Earth Dimensional Snack System

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I want to change myself
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I want to change myself ongoing


Yun Xiaohei: I am the man who wants to stand on top of the Tower of Gods.

Uzumaki Naruto: How can you play games in practice?

Nine Lama: The shop manager is awesome (broken sound)

Buried in the soil: Eat snacks to save the world, this is the life I want.

Mao Lilan: I'm going to take Conan away today, let me see who dares to stop me.

Thousand households: I am so happy to learn knowledge without worry, surrounded by countless books every day.

Yuli: It's time for dinner again.


sound of friction sounded, hundreds of fireballs fell into the sea, and the 100-meter monster howled and roared, making waves.

In the sky, the invading space gate began, and countless combat troops poured out, lined up and pointed straight ahead.

On the ground, Zijin Skeletons led a million Skeleton Teleportation to appear, about to invade the city and destroy the country, sweeping the world.

Seeing that the enemy army has arrived, all human beings on the earth are moving their muscles and bones, unanimously pulling out a forty-meter zhenqi knife, all with a kind smile on their faces.

Lying in the lounge chair, Yuntian admired the falling snow in the sky, took a cold drink and exclaimed: The earth is another peaceful day!


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