Harry Potter’s Book of Sin

Chapter 2533 Pregnant hibiscus

() Disasters and war are always prone to anything. Perhaps it is a panic, maybe it is not sweet, maybe it is pessimism, maybe it is desire.

After all, when death is ity, no one knows if he still has tomorrow, we can see the situation in the eyes of our eyes, we can touch it with your hands, and it is just a person next to him.

So under the constant pressure, we may need to vent, or ... even if you just want to have your future, you may not have your own future.

In short, when the window in the morning sun in the morning, Furong suddenly found that he might be pregnant.

She didn't say Hill, because the recent battlefield battle is more anxious - she is looking at his face, and she can't let him add more and more. Even this may be a good thing.

However, it has proved that even if there is no such "accident", it is still not please come from Bill and Gran Jie Camp.

"Bill, there is a large fleet in the sea, the flagship is a magical boat! They are going to us from the east, seeing, I am afraid it is going to go upstore on the pier intended in our camp."

"Fleet? Is there a flag? What is the origin?"

"It is the crossed wand and the two star rings. The banner of the new coalition for the International Wizard Federation! It's just too much, but we didn't receive any news in advance, this is too abnormal!"

The dialogue is in the early morning sea breeze, from the entrance to the central banks, is faintly brought to the medical supplies storage point tent, the ear of hibiscus.

As the man who reported to Bill there, this discovery is not normal. You must know that there have been Maxim's dominant joints since this time has always been the biggest rear support in Granje Camp. The intelligence from the camp will send a lot of Maxim, while Bill is very A large part of the intelligence is also directly obtained from the unity of the federation.

But this time, the actions of large fleets compiled by the Federation of the United Cancer, beforehand did not get some news, until the camp wizards on the lighthouse outside the pier saw that he would be known.

Not even if he doesn't even know that the movement of Maxim's fleet is actually completely open to the outside world. That is to say, this thing is actually only Gran Jie camp is deliberately The drum.

why is that?

"No matter why,

At least the emergence of this fleet makes us noticed that our camp's intelligence source is actually very narrow. If the federation of the main intelligence delivery party is interested in blocking, we will immediately become half a blind man ... just like this. "

Bill said so, while putting the pen, hold the desk, standing on the table.

"I went to welcome, you immediately inform the camp, enter the guardian!"


Bill is the biggest one in the Middle aged context of Wesley brothers, now hosted a full-service business in the place where the front line is very close, naturally make him become more harmonious.

The busyness of the day is a busy and strong pressure in the bottom of the heart, and it is more calm, and even gradually reveals a little vicissitudes.

Every time I have a little time to rest, I will scratch him for him, and this at least makes his spirit look better. It is also necessary for the camp to sit in the town, so Bill is also well-organized - he is very clear that he needs an appearance and gesture that keeps the circumstances to keep your own confidence.

"Unfortunately, I slept late last night, I got a more time and rushed, and the bar of the chin didn't come to him.

From the Furong from the medical tent, I look at Bill left the figure, I saw that Bill's consciousness touched the Pakistan, she knew that Bill had just flashed the same idea.

Just of course, there is no shaving, this small thing, and at this moment, it has always been a bit of a lot of hidden, and it is a bit ignorant.

Furong touched his belly, did not hesitate, when he hit his foot, he looked at Bill's back.


Today's morning weather is good, the rising sun is slightly dazzling in the sea. Unfortunately, it is very soon, and the large fleet that is subjected to the joint army will sail and sail, and the width Sherburg Port whale is half-sea.

The big dock stopped without so many vessels, so in fact, in the end, there were only a few ships next to the flagship.

Standing on the terminal to meet the foremost column of the team, this composition is quite complicated on the sea. Most of them are the big fleets of old wooden vessels. At the same time, they are still unrest, but they can't help but wonder. :

"I don't know how to give Maxim to make such a fleet?"

The wizards of the modern magic world itself have rarely use the vessel to sail in the sea, even if there is a need, or may be just the rise, everyone will only hide the same flight from the sea. I can make a big fleet in the east, honestly say that it is a very difficult thing, it is no wonder that the recent power and the crowd have been surprised after learning the matter.

I was slightly walked, and the leader of the head finally took the lead, and the launcher was stable. Once there is an ideal high body shadow, it is necessary to pick up.

"Mr. Wester, Gran Jie camp is really hard to work, saying that it is really not to be troublesome!"

Mrs. Maxim's voice is not as high as her body, but the tower is on the pier, so she has to increase the volume. Perhaps because of this, she took the lead in playing the look, and it seems that it is a bit deliberate.

"No, it doesn't matter, this is what." Bill smiled, and also highly said. "President, you can't get less, let alone, you need you to take your mind, you must definitely compare I am more important here! "

On the other side, he greeted it, but only the hibiscus standing in the last side of the crowd could find that Bill him seems to be good.

"He has already touched the Huoba on the third time." The hibiscus in the crowd have a eyebrows, "is because I didn't sleep more last night?"

In fact, I have just been observed, I have been worried, but now, she began to consider what time the choice will help him.

"Moreover," Furong is getting moving, "said the state of the lady," is also very wrong. "