Answer Me, My Prince

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She wrote a letter there, at an antique storage box of books that I got by a mere chance, and a reply came back.

From the handsome playboy Prince, Archie Albert , the pathetic supporting character in “The Princess and the Knight,”

Cordelia had a dream that she had a conversation with the main character in the novel.

Prince Archie desperately needs the advice of Cordelia, who knows the future of his world.

The letters they send and receive through the storage box of books continue without knowing that they are staying up late at summer nights..….

To Archie,

Have you ever done that?

I was walking with someone, and there was a flower blooming on the road.

So you did it with that man?

To the low-life Archie,

You are really indecent, Prince.

I am afraid that I am a ‘woman’ who thinks too much about sleeping with a man whom I met for the first time.

Sleeping? I was talking about kissing.

Oh, kiss?


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