I have a Gameboy

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When Yan Chong was sorting out his father's relics, he found an old handheld game console. After clearing the game, he could gain the abilities inside. In order to find the cause of his father's death, he himself entered the world of reincarnation.

The enemy is a reincarnation armed to the teeth...but!

You say you are capable? I have the devouring ability in "Kabi"!

You say you are well equipped? I have the magic device from Castlevania!

You said you changed the plot? I have the "Dissent Ali" in "Reverse Referee"!

You say you have many pets? I have the animal training system in "Pokemon"!

You say you have a big territory? I have an entire ranch from "The Ranch Story"!

You say you have many younger brothers? I have the commander skills in Advanced Warfare!

Yan Chong: I just like to see how you can't beat me and scold me!

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