Give Me a Kiss

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Reunion after separation + Marriage before love

Two-way secret love sweet text

Xie Wenxing dumped the school grass Guan He in high school. Six years later, he became a game anchor, and Guan He became his big boss.

The Xie Wenxing in Guan He’s memory has always been a heartless devil. He gave all his adolescent tenderness to Xie Wenxing, but the latter scratched his head with a claw, and blood flowed.

When they met again, Guan He found that he could not let go.

Since he can’t let go, he will get married first, and then he will take back the rest of the compensation from Xie Wenxing slowly……

– Winner in life (Gong) x Full of flirty words (Shou)

– You flicker, my world sparks fly


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