"What are you thinking?"

Maybe I didn't think about it.

I was judging by the nori on the spot.

"This is a forest close to Minerva."

I knew that too.

"Though I'm glad I'm here"

I'm really glad you came.

"As it were, what would have happened to the forest in the aftermath if I had been fighting? The Knights are about to come and make a scene."

"Excuse me."

"I'm sorry, Cecilia..."

I wouldn't be able to see inside the sight of a brave man sitting side by side amicably with a demon tribe with horns and wings and divine light emanating from his body.

In front of me is Cecilia, who preaches lightly in arms.

Neither the brave nor the devil are enemies.

The strongest is still......

"Why did this happen when I thought it would be resolved in a discussion? It's also a strange story that you don't need an explanation for why you think it is, but there is me who somehow guesses when I see this situation. Yeah, I'm used to it. So I don't need an explanation. You have to figure out what to do to make sure this doesn't happen next. The brave man knew who Mr. Youki was, and Mr. Youki must have seen that a new power resided in the brave man. So you have to think hard about what happens when you fight with both of them and act..."

Looks like he's completely in sermon mode, closing his eyes and talking pale.

This is going to be a long time.

"Youki-kun, Youki-kun"

Yuga has been hissing at me to make sure Cecilia doesn't hear me.

Are you insane to talk to me during a sermon or something!?

"I'm sorry, I got so hot..."

"Well, you're used to each other"

"Haha... if Cecilia asks, it's an extension of time"

It's not funny, is it?

"It's good to know who Yoki is. I thought Yoki was a stranger. How I got to know Cecilia is also a mystery. We got along a lot before we heard what was going on, and now we're friends."


You were wondering about Yuga, too.

"I married Mikana and Yoki married Cecilia... I'm glad you talked to me before you did"

"I haven't proposed yet."

"Youki-kun would do well, I'm sure. I know it's going to be tough, but I'm on your side."

"Can a brave man say that to a demon clan?

Yuga's been saying so cool, I've been a little mean.

You didn't think they'd say that, you're circling your eyes.

Well, the only thing that kept my eyes round was a little bit of laughter.

"I want to congratulate you and Cecilia as me."

I want to congratulate you...... Yuga will have a position as well.

You mean as an individual, not a brave man.

Though I'm very happy with the feeling.

"I don't know what to do."

Why don't you ask me another mean question.

"I'll fix it, Yoki."

I said it with a calm face.

"No, that's where you can do something."

"It's always Youki-kun who finally does something about it. That's what I'm saying."

What do you mean?

"That's something. You didn't have to fight."

"The beginning is Yogi-kun."

"Sure, but... I'm not sure. You must be the one who's been releasing his powers and demanding a second game"

It was not a good idea to rub it from there.

Wherever the whispers go, face to face with each other. A statement or outbreak of which is not bad because it is worse.

Fu, when I chill on my spine and look forward......

"Really? I know exactly how you two feel. Apparently, my voice hasn't arrived. I'll stay with you until it arrives if you want...... or are you willing to change your attitude?

I'm smiling, but my eyes aren't laughing at all. There's Cecilia... two of us, grounded.

When it heats up, it won't work.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Because I will carve the words of Cecilia into my chest, properly, firmly!

"I got too hot, too. Sorry, Cecilia."

"... just this once, right?

I sincerely apologized and managed to get forgiveness.

"Youki-kun, I told you earlier. I'm on your side."

Look at Cecilia with a refreshing grin.

"I think maybe we'll have a similar situation within close range and have a similar problem. I'll talk to you then. Of course, sometimes you get a ride."

"Say it."

Absolutely, there will be a lot of consultation from Yuga.

Well, I didn't ask you then.

Similar situation...... you're a husband buddy.

Where we tried to shake hands naturally trying to work hard with each other.

"Yes, brave man. I have news for you."


"... Looks like the day has come for the brave to be a father too"



Wait, I can't keep up with my understanding.

Cecilia politely explained to me as me and Yuga stopped.

Me and Yuga left and saw how Mikana was and apparently felt strange, and they used handouts to see him.

The result was… confirmed.

Mikana, who thought he hit a bee who was pretending to be ill, was also relieved to hear the results.

You think he's still unrealistic and trying to open his mouth on the bed?

"As soon as possible, I wanted the brave men to come home and speak to Mikana, so I picked them up. Then, since it was that current situation, I thought I was sorry for Mikana but it was too much for my eyes..."

"Yay... Yay, Youki-kun!

As much as I'm happy, he's blocking Cecilia's words and shaking my hand.

"I'll be the father. I'm a kid with Mikana. What should I do with the name or something? I need to talk to Mikana."

A brave man who starts designing the future with a disgusting smile.

This is... the way a man does when he finds out he's going to be a father.

"Oh, congratulations. I'll bless Yuga."

"Why do you read bars?"

Well, that's because I felt like I was a long way from Yuga.

"Sorry Yuga. Now it looks like we've got a ditch that you and I can't fill."



"Look, you don't care about me. You're gonna be a dad, so just go to your wife"

"No, no, I thought your friendship with Youki-kun had deepened just now..."

That's your fault.

"Look, go"

I guess I'm worried about Mikana whilst complaining that it's not terrible to wave and appeal.

You're about to expand your wings and fly away.

"We'll talk slowly again next time, won't we, Yoki? Thank you Cecilia for taking the time to come and let me know.... Bye!

I just said what I wanted to say and flew away.

"I don't want any more enemies in Yuga's life."

You can't just have a smooth, full sailing ending after that.

"The enemies of the brave are not themselves, if you dare."

"... Indeed"

I put it together this time.

Micah will talk to you again.

"Well, if you're my friend, maybe you should listen to him every time."

"Mr. Yowki is tolerant."

"Huh, what are you hiding? I..."

"Shall we go home then?"

"No, let me finish, Cecilia..."

The way you treat me is messy.

Well, I guess it's good because Cecilia's laughing.

And I didn't know Yuga would be my father.

I wonder how long I'm going to keep the ring warm.

Then come on......

"Cecilia, I need a favor."

"What is it?

"Can you leave it to me for two holidays?

We have to go to battle now.