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"Boss Li, as a producer who has made many best-selling games, do you have any experience to share with those newcomers?"

"First of all, you have to set yourself a small goal within your power, such as I want to make a monthly A game that sells 100 million or 1 million copies per month."

"Boss Li, as everyone knows, your wife is not only a rare beauty, but also the goddess of countless players. Did you pursue her because of her beauty? "

I am more blind, and I don't know who is beautiful or not. I pursued her completely because we have the same hobbies. It has nothing to do with being beautiful or not."

"Boss Li, as the newest Chinese richest man, What do you think?"

"Making so much money is actually a pain for me. The last thing I regret in my life is setting up Shinhwa Network."


well, this is actually a third-rate game producer through After arriving in the parallel world, I completed my dream of making a domestic triple-A game, and let me go to the pinnacle of my life


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