Dying Player

Dying Player

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Li Nuo, miraculously obtained a second life.

But the price is, to the identity of the player, to cross to a variety of realistic games based on the script world.

Here, "Nier", "The Witcher", "Dark Souls" these familiar names all become scripts.

But each time the quest goes in a strange direction.

Why the world of Nier appears Bahamut ......

Why trains appear in the world of wizards ......

Here, the weak are the strong and the winner is the king.

In order to complete a pitiful task, in order to survive a tough fierce battle, players must rise up with an edge and give their best.


However, Li Nuo is a little different from other players, others have to run away when they are bloodied, while he ......

"Only 10% of blood left of the cap, already in a state of residual blood ...... haha ...... hahahahahahaha!"

I'm bloodied, but I've also gotten stronger!
Dying Player


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