Dragon’s Legacy

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Before the death of the Gold Dragon Kezron, one creature in the entire universe was randomly selected to whom all of his inheritance was given away, and Sihwang won.

But, winning is not the end! The legacy is not complete!

The Gold Dragon Kezron’s legacy’s constraints are removed and is only given out part-by-part to make sure that the creature does not misuse it, and grow intellectually.

“I know that you are disappointed, but don’t worry. By increasing your level through quests, you will gain more privileges, before finally you take over the whole legacy! So, come on!”

To gain XP and increase the level, you must do quests!

[Speak to a woman. Obtain 10 experience.]

[Save a girl’s contact details. Obtain 20 experience.]

Doing these quests, Sihwang-eun becomes unstoppable in the world…

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