Before you tell Cecilia an important story.

I've decided to settle.

It's been another week since Operation Micana Pseudopathy, it'll fit.

"All right, you're ready."

First, you are transformed into a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman at home.

Confirm in front of the mirror... um, as usual.

Pfft... No, no, not today.

You can't go totally in the kitchen two style.

You'll be a little Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Well, let's go!

I snuck out of the house.

The destination, of course, is the house of Yuga and Mikana.

Just call Yuga to reveal.

About who I am.

But the other guy is that yuga.

What happens… is an unknown realm.

I stopped walking because of anxiety.

Ask an ally you can count on to help you in times like this.

The result of a change of destination from the middle of nowhere.

"So follow me!

"Ok, so please keep your head up"

I was bowing my head to Cecilia.

For it is Cecilia who counts most at such times.

It's heartbreaking to think that I'm trying to keep it down even though I have something to do.

Still, Yuga is like an inevitable path for me.

"I have heard that Mikana has been given the identity of Mr. Youki. He told me if I liked him without hostility. But you haven't lost the brave, have you? Why did you suddenly want to talk to me?

"It's a little bit that Yuga doesn't know what's going on. I feel like I left something behind."

If we're going to talk any time soon, it's a good idea we just talked.

This is the final confrontation between me and Yuga.

Well, do you have anything else to say?

"I want Cecilia to think about it just in case and refrain. For when me and Yuga ran wild."

"Can't Mr. Yowki manage himself so he doesn't run wild?"

"I wonder if it depends on how Yuga comes out. And then how much my heart trembles..."

"Shall I make it an eagle and not tremble?

"No, I will try my best to restrain myself..."

I got a scary statement, so it's forced to end.

I arrived at the Yuga's house, minding my eyes around me.

A situation where for some reason Yuga is doing chores alone.

When I asked what happened to Mikana, did you think she was ill?

It was me and Cecilia who started this meeting.

"Hey, does Mikana still have pseudomonas?

"I haven't heard anything, but you don't have to go on thinking about the last time you were here."

"So you're really not feeling well"

If I lied, did I really get sick?

That happens, too.

"I'm sorry you're both here to see me, but you can't have any great hospitality."

Yuga cleans the house dressed as a triangle scarf on the apron.

Looks like Yuga's cooking too.

There is no particular problem with Cecilia's standout, but rather it seems to have a perfect finish as a sick cannibal.

Last time, Cecilia gave me a lot of tough instruction, but I'm showing some improvement like a lie.

Truth is, if Yuga is for Mikana, you can do anything.

"And is ill a cold?

"You're worried.... Where does Mr. Yowki intend to talk? It's not a good idea to develop into a havoc because there's Mikana at home."

"As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to make it rough. Yuga's doing just that, and I don't think it's a problem."

Transfer your gaze to Yuga, where the two of us work on our chores.

Micana is watering the ornamental plants she bought with a nose mix.

... Nothing seems to be happening if there is no toxicity right now.

"If you're a brave man, you won't make it bad to know about Mr. Yowki. You have to explain it properly."

Cecilia's worries are best.

Well, we'll figure it out.

"I know. If anything happens..."

"I'll stay because I'm worried about Mikana"


The reason I had Cecilia follow me has changed.

After all, the two men seem to have to talk.

I never asked Yuga out of my mind.

"Yuga, I actually need to talk to you about something important."

"Youki-kun, I'm sorry, but I was wondering if you could hold that side of Tans"

"What, oh..."

I cut out the story and I was supposed to help clean it.

Because Yuga's eyes are serious.

I helped him for an hour without saying no.

"Thank you Youki-kun. Thanks to you, I was able to clean the house."

"That's good..."

Yuga feels like she's done it, but I'm tired.

I didn't expect you to clean the house from corner to corner.

"This one's over..."

"Cecilia was very helpful."

Cecilia also participated and there are three of them.

I should have come to a serious conversation...

The day ends with help as it is.

"Yuga, I've been running errands on you."

If I don't set this up at this time, I'm going into a different task.

So I decided to move on at once.

"An errand... Youki-kun?

"Oh, it's hard to say here with an important story. Will you follow me?

"But I have to see Mikana."

"I'll stay home. So would you mind listening to Mr. Yowki?

There was also support from Cecilia, and Yuga told me that she figured it out after thinking a little.

Me and Cecilia used to be important stories.

"Then follow me."


It was in the unpopular woods a little further from Minerva that guided Yuga.

I don't know if I'm leaving Minerva, going into the woods, or what I'm going to do.

A lot of questions flew in from Yuga until I got here, but I'll tell you everything when I get there, so I pushed through.

So I figured it out, so Yuga is still a big guy.

"You'll be fine around here."

"What's wrong with you?"

"Just in case... well. We'll talk when we get there. I want to marry Cecilia."


"I've already bought a ring, and it's like the proposal second reading phase."

"Oh well...... yeah, congratulations Youki-kun!

"We're still talking about proposing, right?

"Oh, right. Good luck, Youki-kun."

"Good luck..."

When I look into Yuga's eyes, I can see he's genuinely rooting for me.

Yuga is a good one.

You can't leave someone in trouble, brave man.

"You know how Yuga met me and Cecilia?

"Uh... like I heard. Like I didn't hear"

Which one?

"Well, I fell in love with Cecilia at first sight. If you want to confess, shake me, and die, you inspire me, fall back in love, work hard, to this day."

"You can't die!?

Do you put a scratch in there?

No, that's a natural reaction.

"That's when I had a situation. These are the circumstances."

I give birth to horns and wings that are a testament to the Demons.

Yuga was surprised when she opened her mouth, but was soon returning to sanity and summoning the Holy Sword.

"Youki-kun, you...."

"I think I remember... I'm a demon who fought at the Castle of the Demon King"

"Oh, my God."

Look at Yuga's reaction. I think.

He didn't know who I was, did he?

I didn't think you'd be so surprised if you revealed who you were.

Well, this much development is within our expectations.

Yuga holds the Holy Sword.

It's important to develop after this.

"I don't know what explanation Cecilia gave, but when Cecilia and I were alone at Demon King Castle, I confessed and I was shaken. And if I deliberately ate Cecilia's attack and tried to die. Cecilia stopped the attack. You're going to explain my situation from there."

"Youki-kun's situation?

"Oh, I am. I have memories of my past life. I remember living as a human being in another world, not this one."

"As a human being..."

"You can't kill people if you remember that. But then, I can't live as a demon. Halfway through, I was pulling myself into Demon King's Castle as a shape-only executive. Don't waste your strength."

"Is that what Yogi-kun is about?"

"I'll tell you what happened to me. Cecilia reached out to me. Let's go out to the outside world with me, huh? I shattered my balls... so I thought I couldn't give up Cecilia."

The moment I really fell in love could have been then.

That sight is still burning in my brain.

"You had a lot going on from there. My ex-boyfriend is pushing over, he's friends with Raven, he's caught up in a Yuga commotion..."

"What's my commotion!?

Sometimes it's better not to know in the world.

I'll keep my mouth shut that Cecilia was being consulted by Mikana, too.

"Well, that's how I've lived. Now, get this information... What's Yuga gonna do with me?

"What are we going to do..."

It means exactly what you say.

"I revealed who I was to Yuga because I thought I couldn't keep it hidden."


He looks somewhat lost.

But it is also assumed that Yuga will get lost.

Let me give you the words I was prepared for.

"Yuga, get in there with everything you can."


"It's a rapid expansion. Hit me with all the power you have."

"Youki-kun and the kind of person who says that...... yeah, you're not a person!?

It doesn't make any sense to say it again.

I'm certainly not a brainy character.

But think to me, too.

"Come on, come on."

I go into combat and provoke Yuga.

That's just how you got your cock. Yuga flew by growing wings of light.

"... that's really good"


"Okay... I'm Youki-kun..."

I've been in a special attack from the sky saying something.

I... what?

If you have something to say, don't say it while you're using those moves. Just say it!

Let me tell you something.

"I am... the boss behind the story!

He shifted Yuga's holy sword aside and decided on a counter by fist.

And Yuga blew it up.