Alchemist Yuki's Strategy

Episode 47 Going further

I ate dinner, logged in, and regained my hunger bar.

The 18: 00 event saved enough EP to buy 30 Rainbow Armor.

Together with that, I checked the Quest Completion Rewards.

Obtained skill points of 38p. The armor "Star Corridor" is similar to the coat worn by the cherry god.

With customized equipment, there are registration, absorption, retention, and formation structures.

In other words, it is a device that registers the subordinates, absorbs the force, holds it, and forms and processes it into something.

As you can see from the rewards, it's an extremely powerful item.

The specific holding capacity around one side is shifted by the setting of the number of frames, but only by staring at the stars, star beads (spheres) enter.

The strength of the connection with the subordinates allows the subordinates to use their own energy, and it can be said that it is fairly good as a simple magic tank.

The swords, spears, bowls, axes, sticks, and semi-automatic equipment were the only fields that could be used to replace them. It was also a non-materialized magic weapon.

The wear and tear is likely to intensify in many ways.

It is said that there is room for improvement.

The magic holding capacity and surgical structure are trade-offs, but it's not a big deal when the capacity is somewhat reduced.

To tell you who to give it to, well... those of you who have subordinates already have special gear. They were armed with the Moon Red Palace (Pandemonium), the Thousand-Hands Giant God (Sahaslavja), the Star Beads (Sphere), and the Spirit Metal.

In that case, it would be better to form a new army than to give it to the existing ones.

Then who do you give it to... Mr. Lars?

He is still growing enough and will continue to grow, but if he has subordinates, he will grow even more.

If so, I quickly returned from the rest stop and contacted Mr. Lars, who was resting, and mixed it up with his old equipment to tailor his coat.

The added feature is the liberalization of item formation through savings magic.

Although you say freedom, Lars is the one who shapes it by using arithmetic during formation, and all the structural data is in Lars's head.

It is not a de facto liberalization, it just excludes presets in formation. We've made a structure to neutralize it by mixing it with Mr. Lars' vitality in order to reduce the conversion effort, but that's all.

I've decided to leave it up to Mr. Lars to decide what to do with his men.

Like Sandia and Atra, it is good to increase the number of pompons, and it is good to solicit free children among the subordinates.

Next, the rainbow armor.

This armor is the same material as the rainbow coin, which is a billing item, as expected by the example.

The god of cherry blossoms was also doing it, but the barrier by multiple attributes can force the operation more than a single attribute, and can reduce the disadvantage due to the compatibility of attributes. If I turned to attack, I could attack with the opponent's disadvantage attribute.

Well, as long as I knew the nature of the opponent, I was sure that a single pole would be better.

The use is for general-purpose reinforcements like Divine Blood (Equal).

The ability to manipulate multiple high-quality attributes with less wear and tear is effective in all aspects, from the processing of miscellaneous fish to the overfilling shield of onslaught.

The difficulty is that it is not suitable for attack, but it doesn't have to be all-purpose, so there is no problem.

... Well, even though it's high quality, it's actually a concentration equivalent to level 650, so if you reach level 750, you can substitute it yourself unless you're uncomfortable with it.

You have now confirmed your reward.

Let's move on with the development.

The pulse of sunny weather pulsates.

Use this to strengthen the Angel Dragon.

Well, I am saying that it is development, but it is sufficient to put it into the actual office.

The part I do is to knead the energy so that it becomes more familiar, to unite the will and hopes that are born and therefore easy to blur, and to train with other angels in the resting place.

After that, the angels took a break and strengthened Rieni and the fairies.

This is the crown of the princess, a ring-shaped item that strengthens the botanical system. A pendant-shaped interstitial space, a promised flower garden. 100 crystalline rose petals, lucrosa nectar. It strengthened 828 fairies and 200 dwarfs using the Lucrosa of the Great Ring.

Greater power. This is a must.

There are various directions, and it is important to eliminate simple specialization, energy savings, or weaknesses.

The strengthening of the fairies turns one of the weaknesses of the ancient capital, Inverno, into a strength.

Due to the lack of energy to refine 1,028 souls, we missed the strengthening of the fairies, but now that many children can no longer truly exceed the limit value, we can achieve both the specialization of the unit and the strengthening of the whole.

A little more, a little more. That should never be in vain.

The morning after dawn.

It was time to turn the Rubellion Kingdom upside down.

In addition, the three Beastmen have finally stabilized and had the task of matching the children.

We also need to check out the enhanced angels and fairies, and look for the $300 billion EP we've earned in 12 hours.

There's a lot more to do today than there is today.

In the meantime, I received a report from Black Fog.

To the sailor?

"Yes, it's a good time."

The coast of the continent closest to the island (...), in the south of the Kingdom of Rubellion.

It seems that there are just chickens staring at the island without moving at all since at least yesterday.

There's no way they're just chickens.

That island (...). The (...) blood-sucking (...) demons (...), the (...) chickens that have been staring at the (...) Emperor's (...) country (...) are not supposed to be just chickens.