My desire for two holidays has been accepted by the kind Cecilia.

But did Cecilia detect anything? The conversation that followed became relatively quiet, and I couldn't follow it well either.

I broke up when they told me that the date would contact me again because it felt awkward.

The pity that I can't do anything while I wonder if this is a good idea.

This would still have been better if I had served Kitchen II and invited Tsukomi.

"What shall I do, I..."

I'm suddenly about to throw up.

I'm so nervous.

Does the previous phase of the proposal make me feel this way?

"I wonder if both Yuga and Raven felt this way"

I'm concerned.

I can speak Australian saying I've looked closely at the two of you, but I can't even see how you feel.

I wonder what mindset it takes before I propose.

"Let me ask you something"

It's too late for today, so I'll come back later.

"Dear Youki,"

"Ugh... I was surprised. Was it Mr. Sophia?"

I was thinking about this in front of the mansion. I'm sorry, too, but I'm surprised you can speak up suddenly.

"A little bit about the lady since we got back to the mansion...... strange?

I feel a glimpse of whether or not I've done something.

At the earliest, there's no doubt about it.

But it's tempting to explain the situation to Sofia, a woman and close to Cecilia,

But I'm not the one against whom bad deception comes through.

"Is it like I can't tell you"

"Ugh... I can't tell you. But I assure you, I didn't do anything wrong. Absolutely."

Now give it up.

He looked me in the eye like he was exploring... so he stared straight at me without distracting himself.

"… is that what you mean?"

Apparently, you convinced me.

Whatever you're talking about, it's Mr. Sophia.

You must have guessed.

"Master Youki. I will not allow you to make your daughter cry, so please be prepared to act accordingly. Even if the power of Yoki is unknown, we will do everything in our power to deal with you."

Mr. Sophia's eyes are serious.

It's not the aura the maid chief puts out, this.

But I was wondering if I could pull it off here.

"I know you don't have to tell me. The word now is" support for Sophia. "

"Really? Now, if you'll excuse me."

Turning herself over without changing her expression, Mr. Sophia returned to the mansion.

We've cut this far, so we have to work hard.

Well... why don't we talk about it first?

So I negotiated with Raven if he could manage to make some time.

He was busy with the engagement disturbance with Happiness and the main business, so he caught Duke looking around and asked for a message.

You're going to come to my house, and I've been visiting you on Promise Day...

"Duke and Mr. Irene?

It was Duke and Mr. Irene in armor who opened the door.

What happened to Raven?

"... it's me, Yoki"

"That's Raven's voice? But this armor."

"... I've got something similar. It is a well-known fact that Irene and Duke are both looking around. You don't think it's me, do you?

"You know what?"

"... more people have been wandering around lately. I was ready. I'd like to make a public announcement about Happiness after I'm ready."

"I'm sorry I called you in even though it's hard. And Mr. Irene."

I need to thank you for your cooperation.

"No, at the request of the captain and Mr. Duke. Because Mr. Youki took care of me, too. Okay, Captain. I'll pick you up after noon."

Mr. Irene left with a beautiful salute.

Mr. Irene, the atmosphere has changed......?

In the meantime, he said to invite Raven inside to sit down.

"Mr. Irene, is something wrong?

I was curious before I got to the point, so I decided to ask.

"... after all, does it look that way"

"Oh. You said there was a risk before..."

It had a dodgy daughter attribute.

"... there have been rumors in the Knights. He said Irene's work was quick, accurate and wasted. Well, I know what caused it. It's Duke."

What does Mr. Irene have to do with improving his abilities and Duke?

No way, say a date and you're working out for the holidays.

Duke is going to do it.

"Because you can't flirt while you're at work? He's been sweet on Duke since he got home from work as soon as possible."

"That's why!

"... oh. I've been out of the dorm lately, renting a little house to live in."

It's my first time living together.

I didn't tell you that the last time I saw you on patrol.

"... there have been rumors about the two of them within the Knights, because their attitudes and ways of getting involved have not changed. You're deluding me."

"Was it?... Duke's one. Are you okay?

Didn't Mr. Irene get carnivorous after we started dating?

"... it seems hard to talk about Duke. You think it's awesome when you go home for what you're putting up with because you don't stick around at work? Well, when I'm acting differently at work, I get more loneliness, and as a result, when I go home, the recoil is amazing, and I'm talking about whichever one I take."

"Is Duke in trouble too? I'm sorry to hear that from you."

"... no, you two must have made up your mind too. I was so happy that the captain was finally going to be a man. We have to do whatever we can to help."

Were you guessing at the time you called?

That's kind of embarrassing.

"Well, I'm proposing to Cecilia. I'm worried."

"... I'm sorry to say this, but now what?

"How should I propose?"

The hurdles are getting too high and I'm under pressure.

If you succeed, you'll be remembered once in a lifetime.

You can't do it if you're shoddy.

I'm anxious when I think about that.

"... you mean that"

"Let's imagine Cecilia's reaction when it's a subtle proposition…"

I wish I could even turn on the kitchen two switch at a time like this, but I can't because I can't decide lightly.

Even if Cecilia told me about the holidays, I don't have a plan right now.

I can't call you home and bicker you like you always do and give you the ring.

"... you mean that. When I decided to share my thoughts with Happiness, I felt like I could tighten my chest. Fighting a lot of strong enemies made me think my mentals were pretty enhanced. But I decided I had to do it."

"I know that."

"... you just have to do what Yoki can do. That's all I can say. Even I just got engaged in the first place. I just think Cecilia says she'd be happy with anything Yoki does. We need to get him in trouble."

"He said he wouldn't act so disoriented."

"... be careful not to start Cecilia's sermon during the proposal, okay?

"He said it wouldn't be such a development!

What do you think I am?

Then it became a bragging confrontation for his lover, and when he realized, Mr. Irene picked him up and Raven left.

It was refreshing to talk to you, but if you thought the plan was... there would be visitors again.

I didn't call you anything but Raven.

"So what happened today?"

"What, the kid's men asked me to. I need you to listen to me."

The visitor was Guy.

Sounds like Duke did it.

"No, well, if you'll listen, it'll help."

I revealed that I was worried about the proposal to Cecilia.

"Tell me what to do with it."

"If you have any advice or anything"


You look like you're desperately bothering your head.

Though I also feel it would be wrong to ask Guy from Gargoyle for advice.

"I don't know for sure. But I'm like every day from Teal... and I'm being favored."

"I know."

Because I know you don't have to say that.

"He's still favoring me. It's very itchy, but Teal smiles every time..."

Has Guy come to say his love?

Looks like you noticed my gaze, coughed up and forced me to change the air.

Even if I change it, I remember the conversation.

"I mean, yeah. If you're passing on a favor to them, all you have to do is push.... Does it fit?

"Why are you asking me..."

"I'm not sure."

The last time I gave him a temper, he slapped him on the back and Guy left.

Guy, didn't you just come here to fall in love?

Well, I might have gotten in the mood.

I'm so glad you came.

Guests arrived again when it was dinner time.

"Are you okay to come?

"It's okay. Irene is waiting for you at home."

My last customer was Duke.

I'm glad you're here.

"I can see it after the first battle."

"... I don't know how I know"

"How long have you known him?"

I can tell you're tired even if you can't see the look on your face with armor.

Besides, that's not why I work.

"The captain is right...... he came out a little impossible. I don't have time for this. Let me just say one thing."

Duke will take care of it and bake it.

She even consulted me when I was dating Cecilia.

I can't thank Duke......

"As a result of the captain's troubles, I think Mr. Cecilia will put it together well, no matter what the proposal."

"Hey, here!

Thumbs up. What are you talking about?

I know because we've been dating for years.

You're definitely laughing at this guy!

"Well, then, I'll be excused."

Duke left.

"As long as it's done, no matter what kind of plan I make and make mistakes, Cecilia will eventually put it together well..."

Life...... no, there won't be such a pitiful story in one big battle of demonic life.

I think it would be nice to talk to you.

I have absolutely no scratch, make the perfect proposal...... make Cecilia's Holiday Two days meaningful.

From the next day on, I started gathering information.

The first information I got was about Duke and Mr. Irene who went to work for the Knights.

Duke was in a good mood because he was shiny.

Really...... thanks Duke.