Ancestral local tyrant system

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One day, Fang Jueyu's parents called him to the study.

Father Fang: "Son, you are over 20 years old this year. It's time to tell you something!"

Fang Jueyu: "What's the matter? You won't suddenly tell me that you are a rich man."

Father Fang was surprised: "You know everything. a "?

Fang Jue Yu:"??. FML really my nonsense, "

Fang father:"! but this is not the point, today, I want our family from generation to generation passed down from family heirloom to you "

from which life emerged Fang Jue Yu Earth-shaking changes.

what? Are you talking about antique calligraphy and painting with me? Do you want Wang Xizhi's calligraphy or Zheng Banqiao's paintings? Oh, by the way, Van Gogh also gave me a painting from Grandpa Zuzuzu!

You say why? Because their path to school was funded by my ancestors!

You want to talk to me about sports cars? Do you mean Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti Veyron? Those companies all have my shares, and I am still the largest shareholder!

What? Do you have a mine at home? Sorry, many gold and diamond mines in Africa are also owned by my family!

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