just like I imagined."

"You were a demon then."


"Well, right, yeah"

Tell me from myself. I wonder what that toothless reply is.

You had some conjecture, didn't you?

"Are you sure you're so light?

"This isn't the first time we've been apart. I trust you to a certain extent, don't I?

"Yes... right? Ha..."

"What's that sigh?"

"You have too much to say, don't you? that they were scattered and wiped out. About Cecilia. About your surroundings. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Oh, my God, tell me all about it. Is that so?

It's just a simple question to answer.

"I had no choice but to stand in position at Demon King Castle. Cecilia is in love at first sight. When I tried to die, I was saved and more in love. You mean the Dukes around. He's my ex-boyfriend. From now on... I have the ring ready so all I have to do is propose, that's it!

"Thank you for explaining this concisely. … Now, I wonder why I should ask you more"

"Do you have something to catch on to?

"Demons and demons are entering the king's capital to live. It's not a big deal when you think about it normally.... Normally, yes."

My gaze from Mikana...... like this, what can I say.

I don't see the threat as a threat.

"It's classified as an enemy, but the contents are..."

"Hey, what's going on between now"

It was while I felt bad.

"You don't even think you're up to something or fine dust. I don't care what you think if you look back on what you've been doing, you're far away. If we're enemies, we'll talk about what we want."

"There's not that much I've done."

"You work as an adventurer, concealing your identity and taking dangerous requests. And I've been helping you make love to a brave party. I guess Atashi just doesn't grasp it and there's a lot more. I heard from Cecilia."

"Cecilia told you my story?

"Atashi was talking about Yuga, too. When the two women get together. We'll brag about who we like. Of course, it's not just bragging."

Oh, that's the one you shouldn't hear any more about.

Because it's not just bragging, and vice versa.

For a minute I feel like I've done a lot of things, I'm afraid to ask.

"Oh well..."

"What. That toothless reply.... Well, that's good. That's why Atashi doesn't want to do anything about you being a Demon."

"Help. By the way, does Yuga even know who I am?

"You wouldn't know. If I talk to you, it's going to be a pain in the ass. You might fly with your sword."

"There is no such thing as friendship between me and Yuga..."

"That's a good read for you."

"I wouldn't expect you to talk serious. But Raven knows. It's a little bit that you don't just talk to Yuga."

Even though brave men are a leading role, I wonder if reporting is the last thing.

Hmmm... you should.

"I think Atashi has something important to take precedence over reporting to Yuga. It's in your clothes anyway, isn't it?

Ask me in a whiff.

I accidentally checked my pocket with the ring.

Even Cecilia's waiting.

You're waiting for me. I'm not worth it.

"The first thing I talked to you about, I'm not in charge, but you should think about your priorities, okay?

"Ugh, I know.... It's just that Cecilia has a little bit of a ring thing going on. I'm trying to figure out how to make it work."

As a man, I want to surprise you.

"It must be because of you. Don't keep them waiting at your own convenience."

"Even I was desperate to think about it."

"No, you know they'll notice"

"I tried so hard not to break it."

"It doesn't make any sense if you split it!

"As a result, my expectations from Cecilia have increased."

"Then propose something that meets expectations."

"I guess I'm stepping there right now."

This is how the bickering started.

It's my fault, you know.

But I couldn't stop thinking they wouldn't say that much.

Finish what you want to say and breathe in each other.

Ew, exhaled... and calmed down.

"Anyway, the proposal will be forthcoming. Looks like Mikana's gonna lay low about who I am. That's what Raven knows. Talk to me when you have time."

"Right. I'll talk to the swordsman, see if I can talk to Yuga. I think you should keep the Atashi a secret, though. Because Yuga is straight in a strange place."


I tried to talk a little more about what to do, and the door opened and Yuga came in.

"Mikana, are you okay? I made something good for digestion, so eat it."

What Yuga brought was a pot.

Maybe, porridge, but what about the taste?

Cecilia, who is holding back, is out of sight for some reason.

Why don't you say anything?

Mikana has also turned her gaze to me because she seems concerned about Cecilia's attitude.

It's okay, Yuga exerts strange power when it comes to Mikana.

The food must also be subject to that power.

"Eat carefully because it's hot"


Ordinary porridge because of its appearance.

Simply season with salt.

You didn't put anything in the hidden flavor or anything.

Mikana never takes a sip.

"... delicious"

You wanted to hear that word. A laugh spills over Yuga.

Cecilia is in a small, gutsy pose.

Could it be... did you know this would happen?

"Good. I made it right thanks to Cecilia's guidance. Nice to meet Mikana's mouth."

"Oh, thanks..."

"I'll do anything today. Don't worry about Mikana. Take a rest. Then I'll come and get the dishes later."

When I finished, Yuga grabbed me and went outside the room.

This is not a place to resist, so I am taken by adults.

Mikana had a... complicated look at how full of guilt she was.

"Well, I'll do my chores for Mikana."

Let's do it - and the burning yuga.

Advise Yuga not to get too hot on Cecilia like that.

I was talking about Mikana and quietly giving her minimal support.

Hmm, this won't be a lucky sketchy place anymore.

I was just finishing my explanation and then I called from Cecilia to leave you two alone, so I withdrew.

Ask the next time we see each other if the problem has been resolved from Mikana's pseudosis.

"Cecilia haha... will you wait a little longer?

"I don't ask what... you have no choice. I'll wait."


I thought I'd eat somewhere and go home.

Well, then, not like me.

I just wanted some time to think about it.

And I knew I was going to be a mess.

I've decided to talk to Yuga.