This day has finally arrived.

The weather is clear and the wind is not strong.

Great weather to go out.

Nature must be on my side, too.

We have to succeed at all costs!

"Where are you taking me today?

"What, oh. Er..."

Not if Cecilia's already next door and she's in the mood again!

"Well, it helps if you look forward to it"

"Really? Surely it's a waste to hear your plans. Mr. Yowki has been thinking about his plans, so he says it's right not to ask."

I hope so and look forward.

No, no, it's pressure.

Why don't you get weak, be strong and strong.

The first place to go is Mr. Ami and Mr. Muscle Patience Andrei's cake shop.

I also have eyes around me, so I asked if I could manage to rent it.

After negotiating to play a taster because prototyping is difficult to navigate, it was accepted.

But I heard it was difficult to navigate.

"Enjoy it"

In front of me, the cake was narrow and lined up on the table.

Both me and Cecilia round their eyes on this.

I made dozens of new ones... and I thought the scratch was in my heart.

"Ami, what the hell is this..."

Ami standing in one hand in the basin looking sorry.

It's too unexpected.

"I think I'm in the mood to know that I have more tasters..."

You don't have to be in the mood.

I didn't hear about the rent-out cake buffet or anything.

"It's impossible for you two to eat out this amount."

"Let's not force it"

"Enjoy your meal"

It's not a flavor.

I don't like it when you're about to propose and you can't move with belly pampers.

"Sometimes it's not a bad idea."


Are you serious?

Usually a slow cup of tea for a tea treat, a style of bickering.

I certainly don't have the experience of being surrounded by sweets enough not to get through the table......

Muscle pastry chef, I don't hesitate to see Mr. Andrei making more and more.

"Shall we go with a long time food fight...?

"Mr. Yowki, you don't just have to eat, you have to tell him what you think."

"Leave it to me."

Take one bite at a time and share your thoughts.

That said, I'm not familiar with sweets.

All I can say is that it is too sweet or not enough and fluffy feelings.

Cecilia said something more specific.

"No, I knew you wouldn't eat so much sweet stuff"

"If you don't stop around here, you'll get in the way of your later plans."

Me and Cecilia are the limit.

"Thank you both. Looks like my brother was happy too. It seems that the story of Cecilia in particular was very helpful. My brother wants to hear more..."

"I don't mind."

Cecilia has gone to the muscle pastry chef.

What... what am I, going to another guy's before I propose?

It makes me sad when I think deeply.

I was blurry looking at Cecilia's back, and Mr. Ami came gently bowing his head.

"Excuse me."

"No, no, because it's true that my thoughts were faint"

"No, I didn't.... This is a message from my brother. If we ever need a cake to celebrate, we'll have the best."


Celebrating...... no way!?

"Looks like my brother guessed... I thought it was suspicious too. Good luck with that."

"Ah, haha...... thanks for the support"

I didn't know you were up to it.

You've been thinking about your plans here, and you've been regular or you've noticed my changes.

I glanced at Mr. Andrei for a moment and I saw him.

I've made my white teeth shine in vain and thumbs up.

Okay, I'll do my best...

I mean, we're so full there.

"Next, I'm going to the traveler's."



Minerva is only the capital of the king, and there are many places to see it.

Cecilia has lived in Minerva longer than I have.

You're probably going somewhere famous for dating or something.

Occasionally, I thought this was it because the travelers were coming to Minerva.

"That's good. I've seen them when I was traveling, but I've never seen them properly."

"Neither do I. It's our first experience together."


The two of us enter the venue.

They do shows with demons and people they're used to.

"Are demons okay?

"You must be getting proper permission. Does Mr. Yowki care about that in the first place?


Minerva didn't get permission. There are many demons out there.


A beast shaped demon twirls a ring made of fire magic...... the one I've seen in my previous life!

Exactly unlike a normal animal, he was showing a unique movement of demons twirling and twirling randomly placed rings while spinning.

A storm of applause that springs up every time.

"Guy could do something more radical..."

"What are you talking about? Mr. Guy will be angry."

"No, Teal runs out of bees and it turns out I'm pathetic"

"Rest assured. I'll treat you."

Which neighborhood can you feel safe about?

Is it a premise of injury, but Cecilia is Saint around treating me......


"No, nothing."

There are two names in Cecilia that are out just thinking in their minds.

"Not at all... anymore"

Something made Cecilia a little sick.

I guess it's caused by two names.

But I stopped the inches and you're not that angry.

It's not your turn now.


Graywolf suddenly came out on stage.

The breeder came out and disappeared to his side as he stroked.

Cute - and voices are rising from around.

It's not your turn...... right.

"It's not supposed to be good, but that Greywolf is adorable. He must have nodded because he wanted to be on stage early...... Mr. Yowki. What happened to your flashing face?"

"No, it's nothing"

I mean, that's it.

Don't you want Cecilia to concentrate on herself now?

What I did was far-fetched.

This is an important day, so we need to focus on Cecilia.

From there, I didn't give the name of the person I knew as much as possible, and we had a conversation without difficulty.

Because of the sudden change in the way we talked about it or that seemed to bother me......

Well, the show's over.

And then I pray you don't get caught up in every trouble, while you eat, and then I give you the ring in the atmospheric park.

"Mr. Yowki, I need to stop by."

"You want to stop by?

Well, it's a little early for dinner.

Thank you as far as I'm concerned for plain missed scheduling.

"Yes, follow me"


I was escorting you earlier.

It was me following Cecilia even as I thought my position was reversed.