I, Qing Huan

I, Qing Huan

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Three thousand years ago, Qing Huan died under Nanyang’s sword, leaving behind a suicide note, eager to become her wife between the lines

Three thousand years later, at the beginning of the story, Nanyang married her. For the rest of your life, you must be my wife

Three thousand years of wandering, just to meet again overnight

Those owed to you in the past are now made up one by one

Three thousand years ago, one was Master Gao Lengbing and the other was gentle and humble apprentice.

Nanyang: Go away. Do not touch me. presumptuous! Mess!

Qing Huan: Master, look at me, I will cook for you and wash your clothes.

Three thousand years later, one is the humble boss who chases his wife, and the other is a cold and beautiful star.

Qing Huan: Don’t spend money on me, don’t treat me well. I won’t like you.

Nan Yang: Wife, Wife, I will wash your clothes, I will cook for you, please have a bite

Beautiful and Gentle Yu Jie Attack X Cool and Gentle Yu Jie Accept


1. Marry first, love later

2. It is the continuation of the ancient story, but it does not affect the ancient story. A complete explanation will be given in the story.

3. The two people have been tossed for three thousand years, so there will be relative changes in the initial mode of getting along. Don’t enter if you can’t accept it from the ancient articles.

4. The ending HE is not sweet

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One-sentence introduction: Chasing his wife for three thousand years
I, Qing Huan


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