Count Scribe's Tutor

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The protagonist Kang Tae-min was the best hunter, but he was injured and resting.

There was a novel he liked the most, but it was an unusual novel.

When the main character dies, time goes back to the first time

Whenever time is turned, one important person changes to another person.

(The main character does not have a memory, the character changing has a memory)

The important person who changed at the ninth round

He was called a swordsman from Moorim and performed the protagonist safely

Try to clear the novel.

If the main character of the novel continues to die and the main character takes the main character and clears it,

In the changing situation, readers are mostly off.

Taemin Kang feels frustrated while watching a novel.

Then the 9th failed

Suddenly he woke up to himself in a novel.

The main characters are the main characters that have changed so far in the novel

In this way, he is caught in this world and finds out that he is in good faith.

A world that has not been cleared nine times

The protagonist tries to clear it in several ways.

First, we enter the homeroom teacher of the novel.


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