I, Qing Huan

Chapter 1

At two o'clock in the morning, there was no one in the street, and the snow was the sky, and he was quiet.

Yan Yong finally completed the last job of the hand, and smashed a lazy waist, closing the computer, plugging the mobile phone, turning off the torry of the lighthouse in warm ocean. When she was fascinated, she suddenly came to the sound of a buckle.

, , .

Yan Yong was immediately awake, and the door was knocked a little. She immediately climbed out from the comfortable bed and went to the door to see the situation.

When the door opened, he saw a woman who was snowy. He said there. Most of the snow has become water. It was originally burned on her pale face. She took her hand. Snow-wet jacket, one hand, a large ink, the wet shirt is close to the body, there is a beautiful beauty.

"I wish you a wish, how do you get like this?" Yan Yanyou took a hurry, worried that her appearance of the dog was taken, so I wish you all the best in the house, "Going in."

I wish you light and tightly, follow the room.

"What's wrong? Why are you looking for me in the middle of the night?" Yan Shi wishes the hands in the hands of sunglasses and wet jackets. "Are you ... crying?"

I wish you a very tempting sex, the average person watched her softened and eyes would not bear to bully her. If she is really bullying, she will only smile, never play with people. Yan Yong and her universities have never seen her with others, and later, I wish you all the way to entertain, all the way, smooth and smooth into the flowers, and there is no shortcomings of black powder private letter. She is very dirty. But I wish you just a while, you will only look at it, and you don't say anything, it's even not angry, and you will add a more than you in automatic reply. "Thank you for paying attention to me." Such a chronic child, I rarely see her is cried.

"Xiaoyu," I wish you light and lips, "she came back."

"Who?" Yan Yong doubt.

I wish you light, eyelash, "Nanxun, she is back."

Yi Yisheng, understands the fear of light and this moment.

I wish you all the names from the note, I know that my name you want to marry will be called Nanxun.

More than 20 years ago, I wish my family a small company. When I wish the army, the company has developed good when I married Fengli, although I made a lot, but at least it has been profitable. Once later, after Feng Li was pregnant, the country has encountered an abnormal financial crisis. I wish this small company into the cannon ash inside, just a project, all the fund chains of the company break. At that time, I wish the army every day in the top floor, thinking that I would like to jump, but jumping, the liability will not be cleared with his death.

At this time, the city's Shoufmei Group found a wishing army, Chairman Mei Zhongli said that I can save your company or save your life. I only have a condition that makes your daughter and my daughter, and I will get married after they grow up.

The desperate Zhu Jun did not dare to ask Mei Zhongli's reasons, and then committed the agreement, promised to give the daughter who had not born it in this way with interest exchange form. Mei Zhongli also said that I am coming to the name, just call it.

I wish the army looked at the dictionary that was rumored by yourself, and several names that had been written next to the notebook, humblely headed to Mei Zhong. Ok, all, call the light.

Meijia and I wish your family are closely related, Mei Zhongli often comes to visit, and care about the situation than I wish my relatives. He looked at the little girl from the baby from the baby, from the little girl long into teenage, and growing from a girl into a mature woman. During this time, he kept talking to the light, waiting for you to grow up, you marry my daughter south. You remember, you can't like others, you have only one choice, it is South.

But from a small to big, I wish you all the people who have never seen the south of Mei Zhongshi. She only knows that the South is even more eleven years old, and she has been sent to the Australian book. I have never been back. Mei Zhongli said that when she came back, it is when you marry.

She didn't even know what the south is long.

"Does your father say? She wants to come back?" Yan Yisheng looked at the red and red eyes.

"Well." I wish you a brow crying, there is a residual swallow, "I and my dad robbed a, I said that I didn't want to marry a person who didn't know, he did not promise me."

"I wish you a wish ..."

"Xiaoyai," I wish you light and wet, "I don't want to be like this, I don't want my marriage ... is a rich plaything, do you understand?"

Love and marriage should be the most free existence, a person is alone in the world is not easy, and it is the most important thing in a woman's life. But she didn't have to choose. Her marriage was sentenced to a penalty from her birth. The name of the slap is called "Nanxun."

Who will be willing?

Yan Yu sighed and said, "Let's take a shower first."

I wish you just stand in a fixed place, and your eyes are slightly awkward: "I want to struggle once."

Yan Yong looked at her, Zhang Zhang Zhang, who wants to say, and it is full of pity.

"From the small to big, my step is to be arranged by Mebuber. I read the school you pick it up, and the people who pick it out and got friends, he was sent to the entertainment circle, and even brokerage company helped me. Signed. "I wish light and pale face low," But only marriage, I want to do myself. "

"I will send you to Mei Shi tomorrow." Yan Yong said, "Go to Mei, tell him about what you want to say."

I wish you a good voice, grateful to Jie Yong: "Thank you Xiaoyai. In the middle of the night, bothering you, sorry."

"Well, how many years have yourself?" Yu Yida smiled and touched a light and wet, "Let's take a bath, or you really have to catch a cold. ? "

I wish my head.


They only slept for four hours. In the morning of the next day, I was on both dark circles. I wished my eyes, and I slowly went to the Mei Group Science Park. No way, Yan Yong is a teacher, to go to the school early to see the students early to learn, I will be late.

After the snow is still under, after going to the destination, I took the umbrella from the car, and she carefully covered the snow.

I wish you a warm air to wake up by the cold air. She wore sunglasses and confirmed that no one was noticed around her, and she said goodbye to the waist and Yan Yifei, and walked in the entrance of the ink mirror.

The new security guards in the door are busy, and half the meat bag is stopped, stop her: "Miss, who do you look? Is there a reservation?"

I wish you light, I will embed the lower face into the collar, gently answer: "Looking for your chairman."

"Mei is still not going to work, the office is estimated to be no one, or you must first wait, his secretary is coming, I confirm that you will go in."

"You ..." I wish you just talk about what to say, let's think, and I don't want to let the security guard recognize her, I have to have a mouth, ask, "Where are I, etc.?"

"There," The security guard should refer to the corner. "You can see a bus stop in the past, there is a roof, there is a seat, no wind, comfortable."

"Okay," I wish you a very politely nod to the security guard, "Thank you."

"You are welcome, you are welcome." Security is happy.

I wish you a step in one step, one step, one step, and the mutual movement of the security guard is like a bus stop, she raised her hand and picking sunglasses, rubbing the water fog on the top with the neckline.

Turn over the street, close at the station.

Daxue put everything that the naked eye is white, the wind is crowded with the surrounding air, so that all things become blurred.

Snowflakes were blown into the umbrella, she squinted, through the broken snow on the eyelashes, vaguely saw a person next to the station.

A model of a model.

She blinked his eyes, the snow on the eyelashes.

The person's appearance is suddenly clear.

That is a young woman, wearing a warm and elegant white down jacket, and the long black hair is on a pure white cloth, a beautiful satin. She is now eating a string of sugar gourd, the drum is slowly chewed, and the yellow syrup is stained with her snow whitening, there is a kind of sticky beauty. The dual-vane eyebrows rolled with their stocks, but did not hinder them, so I saw a sketch of skills that would want to go to school, and find a carrier container filled with artistic atmosphere.

Black to the ultimate hair, white to the extreme cloth. Red to the ultimate sugar, cold to the ultimate person.

If winter this season can illusion, it will look like this. Pure and clear, chic, eyebrows are shaking the endless , just look at her, as if you can feel the snow blowing in her character.

She doesn't seem to belong to this era of impetuous impetuous.

The woman suddenly stopped chewing and slowly looked up.

I wish you a light brown eye that is like a clear tea, the heart suddenly.

The woman screamed, then she immediately smashed the hand of sugar gourd. I took a pack of paper towels in the down jacket. After a while, I took out a pack of paper towels, I wish you a long distance from afar:


I wish you a bit, "... ah?"


The woman lifted his hand and didn't seem to speak more.

I wish you a few times, I'm busy back, I have a touch of my face, I have found that I don't know when the horizon is a moist.

"Yes, it is snow, snow is ..." I wish you all the words, she is afraid that this woman is crying. Although crying is not shame, it is always not very good to be misunderstood.


There is only one word, cold and alienated.

I wish you lightly quickly packed your mood, walk to the shed, take a paper towel. She silently sat around the woman and carefully held their distance between them.

Don't really have so many snow in her eyes?


The woman began to eat the string of sugar, and they did not send, and the brows were slightly smashed.

"Also give you, thank you, thank you." I wish you also hand on the remaining paper towel to women.

"You stay."

"That, thank you."


I wish you a big felt, and the air is silent for a while. She felt a bit awkward, so she didn't look for the words: "You ... are you waiting here?"


Still simple two words.

"Then you ... what are you waiting?"

"Sai Mei Zhongli."

"Mei ..." I wish you a react to find that she screams the name of Mei Zhongli. "Are you Mei's employee?"

"Employees?" Woman frowned doubts, "... is it." She silently took a moment, took the initiative to ask, "What about you?"

I wish you all the words of such words, I also take the initiative to ask yourself, I can't help but smile: "I am like you, waiting for your chairman."

The woman bite a sugar, whispering: "Well."

"In fact, there is no big thing." I wish Liang Huan is not a person who loves yourself **, but she wants to talk to this woman chat, she likes to listen to her, "You may not know me, my name, I wish you a light Happy, have you heard my name? Have you heard? I ... I am a star, I am often hot recently. "

Woman eats sugar hoist's movements, must be , sigh by the nose.

"Of course, you are called light."

"Yes?" I wish Liang Huan heard that she said to know himself, I am very happy, "Then you may just be my name, I have not taken it, so I just didn't recognize my face."

"..." she didn't speak.

I wish you light down to look at your own foot, I don't know what to say.

Half, the woman took the initiative to open the mouth: "What do you find Mei Zhongli?"

I wish you a smile. According to the reason, she should not be with strangers. Who knows that this person is good or bad, will sell himself to the marketing number. But ... she and Mei's grafting relationship, I have already been in the roof of Mei Zhong, which is already known in the circle. Don't say anything different?

"Nothing, you should also have seen it from eight groups or elsewhere ..." I wish you light frightening, my eyes are bitter, "I ... I don't want to ..."

"Don't you want to marry Mei's?"

The woman is lowered to bite the sign of the rock sugar, I am approved.

I wish you a lot of people.

The woman was silent for a long time, suddenly folded over her handbag for a while, after a while, I took out a string of ice sugar and strawberries, and my eyes were all in her food. "If you really don't want to marry, directly and She said, she won't force you. "

I wish you a doubtish to her: "Which one is Mei Bo?"

The woman didn't answer, she looked at the watch on the wrist, suddenly stood up, holding only a sugar and strawberry, put soft voice, I wish you all the words: "I will go first, snow outside, you be careful."

"Then you ..." I wish you all the best, you don't have an umbrella, leave more for a while.

But the woman did not give her a chance to retain, she quickly turned away. I wish you a stretch to look at her, watch the thin back and the big snow outside, there is no wolf, even very harmonious, harmonious, like a complete ink painting.

I wish you a strange idea in your heart:

If the woman's hand is more than one umbrella.

Moreover, it is the ancient plain oil paper umbrella.