Let me be clear.

I was licking both of them.

"Here's a map of the Black Thunder Magic Swordsmen."

"This is the number of recent requests."

"There's been a sudden increase since this day."

"The holidays of Cecilia and the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman are overlapping."

"It seems to have something to do with it...."

I just moved my legs a little.

Why are these guys so quick to dig up information?

Even if it's not a good idea, I can direct it in the wrong direction.

I don't think Soleil had anything to do with that.

In the case of Woodwan, would you look into it as well? I ran away with a nice smile.

You can't team up with these guys, it's against the rules.

"Well, shall we finish here?"

"But can you get information here? Before, I was specially attacked for interviews."

Now we're in the guild.

I don't mind listening here.

The Alliance keeps personal information under control for trust, so they won't tell us anything.

"No, there's also the word ex-girlfriend. Let's go."

I trusted you to behave more intelligently, Soleil.

Well, the average Guild employee wouldn't know much about Black Thunder Magic Swordsmen.

No matter what they ask you, you won't understand.

I joined the guild with such a light feeling.

Please tell me about the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman.

"You are the official who has received several requests from the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder. Could you give me a moment?"

"Eh, uh...."

They quickly targeted Miss Sierra. There's a gaze on me who looks familiar and asks me to do something.

No, even if you depend on me.

"Look, we both have work to do here, Mr. Sierra."

"For interviews. I'll pay for the amount of information."

If you do that, Miss Sierra, you'll be fired from work!

"That's right. It's not good to give money."

That's right.

"Nevertheless, if you pull it here, you won't be able to fight anymore.... proof of being a part of the brave party and the title of the next lord. Which is more effective?"

Soleil isn't even thinking about being black in Soleil.

Mr. Sierra, big pinch.

So don't look at me with your tearful eyes.

I'm the reason they're running.

"What is it? He's in trouble."

"Ku, Clayman!

It seems that Clayman, who was using the formula god with his cheek stick to organize documents at an incredible speed, was interested in us.

Are you motivated today? Unusual.

"Somehow Sofia's been in a good mood lately, so I'm trying not to piss her off, and I'm just trying to fix her personal life."

Look at me and tell me not to cause problems, Clayman.

No, it's not because of me... yeah.

Well, maybe it's my fault?

"So what are the requirements?

About the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman.

"Ask him, that's it!

Hey, don't sell me now.

They look at me in surprise.

I'm confused as to what it means to go to Sierra.

"I thought you were hiding something... but you're deeply involved with the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman."

"Speaking of which, when we first met, the Black Thunder Swordsman was nearby."

Bad, bad, bad!

This is completely uncovered.


I saw Clayman yawning with resentful eyes.

"I don't know what you on the other side can do. What am I supposed to do? Associate Alliance Masters aren't that busy."

"Oh no, Clayman is saying something like an Associate Alliance Master...."

"Sierra, you're working overtime today."

"I'm sorry."

"Formula, work for the five gods before you go home."

Clayman is unusual and harsh, but I can't afford to squeeze you in.

I was being hunted down.

"Your actions have been caught up in for a long time. Cecilia is close and strong, and I am not interested in seeing Cecilia with the Black Thunder Swordsman. With all this information, you can't escape."

Soleil drives me to the wall with an unbelievable smile and loses his escape.

Wood One has a note and a pen in his sparkling eyes.

... yeah, this is stuffed.

"Your identity... is the valet of the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman."

... yeah?

"You knew Cecilia through the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder. If it's his valet, I can nod that he has the strength."

Wood Wang takes note of Soleil's reasoning with confidence.

"While meeting Cecilia as an aide to the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman... you fell in love with Cecilia. The Black Thunder Swordsman and you fought over Cecilia... you must have lost recently."


"The Black Thunder Magic Swordsman must have activated his activities after the confrontation with him ended. I was wondering if you worked too hard because you were coordinating the request."

"Eh, he's still working for the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman...."

"The Black Thunder Magic Swordsman is a personality. They must be at a distance.... that's the answer I came up with."

I don't care if they say it's the answer I gave you with my face.

It feels like Sierra can't say anything with her mouth shut.

Woodwan is moved by the discovery of a new scoop.

Clayman was desperate to endure a laugh... and I was confused not knowing what kind of reaction to take.

Soleil... I don't know what to say to you.

"For now... let's go to dinner"

It's already dinner time.

Clayman couldn't bear to laugh at my words anymore.

The three of them were stunned with their mouths open... but Soleil soon recovered.

What do you mean, dinner here?

"Because I'm hungry."

"No, no matter what you think, the timing is strange."

"What are you talking about?

The next lord may be busy and the time to buy varies, but I'm eating at a certain time.

"So it's over now."

Drag both arms out of the Alliance.

It sounds like you're going to let go, but you're ignoring it.

Even though I don't want to work, it's annoying to be here any longer.

"Come on, Sierra. They're back. Get to work. It's for five gods of ceremony."

Ah, was that true?

"Of course. Well, don't worry. If you work hard to die now, you'll be home on time."

"What's it supposed to be...?"

Sierra, good luck.

I sent a small ale in my heart.

"It's terrible to stop at such a halfway point. I'm not convinced as a reporter."

"That's right. You're just trying to get away from my theory, aren't you?


I tried to get into a proper tavern, but this is annoying to the store.

The ingredients must have stayed at home.

I can't help it, I'll make it.

I dragged both of them home.

"... oh, your house. The lights are on."

Soleil's right. Somehow my house's lights are on.

It's strange, I'm closing the door.


"I can hear a song from home. This is the one that's been popular in Minerva recently. I remember because I interviewed a poet."

"Ah, it was also singing in the square of Minerva... hey!?

I threw them out and ran.

There's no doubt about this beautiful singing.

I shouted at the door of the house with great momentum.


Don't bother coming to people's houses to harass them!

The punishment of my head... I'm afraid Raven will find me, so I'm going to go to the living room to do a light decoupling.

Welcome back, Mr. Youki.

What a welcome from Cecilia.

Put the appliance in one hand in an apron.

They were preparing dinner for me.

"Ah, I'm just... huh?

I thought you were coming today.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

"What does it mean to suddenly throw it out even though you're pulling it completely by force..."

"It's terrible. Suddenly...."

The two of them came into the house and solidified.

I also hardened.

"... petrochemical?

A word from Happiness who appeared late.

Yeah, they're all petrified...