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This article is also known as “What to do if you crossed over and become a scum”

Q: What is more tragic than serving a temperamental, wicked and merciless scum?

Answer: When you crossed over and become this scumbag.

Actually, this is a serious ancient essay – thus the author Jun said.

Kuang Xihan (Jian Xin): In vain, I respected you, love you, beared with you, and forgived you. In the end, it was such a plight.

Jiang Zhuo: Even though I am wrong in a thousand ways, I am only true, and I have never dared to deceived.

Kuang Xiqing: For this end I have only myself to blame, so when I lost the world, I have no complaints. When I lost her, I refuse to accept it.


Protagonists: Kuang Xihan (Jian Xi), Jiang Zhuo, Kuang Xiqing| Supporting Roles: Yan Ke, Lu Xiuzhu, Wen Shu |


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