Big River Pentium

Slice of Life
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Liu seniors
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330,000 Words
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"I" is a reporter. One day, I suddenly received a call from an elderly person suffering from cancer, saying that he would die soon, hoping that I would return his 30-year diary to the owner. I met with the old man and wrote a few news articles. I thought it was hopeless, but accidentally received a call from a Canadian girl who claimed to be the daughter of the diary owner and asked me to keep it temporarily until she returned to China. The old man died suddenly before he heard the news. While waiting for the Canadian girl, the diary was accidentally lost. During the search, "I" met Tian Xiaoyu, a TV reporter whose father was the director of the Public Security Bureau. She promised to help me find it, but hoped to find out what the secret was in the diary. After finding the diary, we both found that the story had just begun. Tian Xiaoyu, her father, a Canadian girl, an elderly man with cancer... We are just a character in a diary...


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