In The Name Of Fang

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Lu Ye Qian He
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First Embrace: The Bloodling’s traditional art. To use a particular technique to turn humans into vampires, and to take the identity of a sire to be responsible to the newly-turned.

In modern society, this kind of ancient art has been lost. As the last descendant, Xia Yuzhou was forced to become a dad to all kinds of people.

Middle-aged rich person: “Who are you?”

Genius young man: “Are you immortal?”

Beautiful young girl: “You turned me into a vampire. Are you planning on taking me to your castle full of blood-red roses, and to imprison me there for eternity?”

Xia Yuzhou: “I’ll answer everyone once, I am your “daddy”. I’m not immortal, I don’t have a castle, just a dental clinic, and every month I will give you all a thousand Yuan in pocket money.”

Modern society, being a lowkey supernatural, not biting people, not eating people, just a law-abiding vampire.


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