Give Me a Kiss

Chapter 1, you touch me.

[Recently, the network explosion Shenquan Group will enter the blue whale live broadcast platform. At present, B-round financing, many popular aesthetics, have become a big problem for many people. Blue whale is a domestic leading platform, and there is a king, you touched me, the major anchors, including i ...

Xie Wen Xing quickly explored the push of jumping, he found a root smoke from the table and launched the equipment.

This is the second year he became an anchor. In the first year, Xie Wen Xing was famous in the live broadcast of the dragon cat. At the end of the year, the dragon cat pushed a new anchor, the platform did not push him home page, suppress his live broadcast time, just met the blue whale digging, Xie Wen Xing hopped to the blue whale.

I don't think I just hop, and the blue whale will help him take a big problem with the Dragon Cat. The platform will have a big problem. Unable to turn around, can only be funded from outside.

Xie Wen Xing's line of sight falls on the words of Shenquan Group.

It's so dead, the blue whale found deep spring.

It is nothing to find a deep spring. It is the most unexpectedly, and the case of entering the blue whale is made by the Prince of Shenquan Group. It is said that this nearly a few days have seen the transit industry, first in the Magical Wealth, the two career clubs have been bought, and this year has even begun to enter the anchor.

The live broadcast of the blue whale of the League of Legends became the first goal of this.

[... If the financing is successfully completed, the Shenquan Group will become the largest shareholder of Blue Whale, and some people directly hold people. The blue whale, Lu Yaoyao, who has been publicly presenting, said that it is good to Hugge. ]

Sustain a batch, it is coming again.

Since Lu Yao's last live singing says that he has listened from the platform, the new leader is very handsome. After the male god, these push numbers reported that I always love to take this picture. The heads of this long microblog are attached to the live screenshot, long hair and shoulders, air bangs, and exquisite faces with a smile, and the skin is like milk.

Go down. It is a photo of Guanhe.

It seems that this year's LOL World Finals, the EVE Club in Canghe Investment once again entered the WC quarter finals, despite the strongest, it is also a good result of satisfying the many League of League. At the end of the game, the cranes were shadowed with the Board of the Club. Set with an EVE madkeeper, I originally went to watch the electric male model, I accidentally saw the top Gao Fu Shuai.

EVE's team members are young boys, and the high legs are long, and the value is in the professional player. Xie Wen Xing is very good with their club's shooter. The shooter flash has one meter high, but in Guanhe, there is electricity The Flash, which is known as the color of the race is also more than. The Kuanhe on the photo slightly, he is the inner double, the outline of the ophthalmic shape is like a bending peach.

He is half a head than Flash, and when you take a photo, the skin is more white than the Internet addiction juvenile.

This photo exploded, the sister of the large half of the electric circle exploded the pot. Original EVE is the domestic electricity giants, high attention, many fans, the sisters did not think, the golden master of their own team members actually got harmless legs.

It is an EVE, and even the gold owner is perfect.

Xie Wen Xing pulled the bottom, and there were many people in the face of Guanhe. This man is really a terrible, compared to a teenager, the 20-year-old Guanhe temperament is more intricular, the smile of the lips is not bad, and the more mature is elegant.

I remember that I used to be like this. There were many girls in love when I had a play basketball. The little girl on the court was basically rushing by him. The Canghe's performance is good, the family is good, and it is simply full of traffic. Fang heart.

At that time, Xie Wen Xing also played basketball. He read the middle school, Guanhe's high school. I don't know which brain-dismissal has organized a hobby. It is necessary to pull the Basketball Team of the junior and high school to PK, and must add two sides The value of the value. Xie Wen Wen Xing was at the beginning of the third day. He heard that he would match the students, and there was indicated that he would want him, and he didn't say it.

Guanhe is a team of high schools. The play has never been MVP. Xie Wen Xing, and how can they be shorter than the second half of the school, and the thaw's boys must be skeptical. The midfield is rest, the enemy MVP came over and Xie Wen Xing.

The sun, the sound of the sky, the Canghe took a bottle of water, unscrewing the water, gave a lea-greeted when I went wrong.

He said.

"You kiss me, the next three sections will give you water."

From the memories, Xie Wen Xing bite the smoke.

What is more terrible than the former boyfriend?

It's really true.

That is, the former boyfriend can decide you to stay.

The blue whale is the largest live broadcast platform in China. In addition to the main game anchor, there are still a lot of singing anchors, food anchors, life anchors ... Fish dragons, causing the blue whale that is not very good. After the deep spring financing the blue whale, it began to rectify from top to one by one, and the case of viewing anchors, met the behavioral life, not allowing the countertop, and touched the handling.

Xie Wen Wen Gang didn't have long, and the blue whale only helped him have a breach of contract. When signing the contract, he said that good million rewards were not hit. His daily gains only live gifts.

In other words, the Coheat let him roll him immediately, and the two hands are empty, very no card.

The most terrible thing is that he can't forget the Cry.

Even if you look at his photo, Xie Wen Xing is still a sharpness. It is clear that he wants to break up at first, and now it is still guilty.

Just at this time, the computer and equipment are all open, Xie Wen Xingxue undesired the phone and prepares to start broadcasting.

Some of the dilmile flavors in the baking beads make his throat slightly. Xie Wen Wen Xing logged in to the account and opened the equipment and asked the audience.

Hundreds of thousands have entered his live broadcast on time, and after a while, this number will become more than two million. Seeing him, he is enthusiastic to say hello to him.

[Touch the brother's afternoon]

[Husband (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)]

[Ask a good, so handsome, I am happy]

Xie Wen Wen's game ID is called [You touch me], some fans take him nickname according to the [touch] word.

He looked at the eyes of the eyes (heart), lazily said: "How do you look like a live broadcast of friends?"

[Old touch and drive]

[Touch God, I have always broadcast you as a porn. Latestic, the fastest speed]

Don't force it to open]


Xie Wen Xing is no longer ruined to launch, he logged in to the League of Legends.

"First row a hot hand."

Waiting for five minutes, I am going to people, Xie Wen Wenxing habitually looked at the ID of the five people here. I am happy when I look at it.

He is on the first floor, ID name [you touch me], the ID of the fourth floor is called [I touched you], and he is just a couple id.

"I will introduce it to you, the fourth floor is my wife," Xie Wen Xing said: "I asked my wife to play, helping her grab."

He said, actually really typing.

The fourth floor didn't care about him, but someone else has recognized Xie Wen Xing: [Thigh, I lying down].

Xie Wenxing smile: "You are not my object, what are you using it? Come come from the movement."

The barrage has made him don't like it, no eye.

The BANPICK link ends, the game starts link. Xie Wen Sen saw the box [I touched you] Sure enough, he lost a diaper, and he went to the toilet.

When I went back, the game has been connected. He notes with his couple name [I touched you] I chose a piano, thank you, but I didn't want to start buying equipment.

Instead, their home: [Qin female? ]

Mid-circus's savage fish also typing: [Sister will not play, can't paid a piano].

Xie Wen Xi's hero is ember, [I touched you] The group is chosen, they are going all the way. Ambiot and piano are not a good partner, this is likely to lose if it is difficult to develop.

Leading: [Masters will not be? See you still choose a piano, real dog].

Xie Wen Xing was slightly eyebrow, which didn't play it first, [I touched you] The piano has gone to the way, it seems that there is no way to fight.

Xie Wen Xing typing: [You will try again? ]

He said to the piano: [I will open the group milk, it's okay.

Originally, I would like to be a little cold in accordance with the piano girl, I can't think of the other party reply Xie Wen Xing.

[I touched you]: [Good].

Xie Wen Xing felt that she was a bit cute, simply returned to a word: [].

Very very pet, hurriedly rushed. I have a single row of omitted numbers.

Fortunately, this is very powerful, especially the ember, all the way to kill God, and the enemy will be almost wishes to be died. The enemy will bring the rhythm, barely dragged to the later period, when they grabbed the dragon, their houses rushed into the Longkengun group, and played wildly by seconds. This wave rhythm is rotten, not only the dragon, except for the piano and the middle monk, and their family will die.

When the dragon, the savage fish is also killed by the enemy.

Now there is only a hard-keeping highland, and the piano is playing well. At this time, the start is only: [gg].

It means that they have to be cold.

Xie Wenten Xing looked at the eye equipment interface, although he was opened by a group, but his equipment was the best, crushed all of the thousand economies. Xie Wen Xing adjusted the equipment. Can play.

The only problem is that the piano can not stick to him resurrection, Xie Wen Wen typing: [Adhere to twenty-three seconds? I will live in twenty-three seconds.

He finished this sentence, the Qin female did not reply, but he had been recognizing the war line until the piano was killed by the card master, the highland tower exploded.

But it has been twenty-three seconds. ID [You touched me] Since Spring Water, it has bought six gods. Xie Wen Sens is like a ghost, shuttle between war lines and enemies.

Ping A, even tricks, dead blood anti-kill. A day's day is like dominating the death of life, innocently of the title of the drama.

Everyone has heard the system prompt of the League of Legends:

"An Enemy Has Been Slain (an enemy is killed)!"

"Double Kill (double kill)!"

"Triple Kill (three kills)!"

"Quatary Kill (four kills)!"

The last female police who fled the escaped were rejected by the same flash.

a kill (five kills)! "

"ACE ( )!"

Xie Wen Wen Xing live audience is crazy:

[Lying trough lying trough 66666! ]

Tianxiu! ]

[Touching brother is really playing]


It is a bit small expansion.

Xie Wen Xing, who had just won five killed, smiled and tap the keyboard: [I am handsome? Quick me.

He is of course a piano.


Only the resurrection of the CHARTHARTHM, looking at the word under the screen, under the eyes of the gauze, he took a line: [very handsome, boast you].

"Brother," Guan Ya said: "What will you play?"

New Year's Day, Guanhe is rare to go home, just served with the high school, the grate is called to the mother, the Guanyue has opened the game, and the affection can only sit and see the news. Guanhe pulls yourself: " Advanced, winning this, I am on the king, my brother, you fight! "

The Guan yarn said, he hurriedly ran on the second floor.

Guanhe has also played the League of Legends before. At that time, he was basically black with Xie Wen Xing. Xie Wen Xing likes everything possible, and Guanhe was forced to play auxiliary, or play orders.

When the grate is coming back, I just witnessed the five kills. The little girl screamed at the Guanhe ear, and finally the crystal point broke the crane alone.

Garry yarn: "He is God! He is my god! Touching brother !!!!"

Green yarn: "Do you know who you just play games?"

Guanhe is of course known, the first day of the blue whale, he saw the name of Xie Wen Xing in the contract, but he shook his head.

Guan yar: "Touch the brother! The big anchor of Blue Whale is the company that you have recently investive. He started broadcasting his own hanbok in the top ten of the top ten. In addition to helping, because he I don't like it. His most show is ADC (shooter), knew the road ... "

Said, she gradually put the sound under the gaze of Guanhe.

She also looked again.

The eyes are black like a sea floor, can't see any emotions. But it is also a brothers and sister, Guan Ya knows that the mood of the big brother is probably not good.

The ceiling didn't know, when the CHE crane was in the word, the heart was much more complicated than her.

On the one hand, the unfamiliar wolf scorpion was hated to hate the teeth, but on the other hand, there was always a broken silk, and he won't go.

His life is smooth, where is it to hold him, according to it, say that he should not eat back grass, Xie Wen Wenxing is so lie in this year, he wants to pay attention to this person, and there is no two stupid.


Kuanhe asked: "What is his live broadcast?"