Ark Chef Lapland

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A certain kitchen idiot travels through Lapland, which has become the Ark of Tomorrow, pursuing the highest level of cooking.

"You see this apple pie is big and round, can you do it in Texas?" Can an angel invite Lapland to live in his apartment.

"This pocky... I don't think those who catch up in the past can't just refuse." How Texas plans to capture Lapland's heart.

"According to regulations, infected persons can also open restaurants in Longmen. I will guard this justice." A police officer surnamed Chen is righteous and strict.

"God, I also want to go to Longmen and go to her side... Eat the saint who made her jump off the wall." Kalan Holy Mountain, Chu Xue walked away in prayer.

"I want to integrate the world's culinary skills and launch the final challenge to her!" Talula abandoned the sword and went to cook, only for the shadow that deeply planted the soul.

Lapland: "Don't come here, I just want to cook a dish at ease!" The

book is also called "Penguin Album", "The Little Head of the Dragon", "The Cook's Youth Love Story No Problem" and "The Dihua of the Operators" Field Record"

ps. This is a story that took place in the Ark of Food. The world view and people have magical changes.

A relaxing story that non-Ark players can understand~


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