Is this not moving on Cecilia's palm?

I look back today.

This outfit, Limbell's flower garden in the place you just ate.

It is a great situation for a proposal.

I can tell you I couldn't have done this so far with my plan.

After eating normally, I thought it would be a good idea to propose where I met him, so I tried to fly him to the Imperial Castle.

Isn't it an irregularity to be alone in Limbell's flower garden or something?

Definitely good to give you the ring now.

I'm in a situation where there's no more.

I'm sure it will remain a great memory.

... but is that good?

When I found out about the ring, I promised Cecilia.

When you make a surprise proposition, even if it's out of order!

It is true that this situation, which Cecilia has led me to, is obsessive with the proposal.

But I...


"What is it"

"I'm counting on Cecilia."


"You're going to run out."

Tell me from myself. That's it, but I can't argue with it.

I can't actually rely on it.

Still, even I have something that Cecilia can't beat.

"... I didn't set this place up with care for Mr. Yowki. I really wanted to make this a memorable day, so I thought I'd cheer it up along the way."

"I think it's already exciting enough."

If you think about your journey this far, you can score a goal.

I don't care what you think if it's a story. It's a climax entry here.

"No, you can't. Wouldn't Mr. Yowki always show me a view I can't reach? You surprise me this time, don't you?

"I can't believe Cecilia said that... surprise"

"If you're Mr. Yowki... I trust you. I gave you two days of my holiday. Please leave a good result."

I'm going to say tough things in this situation.

I am glad that Cecilia is putting expectations on me.

But... it's a pretty tough trial.

Kitchen II is banned and cannot gain momentum.

What do you want me to do... No, don't give up.

Explore what I can do.

Cecilia's telling me to leave a result.

I just have to leave it.

Because we know about the ring... where to give it to you and the performance.

"... Cecilia, will you hang out with me"

"Do you think I'll say no?


I got permission, too. Do you want to go?

I flew through the sky with wings and Cecilia in my arms.

Go to the place of the showdown.

"Cecilia's used to it."

I thought I was flying.

I feel like I've been making a lot of noise at first. I've been making a lot of noise in my arms lately.

"It's something you'll get used to if you go through it again and again.... Well, I didn't expect to be held and flying in the sky as much as I got used to it."

"You don't have to say it with such a distant eye. Look, Mikana's in the same situation."

Don't see me moving around holding my princess Mikana every now and again after Yuga can fly too.

"You mean more common topics..."

"Normally being held and flying is not a common topic."

"Me and Yuga are special patterns."

"Exactly. If you come up with a topic like that on the go to that, you'll get your attention around. We might talk about it when we're talking about each other's struggles."

"... I'm sorry"

"You won't have to apologize. Look, it's like my privilege."

It is the beginning and end of being followed.

"Uh... Look, the night sky is beautiful"

I've forcefully changed the subject.

That's Cecilia, that's sweet...... we're gonna do everything we can to get on board!


Should I say Cecilia is prettier here?

Should I not say anything extra before the battle?

I don't know because I've only done it with my fist.


I was wondered because I didn't say anything to the habit of staring.

Yeah, tell him what his instincts are.

"Well, the brilliance of the stars that illuminate the night is brilliant, but Cecilia is better than that."

"Mr. Yowki, I hope you don't mislead me there."

I let out Kitchen II and I failed.

Again, should I say it normally?

It's not like I'm embarrassed or anything.

"Oh, Cecilia is prettier than the stars"

"... that's an embarrassing dialogue when I'm told"

You're embarrassed to say it, too, and they ask you smiling.

Can you say it would be embarrassing if I got here?

"I'm not embarrassed or anything. It's just the two of us, and there's no reason not to be serious."

"I'm not wrong about what I'm saying..."

"So I can clearly say that Cecilia is a cute, sweet, beautiful, cook and healing lover!

"Yo, Mr. Yowki, thank you"

"He scolds me if I fail. He also helps me with my request. I'm glad the Dukes embraced it happily."

"also, already around..."

"I even made you care today. Cecilia would have enjoyed the day better if I had stayed steady from time to time. Cecilia really is amazing. I'm not the only one who can help..."

"Enough, enough"

Cecilia says something, but I don't care.

It's just the two of us now, and I still have something to say.

I suddenly started to blur, so I held him tight and calmed him down.

Then, as I grew up, I pummeled my usual gratitude and feelings for Cecilia.

"Fine, I can talk."

"I now know that you must not make Mr. Yowki serious...... So where are we?"

If I was praising and killing Cecilia, I'd get there, to the sea.

"The sea."

"Oh, I can't see the land."

'Cause we're a lot apart.'


There is no one here.

Me and Cecilia have no witnesses.

That's why I can do this.

I unleashed the magic of the fire attribute.

It's on one side like fireworks exploding in a time difference.

"This is..."

Cecilia also sees it.

I'm the only artist who can propose in the air.

And firework-like magic, enough performances.

I take out the ring of nostalgia.

All you have to do is propose.

I don't use Kitchen II anymore, I say it in my own words.

"Marry me, Cecilia."

I said, I said it, me.

I'm afraid of Cecilia's reaction, you'll take the ring, won't you?

Make sure not to put it on the surface while it is frightening inside.

After a short while, Cecilia's mouth opened.

"Thank you"


Successful proposal.

"I'm purely happy. Even though I knew the ring existed... it's embarrassing to be given to face, I'm surprised."

Cecilia looking out the box with the ring.

I'm loosening my mouth, so I guess I mean it.

Mr. Shea to Caius...... thanks for the best ring.

"I can't believe you're going to say it on a direct ball at the end... you don't sound like Mr. Yowki. Was it the fabric stone of this moment until just now?

"Eh, that's..."

I had no idea what to do.

It's not a good idea to lie, but I'd also say no.

If I had said so, I'd be laughing a little.

"I know. That's not what Mr. Yowki's good at."

"As much as you're ashamed."

"This proposal is sloppy in the first place. I can't say no. On one side of the ocean, on the sky."


I certainly can't say no to this situation.

If we refused... we would have left awkwardly for each other.

"And what do you do when it's already dark and you can't see land? Is it Nojuku today?


I was losing it.

I praised Cecilia and praised her and she had no sense of time.

It's late at night, by the time I get back to Minerva, it'll be about sunrise.

A nearby town will have to take the inn in the village.

"I'll tell you what, if you take the inn in this outfit, you'll be suspected of a reason."


I'm dressed, Cecilia's dressed.

Moreover, my clothes are slightly disturbed because I was flying.

Hmm, there's a good chance they'll do an extra pry.

"This... I've done it...?

"At all, Mr. Youki is still Mr. Youki. At this rate, it's going to be hard even after we get married."

"Sorry, Cecilia...... what, oh well"

Proposal...... you got it accepted.

"It will take some time to get back to Minerva. Discuss precautions, etc. when living together…"


"What is it, Mr. Yowki... why? You seem to be grinning suspiciously because of starlight additions and subtractions."

"Now I want to share my joy"

"What, what!?

I changed the position I held and began to circle the air as I grabbed Cecilia's hands.

Because Cecilia hasn't experienced it either, or she's a wolf.

"Mr. Yowki, this is not good. I'll fall!

"It's okay, 'cause I'll never let you go"

"That's not the problem."

"Whatever happens, I won't let you go."

"Things are different than usual."

"I might annoy you and get you in trouble. But I swear here I'll make you smile more than that."

"I'm bothering you with my current progression."

I was in a hurry at first, Cecilia, but you got used to it gradually. You enjoyed dancing in the sky with me.

Well, after I stopped satisfied, I preached.

As for the content, it was what would happen in case the ring flew away.

You've been told so many times on the way home that it's good because I wore it.

Later, it goes without saying that I went home in the morning with my messy clothes and had a big eyeball for Mr. Sophia.

It pissed me off, including that I wasn't asleep.

Celia laughed at the evidence that she was young.

Whatever it was, the proposal was a success.

I will not make a formal announcement yet.

He said Mr. Celia would do well around there.

The identity of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman remains a mystery for some time now.

"No, Captain. Congratulations on your successful proposal."

"Not now. It's been a few days since."

"No, no, it's been over ten days."

Duke invited me to see him for a long time. We're having lunch together......

The blessing was reported and received the next day.

"Well, I appreciate you celebrating so many times..."

Actually, I have some interesting information for the captain.


Depending on the content, I called it in on purpose.

It must be a beneficial story for me.

"I hear there's a song that the bards are into right now."

"A song with a bard on it?

I can't read the story.

"A bard of everything occasionally encounters mermaids. If the song the mermaid was singing was too beautiful and listening to, please spread the word, the mermaid has asked me to do it all the time."

"Heh, no mermaids"

It could have been Shike or Misaki.

"The song is about vowing love in the night sea, in the night sky."


I blew out the drink I was drinking.

Think while you can, that's no way.

"Let's look down at the sea, look up at the night sky, and swear we won't let it go forever. Let me make you laugh for bothering you. [M] I swear here as I dance in the sky with you...... that was the lyric. You sound amazing singing mermaids. Even when people sing, famous songs seem to glow."


You're so embarrassed!

I screamed on the spot and held my head.

I've drawn attention from the guests around me, but he explains that Duke is nothing.

It's nothing!

My vows are becoming a song and the world is exposed to them.

"No, it sounds like a good song"

"You know what I'm saying!?

"What do you mean?"

"Duke, duke, duke."

"No, it would be nice if someone had been the source of the song. My vows come to my ears. You'll never forget it."


Thus my vows became songs and spread throughout the country.