I'm such an old god, so sorry

I'm such an old god, I'm so sorry Chapter 1

I'm really sorry this old gods of: mirror Jazz

"I have done three things in my life." The old Xiude sat on the Great Temple in the Eye of Xinghai, telling legends to the believers below.

"The first thing is to get the idea of ​​the people of the stars back on track and rebuild the ancient Xiubaizer Empire."

His arms waved vigorously: "Only the extreme right-wing revisionism that corrects the mistakes of the blue-blooded people can talk about the great leap of civilization afterwards."

After taking a sip of the crimson drink, Xiude continued: "The second thing is to repair the bad influence of the ancient war of gods. The great existence leads by example and drives the brothers of the spirit of faith to go hand in hand and build a new society together;

The third thing is to implement the concept, let people return to others, and God return to God;

If there is anything else, it is to try to keep private emotional disputes from affecting the course of history. This is very important. Of course, the most important thing is the three things, just doing some small work, ashamed."

Then, in the prayers of many believers, His Highness Eternal God Choosing lowered his head and sighed: "Also, I am such a scumbag. I am really sorry for such a scumbag."

Chapter One Dream

When humans look up at the starry sky, will they be shocked by the vastness?Will you feel your own insignificance and humbleness?

No matter how arrogant people are, they will not dare to compare themselves with the stars and the sea. No matter how arrogant people may be, they may not fear the morals in their hearts, but they will definitely fear the stars above their heads.

Because it is so great, the so-called world of mankind is nothing but a planet, in the universe, it is simply a tiny dust, a parasite on dust, there is no reason not to fear the mighty power of the universe.

However, Xiude never feared the starry sky. This is not to say that there is something wrong with his cognition. On the contrary, Xiude tried very hard to fear the starry sky, but it has been unable to achieve it.

Whenever he understands the vastness and greatness of the starry sky, Xiude seems to hear the whisper of the soul: too weak, too small, what's the fear?

If you have to give reasons, Xiude thinks it is a dream he has had since childhood.

The world in the dream is a vast expanse of whiteness, with all kinds of indescribable free elements drifting. In the hazy fog, Xiude examines himself in the dream.

In his eyes, it was a majestic and mysterious creature with a broad wingspan.

Dark blue's torso was wrapped with blue energy, and his face had no facial features, instead it was replaced by an ethereal crown.

It's barely a humanoid creature from the outline, but it's too big.

In his dream, Xiude saw the birth of stars in the universe. Their size was like a stone in front of him, and they could be crushed lightly in his hand.

It was a very strange feeling. It was obviously a dream, but Xiude really thought he could hold the stars in his hand, and even made him make a lot of jokes in elementary school. Up to now, the label of Secondary Two has not been taken from him. Come down.

However, rather than destroying, Xiude prefers to collect the free stardust in the universe, and uses the deep blue energy contained in his body to forge the bright and charming stars.

These blue energies are like a part of his body, and Xiude can use them to do almost everything at will.

It's like building blocks. At that time, Xiuding was only a kindergarten age, and I was not tired of it.

Every day after Xiu De fell asleep, he would enter this dream state. At first he thought it was a normal phenomenon. It was not until he grew up that Xiu De realized that no one could have the same dream all the time.

Xiude realized that he was special, and no longer talked to others about what happened in his dreams.

But he threw himself into the dream more excitedly.

Xiude thinks that he is special, and he can have the same dream every day. Although there is no use for eggs, he is still a super power.

Xiude, who was in his second year of secondary school, devoted himself to his dreams. Xiude enjoyed this special feeling.

Xiude felt that his dreams were absurd and logical. He would dream every day. In his dreams, Xiude could understand the flow of time, sometimes decades, sometimes hundreds of years.

This is not surprising to Xiu De, after all, in dreams, if you set a few years, you will think it is a few years. The concept of time is meaningless.

But Xiude vaguely felt as if he had experienced those years in person.

After roaming in the endless void for a very long time, Xiude slowly became bored. Although the scenery of Xinghai is beautiful, he will always get bored after watching it for a few years.

Xiude tried almost everything in his dream, forging planets, devouring stars, eating some weird starry behemoths, or pulling the entire galaxy to hit another galaxy, exploding a splendid firework.

However, such a boring day finally changed in one day. When Xiude entered the dreamland again, the boundaries of the stars were limited by the thick crystal wall, and a power called law was quietly spreading.

Energy is no longer chaotically chaotically, but stabilized in each crystal wall system.Although these crystal walls can be easily torn off by hand in Xiude's opinion, it is rare that there are novel things that Xiude will not destroy.

So when the order of the universe gradually stabilized, Xiude chose one of the crystal wall systems with the earliest formation and the largest volume to enter it. Perhaps the body in Xiude’s dream was too large, so Xiude was to prevent the crystal wall from bursting. , Limited his own power, and then descended on the wild land where nothing was born yet.

The next day after Xiude entered his dream, he found that there were traces of human beings on the ground. Although he was just a primitive man who drank blood, it was enough to surprise Xiude.For a long time, the only things he could call creatures in his dreams were huge and ferocious behemoths in the starry sky. This was the first time he had encountered a creature that could communicate, not to mention a pleasing human being.

Xiude also wanted to see if the feedback of this dream was as real as it is in reality, so he shrank the shape and converged the drop in energy released.

Unsurprisingly, the primitive people worshipped Xiu De as a god and worshipped.Xiu De also found it very interesting, thinking that he could develop civilization, but when I thought about it, I didn't seem to understand anything. It is really impossible to climb the technological tree from the dark age.

But fortunately, the body in the dreamland has the omnipotent blue energy. With the power of the blue, Xiude can easily build magnificent palaces and castles, just like Iluhir in the cold valley in the dark soul. Xiude has never studied architecture, so he naturally has to learn from what he thinks is the most beautiful architecture.

As for the primitive man, Xiude had an idea and sent a drop of his own blood... Xiude didn't know whether there was blood in his dream body, but even if he didn't, he could create it on the spot.

Xiude merged a drop of blood that had concentrated the essence of his blue power into the bodies of all the primitive tribes. This greatly enhanced the physique of the primitive people. When Xiude entered a dream for a few days, he discovered that the blood was strengthened. It’s not just physique.

Primitive.... No, it shouldn’t be said to be primitive. Xiude doesn’t know how long it takes to dream once, but through the changes of the landscape, within a thousand years, the human footprints given blue blood have been spread all over. To the continent where they are located.

Civilization is also developing rapidly like a rocket. Cities large and small are rising from the ground, there are fleets in the sky, and the transportation network on the ground extends in all directions.

Most of the architectural styles are imitating the pseudo-Iluhir created by Xiude, but they have obviously developed their own style.

Too prosperous, almost prosperous can not believe it.

When Xiude got up yesterday, they were primitive people living in the cave, but today they are in a highly developed society.

These people seem to have developed a very unique energy system, pushing the level of technology abruptly to before and after the second industrial revolution.

Sure enough, the things in the dream are unscientific, Xiude vomited secretly.

But one thing has not changed, and that is faith.

The descendants of those who were given blue blood, no matter how society changes or how the years pass, they will devoutly believe in the Lord of the Blue.

Well, a good name.

Xiude accepted the name of the god with satisfaction, and learned that these people called his country Shibaizer, and he has now completely transferred his interest to the life of the Shibaizer.

Hanging high in the sky, Xiude began to peek at all about the Shibaizer Empire, and he continued to enjoy it.

The blue blood seems to have given the worshippers powerful skills. Under the gaze of Xiude, the empire continues to develop and expand. After conquering the continent under their feet, the worshippers non-stop and explore other continents.

After thousands of years of development, there are traces of human activities on other continents, and not only humans, but also many other races. Xiude has even seen the elves and dragons commonly seen in fantasy novels, and of course there are also some people Xiude has never seen. Race, Xiude didn't make any other guesses except for a sigh of unconsciousness.

The level of civilization of these intelligent races probably still stayed in the Middle Ages. They collided with the Shibaizer Empire, which had launched satellites into outer space, and how terrible it was to be seen.

Fortunately, the worshippers are a deified race after all. They did not carry out a genocide, but established a racial hierarchy, with blue blood standing on top of all other races.

In addition, the Shibaizer Empire ordered all people to compulsorily reform, and they can only believe in the only true god, the Lord of Youlan, and any heresy will be subject to capital punishment.

Although Xiude calls it an empire, Shibaizer is an out-and-out theocratic country, but Xiude does nothing but accepts pilgrimages of tens of millions of people every year.

Because Xiude wanted to see where the history would go without his own intervention, Shibaizel had five ties with him in the end, whether it was peak or ruin.

Just before the Shibaizer Empire completed the conquest of the world, Xiude met the native gods on this planet.