I am the fifth of the four demon kings

I am the fifth chapter of the four devils.

I am the fifth author of the four devils: women's fat tiger

You are the fifth magic king, how many people can you rule in three days? The big BOSS of the 999 level is, the devil, after the battle with the brave, accidentally collapsed time and space, came to the world after 5,000 years.

Lu Ming found that the four magic princes with the highest level of the level, so when he faced the problem, he thought that the world? Isn't that still a thing to reach? so boring! I don't do it!

So Lu Ming secretly ran out the devil castle, referring to the magic of the door sweeping:

The maid, let us go, to collect the princess!


Chapter 1 Devil and Brave Decisive Battle

"Devil! Members! You are indulging in the wrong, do evil, today, I want to completely bury you in this magic king!"

In half an air, a soldier, hand-held golden sword, suspended on a magnificent dark castle.

In contrast, it is a black armor, and people who don't see face.

"Oh? Brave, you think you can break my magic king's body with you and your holy sword?"

The black devil stretched out, top, is the paw climbed by armor.

"Talented nonsense! Devil! Today, let you see it, the strength of the holy sword in the legend!"

In an instant of the brave, the brave brings together the magic of the body, and a golden holy light rises from the holy sword, wrap the brave's whole body package into a golden.

Looking at the brave who braved the gum, the devil snorted, and wrapped himself into the black magic:

"Try it! Brave!"

The two have been in the same time. At this moment, the sky has become a dazzling dazzling, and the half becomes a quiet night.

Just then, the brave hand slip-

"Wait, wait for the devil! My sword goes down! Let me go to pick it up!"

The devil's breathing is hysteresis, almost is not a half-life.

"Yes, you don't have to bring a weapon and me, we have to let me wait for you?"

"The brave didn't play what the Sword is still playing ?!"

On the other side, the brave said very surprised, their brave's career, more special, no level, the ability is full of holy swords, at this moment, there is no heaven, it is a weak chicken.

Even recalling your own holy sword can't do it.

However, he did not surprise how long, I found a black boxing shadow to rush to his face.

It is a devil, this guy does not give him the opportunity to hide the sword.

"Devil! Your despicable guy !!!"

The semi-air suddenly came to the scream of the brave.

I saw the bright golden color in the sky, gradually faint, the black ** of the Devil was released, drowning the body of the brave, fell to the sky, and she had been stretched thousands of miles.

After ten minutes, the black boxing gradually disappeared.

And the brave opposed to the Devil, I have long gone, and even a hair can not leave.

"Hey! Congratulations, you upgrade! Level is 999, upgrade to 1000, and the occupation is upgraded from the devil king, upgrade to ???"

After the death of the brave, the magic of the devil suddenly turned into a flash, and this sound came from the ear.

The devil seems to have some unexpectedly, while picking down the black helmet, standing from the words:

"Well? Upgrade? Isn't it to say 999, is it the upper limit? And what is the occupation of?"

The face of the Devil's self-helmet is a face with a little handsome, almost no different from humans. The only difference is that there are two sharp angles on his head.

At this moment, on this face, full of unexplained look, black armor paws, and also touch it on the chin.

"Forget it, don't want it, or go to see the holy sword!"

After thinking for a long time, the devil shook his head, landed a little from the air, flew in the direction of the Holy Sword dropped.

On the ground, he saw a blood flow into the river, this is their princes of the Devil, with the war of human, elves, orcs, in the face of such a bloody scene, the Devil can't help but sigh.

"found it!"

Suddenly, his eyes were on, and saw a golden shiny, inserted into the long sword among the ground, and immediately landed.

"Is this the holy sword that the brave is passing through generation?"

The Devil will catch the holy sword in his hand, and the close should be used in the long sword that shines in the golden light.

The sword handle is cash, blue two colors, central, inlaid with a green gemstone.

The sword blade is about three feet long, and the center has a fire-red inscription, and the sword is a purple.

This holy sword has a strong special harm ability for the Mozu, even if the devil is in his hand, it can feel the pain coming from the hand.

This is also the effect of my own advanced to the new career. If it is, I haven't played my brave, I am afraid that the palm will have corrosion.

Unfortunately, this thing is the opposite of his magic, not he can control.

"This is too dangerous for the Mozu, since I can't use it, then it can't stay."

He turned his mind, he made a determination, and his black magic was litter and planned to break it.

And this holy sword seems to know what he wants to do, even shivered.

The devil snorted, did not take it, but almost all the magic of the magistics after the transfer, big drink:

"Disconnect me !!!"

Suddenly, a dark magic rushed to the sky, as if to break the sky, shocked the whole earth and uneasy.

The holy sword in the hand of the devil, there is a silk crack at this moment, and even the space they surrounded, they have begun to disorder.

As if to respond to the holy sword of this collapse, the space where the magic is in place, has also begun to constantly collapse, taw.

Along with the big sodes of the devil and the burst of the Sword of the Sword, there is a time and space gap that contains black purple in a circle.

When it appeared, it was even more than everything nearby. Even the magic king and behind the big place, cracked cracks crazy.

Only the holy sword in the hands of the devil, after cracking, I don't know if I broke into a few, flying out towards the world ...


The devil swallowed by the spatial spatial cracks, can't take the holy sword that escaped from his hand, he has been unaware of it.