Is it okay to say that Cecilia wanted to come to the clothes store......

This is not the kind of shop I would stop by if I were a commoner going to a store that deals with old clothes all the time.


"Please, I'll show you around."

Cecilia was showing her I.D. to the clerk when she first walked into the store.

I'll be fine when I hear I'm good, I'll take care of it.

I was separated along the way when I dared to follow Cecilia to adulthood.

If you're confused, it's okay. One word.

All right, let's believe Cecilia.

There were many clothes in the room that were guided and three clerks were waiting.

"We have received your request from Cecilia"

"I swear I will maximize your appeal"

"It would be helpful if you could trust our arms"

I'm afraid I have too many greetings.

What kind of education are you educating the clerk about this store?

The request is from Cecilia...... what do you mean?

Although confused in my mind, I'm not guilty of the clerk, so I'm going to be a big dressed doll.

Uh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They were professionals.

My outfit decided after only trying on a few clothes.

Jackets, pants, shirts and all great stuff...... I guess.

I don't know because I'm not in the habit of wearing fancy clothes.

I wonder if it's tagged with a price or something.

When I finished dressing, I was led to a separate room and asked to wait here, leaving me alone.

I'm lonely... and the conditioning in this room is expensive.

I even hesitate to sit in a chair when they tell me to wait.

"Thank you for waiting"

After all, I chose not to sit down and stand.

Cecilia interrupted viewing the conditioning because she came into the room.


In a Cecilia dress.

I've seen it several times.

Today in a dress with a water tone...... that necklace looks familiar.

It's definitely the one I bought Cecilia on my first date.

It was when Yuga caused a huge commotion.

The hair is also put together differently than usual,

I wonder how you're putting it together, that.

I get the impression of being more adult than usual.

Well, I had a lot to think about in my heart, but to sum it up in a nutshell.


"Thank you"

Smile a little and Cecilia will thank you.

I didn't mean to put it into words because I was ashamed.

Your face might be red...... ok.

"Well, I'm just as beautiful as Cecilia is, and I can tell the truth from my mouth..."

"Mr. Yowki."

Cecilia's index finger hits my lips.

I was forced to stop Kitchen II.

"I think it's a good day to be honest"

Complete kitchen two seal.

That's such an anomaly......

It is also sloppy not to be conclusive.

I mean think for yourself.

"... Yes"

It is best to give a pitiful reply.

Is it okay with me like this?

At the earliest opportunity, the right of initiative lies with Cecilia.

He pulls his arm to go, and he moves on through the building.

Perhaps this is a shop where nobles come with patience.

Until just now, I was wearing a level disguise called maybe Cecilia......

I can't hide Aura at all right now, but nothing happens when I walk past people.

As a result, I was led to wonder if it was a store to change clothes.


Once in a room, there's a chair for two at one table.

The view from the window is great...... no no.

"Beyond the window, it's connected to another room, with paintings and conditionings written with special paintings, so you can enjoy the mysterious sights."

"Oh, yeah. Amazing."

Vocabulary vanished.

I didn't know there was a store like this.

"Let's talk about it as usual over dinner"

"Can we have dinner here too!?

"Yes. Come on, have a seat too, Mr. Yowki"

Always a surprise.

It's okay, calm down.

Feel the ring in your chest pocket.

Don't let the pace catch you.

Ordinary mind, Ordinary mind...

"I've wanted to come here for a while. Reputation for enjoying a meal while watching fantastic spaces. I wonder what's going on across the room. The details seem to be secret, and the person who designed them is lying down."

"It is. You know all about it, Cecilia."

"Sometimes it's good to slow down in a space like this, right? Of course, I enjoy my normal life running around solving cases with Mr. Yowki."

"I'm sorry."

There's a lot of patterns where I stick my neck in and rely on Cecilia.

Do you want me to hug you and do it every time?

"You look like you're up to something."

"No, if it's tough to run around, I thought I'd carry you."

"You're thinking on the assumption of getting involved. And as far as I'm concerned, I've had enough."

"Because it's not me, it's the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman"

"... it's the same. Mr. Youki is Mr. Youki."

"If you say so, there's no more excuses."

If I was tapping such a light mouth, the food I'd never eat would come out.

There have been many occasions when I would like to hear what ingredients are used in what kind of dishes this is.

I ate it imitating Cecilia, it was delicious.

Later in the day, I finally came out with a dish that I even knew about.

Well, I guess the ingredients you're using are fancy.

"Wouldn't it be expensive for me here..."

"Wasn't it in your mouth?

"No, it was all delicious."

"That's good."

After eating dessert, we had drinks with each other, and we were off to eat.

The atmosphere is good... isn't this a chance?

There's nobody around. Just the two of us.

A luxurious meal for mysterious scenery.

A definitive and memorable proposal if successful.

"... what's wrong?


Apparently, I was unconsciously staring at Cecilia.

I rushed off my gaze and misled.

Of course, they laugh at me without deluding me.

"It's easy to understand, isn't it, Mr. Yowki? So much so that even if you're hiding your face, you can somehow see what you're thinking."

"It's Cecilia, so I can do it."

It is in Zara that even in the demon swordsman state of black thunder, an idea can be found out.

I wish I could do the opposite...

"... it's time to get out"


Suddenly why.

I was thinking I could propose here......

"It's annoying for the store to stay too long."

"Oh... oh"

"Shall we go then?"

Walk behind Cecilia.

Stay with me... outside the store.

"What, clothes?

"Rest assured. It's okay."


"Actually, there's something I'd like to keep going."

Where are you going with this outfit?

Even though the sun is falling, I find out.

Exactly when I try to disagree.

"Will you listen to me today?"

Isn't that sloppy, that dialogue?

I told you it was good reflexively.

"Well, hurry up"

"I'm arranging a carriage, so you don't have to fly away."

"Oh yeah..."

Isn't that the earliest convict?

I felt like I couldn't get into it, so I got in the carriage.

"Where are you going?

"It's a secret."

I'm rocked by the carriage as I doubt it was Cecilia's turn today.

Where we arrived......

"This place..."

"It's a pale Limbell flower garden at night at this time of year."

It's not sparkling, it's a blurry light of thin purple.

Only the petal part is emitting light.

"My mother taught me. When this time of year shines the most beautiful light."


"Limbell shines so beautifully, but there seems to be a skill in growing it with flowers that are prone to climate, temperature,"


So, what about this limbell?

"This is an institution where your mother wants to spread the beauty of Limbell's emitted light and let the experts grow it. He said it would soon be open to the public."

"Can we come in?"

"I told you to come from your mother... so why don't you enjoy Limbell's light now"

"... right"

The facility manager himself allows it.

Now let's burn this sight to the eye.

"It's a lovely night, Mr. Yowki"


"It turned out to be a day for you to hear all about my life"

"I'm not the man who rarely tells you anything about her."

I regretted that the dialogue smelled after I said it.

No, this Limbell light is driving me crazy.

It feels good to say something.

"Mr. Yowki is sweet."

"Maybe it's just easy to get flushed...... oh my god"

"Then I'll be caught in a flush by a flush, Mr. Yorkie."

"A similar conversation. Didn't you just?

"You did."

I went crazy and the two of us laughed.

Laugh at each other...... if we were breathing, the conversation would stop.

It's not like I have to say anything.

Cecilia is looking at Limbell without looking at me.

You mean this is the battlefield?

I reached for the ring I was making my chest sneak... I noticed something.