Alchemist Yuki's Strategy

Alchemist Yuki's Strategy

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白兎 龍
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The world's first VR game, Anazer World Online. If

 a friend invites you to start the game, you will go on to acquire Alchemy and Summoning, which is an unfaithful job.

 But elsewhere, pushing the Going My Way, he attacks the world with his rare good fortune and natural talent!

 This is a record of his adventure, which will one day be called the Demon King.

Section I, Attack of the Meadows, Completion 

Section II, Attack of the Ruins, Completion 

Section III, Attack of the Forgotten Island, Completion 

Section IV, Attack of the Ruins and Mines, Completion Section V, Attack 

of the West Forest, Completion Section VI, Attack 

of the Great Sea Devil, Completion 

Section VII, Attack of the Ancient Remains, Completion 

Section VIII, Attack of the Workout Island, Completion 

Section IX, Attack Around the King's Capital, Completion 

Section X, Phantom Forest Attack, Completion 

XI, Volcano Labyrinth Attack, Completion 

XII, Paradise Guardian Attack, Completion XIII,???????


AC [Episode.1] Memories of Rebellion, Completion

AS Tak [Episode.1] Beta Island Struggle, Completion 

* Achieved 15 Million PV

* Online Novel Grand Prize VI: Primary Selection Pass

* Online Novel Grand Prize VII: Primary Selection Pass

* Feelings from the Old to the New, and indications of typos, etc. is always accepted.
Alchemist Yuki's Strategy


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