Yuga was slapped by a blow-up tree as she raised her voice of doubt.

It's all right, because I gave it a break.

He recovered quickly and got up quickly.

"Exactly this isn't terrible!?

He complained to me.

"I did tell you what I wanted to say."

"No, I don't know what that means."

"Because it means exactly what you say. You have no choice. One more time, I'll tell you. I'm the boss behind the story..."

"He said he wouldn't know if he told me again!

Why can't it be communicated without explaining it in detail?

Then I'll tell you.

"Look, Yuga would have defeated the Demon King"


"The story is that there's an even stronger back boss when he knocks down the boss. I just wanted to tell you that I'm not the boss behind it."

"That doesn't have to hit me!?

"……………… maybe not"

I hit him with a knoll.

"What in the meantime!

"Well... I'll let you know what I mean by my words, so calm down."

This leads to a consultation from Mikana.

When I put restorative magic on Yuga, who was complaining, I finally got a calm and listening attitude.

"Well, he called on me to do everything he could to get back to me."

"Yeah...... no excuses. There was a disturbance in my mind, but I didn't lose any hands, so I'm a complete failure."

You think I didn't lose any hands?

Well, I told you to do your best.

"Okay. I'm not Yuga's enemy. But the world is huge. There are more powerful people here than the Demon King, so it's normal to think there might be others."


"You may think Yuga got married and landed a goal point in her life... but it's not yet. When, where, whatever happens, the brave have to be ready."

"I know you don't have to say that. I work out every day."

"Now Yuga, then you can't beat me. Counter decided how many times you've been here and it's over."

I was pretty out of my hands earlier.

One enhanced shot would have flown more.

Can't you argue with this, Yuga will shut up too.

All right, let's get down to business.

"Look, Yuga. To be strong, as a brave man... you make the right choice as a husband. That should make you stronger..."

"The right choice?

There is a fit on Yuga's head.

"First, leave your consciousness as a brave man alone"

"Well, if you leave it, you can't."

"In Yuga's case, it's fine."

That's not an important part of it.

I'm brave enough already.

The problem lies elsewhere.

"The problem is. About Mikana. I'm getting a good trend these days, but I guess that's because Mikana's not feeling well. I'll see you when Mikana heals in good shape..."

"Wait a minute. What are you talking about all of a sudden?"

"It's in my ear that you've been acting like Mikana has a gap in your house."

"An act of teasing... me and Mikana would be a couple."

If I said that, it would be over.

I gently laid my hands on Yuga and called out to him to tell me.

"Look, Yuga. Even if it's a couple. Sometimes it's tough to woof all year round."

There are exceptions, though.

"But Mikana was on her honeymoon..."

"I was then. They're a little different now."

"Is that so!?

"I do."

That's the status of your daughter-in-law.

Still, if I don't say it here, it won't be a troubled consultation achievement.

Lucky Skebe needs to make him recognize it as what he was after and tie himself up.

"Yuga... don't you think it's also my husband's role to deal with my wife's change of heart"


"I'm not dealing with it all. It's just that you started a life where you're newlywed and neither Mikana nor Yuga are used to it. It's a good place to show some room for a man and treat him with a step back.

"Take a step. But I want to flirt with Mikana... I can't believe it"

I thought you were a convict, not a lucky sketch.

Or did some force just work on Yuga's desire to lead to the desired result?

I can't even be sure of the truth, but now he wants me to stop acting like that.

"I wonder how the nursing was this time not too close to Mikana. I thought it was popular."

"That's... that's right. Sorry for the inconvenience. But I'm glad, they said thank you. I've been really sorry since then and they apologized to me twice."

That would be an apology for the pseudopathy.

Maybe he didn't have the courage to tell the truth toward the face.

You'll talk from Mikana when you're feeling better around there.

"Yuga's attitude is what's best for Mikana right now. Yuga may be cramped. The area should be successfully folded in the future. It's just that right now... you can ask my wife for her selfishness."

This is the best I can tell you.

Well, how do you do it?

"... yeah, I get it. I'll talk to Mikana properly."


"Ahhh...... even if we get married, we can count on Youki-kun and Cecilia. You're a pathetic brave man."

That's a rare throwing attitude.

No, now you can look back on yourself for a bit?

Isn't this a sign of growth?

"There are things that no one can do well. You realize it yourself or you get someone to help you grow up. Yuga's virtues will be positive, straight, decisive and unbreakable."

Didn't I say the same thing?

"Didn't I say the same thing about it all?

Yuga also gave me a scratch.

... Yeah, ignore it because it's not important here.

"It's my fault. Turning back, this time Yuga decided to reflect on her actions and talk to Mikana. I hope that today's reflection can be harnessed as we move forward."

"Right. It's still coming, isn't it? You can't squeeze it, can you? Even for Mikana..."

Looks like we're finishing up the conversation with a good flow.

But there's something wrong with Yuga.

I don't know, I think I've been through this before.

"That's right. I swore I'd be happy. Solitude. Then no. You can't even say that. The two of us are going to decide, aren't we? Hold hands and spend the rest of your life together. We have to work hard to do that..."

Light poured out of the bumpy, grunting yuga.

Is the light of the Holy Sword shifting to Yuga's body?

... What, this final phase of development.

As I watched as I was stunned, Yuga grabbed the holy sword with a strong temper.

"Youki-kun. I was wondering if you could see my full strength again."

The light emitted from Yuga is strange.

It's a very strong light, but there's nothing dazzling and dazzling about it.

Rather, I feel at ease watching.

Will I accept the full power of this Yuga in the demonic state?

... I'm not a total villain, am I?

"As I said earlier, I'm the boss behind the story..."

"I know. You think Youki-kun was a demon or something in his previous life? Leave that out... I'm asking you, my friend Yoki."

"... to the point of becoming"

You'll be glad to say something.

"When you ask me, I refuse. I'm the one who gets involved without a relationship.... Come!

I raise the level of physical strengthening.

Yuga in this state is unknown.

It's too cool that I lost by hand or something.

"Looks like you're ready... I'm coming"

Yuga flying with the holy sword in place.

It's not the same speed as earlier.

But I see it.

It is also possible to avoid...... take it with your fists here and stand.

Me and Yuga are fighting right now...

"What are you doing!!

It didn't start.