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The 657th chapter finale (final chapter)

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"Tricky World?"

Li You's 10,000 sheep camel flying, it seems that the understanding of the ancient times is still not enough, it has become the Lord of the Avenue, and he actually has such a bad taste.

In the whole world, it is the way to talk about all kinds of pranks. Li Wei is one of the people who fulfill its promise. Of course, it can only act as the whole one, and Pangu will not let this opportunity, and a smooth will be immersed. It means that the music is not tired.

"Haha, it's too cool"

Pangu looked at Li Wei as a minced wolf, you have a laughter, this is also his way to send time and Li Wei, or this long-lasting years is like this, too.

"Don't be proud, the next game will win, you must be me!"

"Yes, then I will wait and see"

After the billion billion era, Li Wei chose to win the robbery of the avenue, a new avenue of the main road, the Lord of the two born avenues, knowing that Li Wei is behind the scene behind the back space After the gambling of the ancient and Li Wei, three people want to see him again.

"Haha, this time we are three people, see how you win!"

"Amount, do you still think about what kind of world?"

The ancient face is a black, almost forgot that I have not accepted punishment, and Li Wei touched her inner excitement. As long as there is an envoy, he can impact 100% avenue control. When you enter the ultimate direction Will no longer expect.

"Women's World!"

This sentence is like a sunny day, let the disc are completely unclear, and the main one next to the two avenues will laugh, let this avenue of the heroic power to wear women's clothing, this effect is definitely broken Dimension .

"The main woman wearing women!

If there is a special newspaper in the three thousand Avenue, this news is definitely on the headline, and it is the kind of the slaughter version. Li Wei has taken the picture of the ancient shoulders, revealing a good expression of Du Fu, in the previous world In the middle, Pangu, tortured himself to die.


In the women's world, the two meters high domineering plate is defeated by a set of Hellokitty's princess, and when he put it on, all the onlookers and photographers are all defeated by him, this anti-day effect makes them on the gastric juice The boom is not spit with autonomous.

"Hahaha, no, I have to laugh"

On the sixth dimension, Li Wei and other two major avenues laughed out of tears, and then the life of an era, because there was a dish, the time passed quickly.

It is also the endless era of the past, and at this time, in the reincarnation space, a horrible figure has jumped up from a low dimension, and it has been born again with the time of the new avenue.


Li Wei is in the reincarnation, and a terrible breath began to brew. The whole three thousand Avenue has disordered, and a new dimension appears over three thousand avenues, where there is no unprecedented to high law.

A flying power is irradiated from the end dimension. The fluctuations in Li Wei have emerged, and his figure completely disappears in the original place. Only a word containing the sound of the avenue, oscillatingly resounded in the ancient and other people and all protect umbrella companies Has been in the ear.

"The secret of achieving the high has been put into the umbrella company, want? Go look for it, hahahaha"

A earth-shattering point is falling from the ultimate dimension, and begins to shine in every protective umbrella company throughout the universe. The unborantful fluctuations are issued from the protective umbrella company, where there is a super world that contains the high law, in Li Wei Under the infusion, each protective umbrella company was transformed into a huge and perfect reincarnation temple, which contained sunset mystery.

"The Lord of the Avenue can also enter the world!

Pangu and others were shocked, and the eyes of the umbrella company became extremely hot.

"Is BOSS adult!

When Li Wei's voice appears in various dimensions, all the protect umbrellas are slowly lifted, although they don't know what to achieve, but it is worthy of the ultimate big BOSS that hidden era of the era, must be a big thing to earth. .

In the final dimension, Li Wei was wrapped in countless to high law. His thinking began unlimited extension, the will of the will entered the transformation, and the various sentiments of the three thousand Avenues have flocked to the heart, and they combined with a wonderful way, his Wearing any dimension and any time and space, also penetrating the river of the magical fate, all everything is getting secret in front of him.

"The original three thousand Avenue is the same as the same source!

His heart rose a rigmating, three thousand different roadprints began to emerge, then the body was shocked, slowly looked up, there was a moving figure with him and emerged as high law, official him Future.


Like the entire dimension, the ultimate pulse has a horrible change, and the shape of countless to high law begins around him. Nowadays, the body is not stopped. As for the past, it has been broken in the destiny, and He integrates into it.

In the past, now, the future three match, Li Wei's figure became the same as the entire ultimate pulse, but his body is still growing, and the ultimate dimension begins with a silk crack.

"Give me"


~~ Li Wei refers to the day, one finger, showing the peerless capital of my alone, and the end dimension began to rebately labeling the chain, and then they were collapsed by the endless supreme laws of him.

"This is an sealful dimension!

In his eyes, he exposed a very shocking gaze. The unparalleled battle in the battlefield burned in the heart, and then disappeared in the ultimate pulse, a new journey started again.

But the legend and treasures he left, but it will never be forgotten. The magical umbrella company is the immortal monument he left. Even the avenue is strong, it can't refuse to achieve the temptation of achieving the highest.

"Do you want to achieve it? Let's go to the umbrella company to find it!

There are countless strong people to make a madness, struggling in an evolutionary super mission world, and under the roots of the high law, more and more super offers have emerged, and the dominance of the three thousand Avenues is constantly ease, to high law The mystery is getting closer to everyone.

And they don't know, in another more powerful dimension, a company named protective umbrella suddenly rises, a peerless genius called Li Wei is creating a new myth.

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