About a year after I enrolled in the local girls' high school, I had a light breakfast as usual and walked down the street in my designated uniform.

Eventually, a fox suddenly jumped out of the shade and tried to cross the road, or ran off to the side of the stairs leading to the shrine at the back of the mountain.

But unfortunately, when I saw a normal passenger car coming in at a high speed, I jumped in with momentum to help the little fox without deep thought.

You instinctively suspected that you would be hit by a car if you stayed like this, holding a fox that was stuck in surprise.I round my body. However, it was too late to push the brakes aggressively, and the car that was approaching was immediately struck by a strong shock to the body, blowing up and dancing in space.

After a slight feeling of levitation, the moment I felt a severe pain, my consciousness burst out.

I don't know how unconscious I was, but I woke up miraculously.

"Ah... is that it? Is it alive?"

Honestly, I don't understand what happened at all, but I could have just survived.But when I think of the last moment, it is certain that I was hit by a car, so I jumped up in a hurry and touched my body to see if there were any injuries.

"Are you... injured?"

There is no bleeding or pain.Anyway, I feel relieved to be full of energy, but there were some strange things.

First of all, there were no signs of treatment even if I had been treated by a doctor, and it was not the hospital where I woke up in the first place.

"Why am I falling on shrine grounds?"

Looking around, you can see that the place where you fall is surrounded by lush trees and a small company is built in the back.Although small, it enshrined Inari-sama's wooden statue.

Things seemed pretty old, faded by the wind and rain and mossy by the moisture, but they didn't seem to be leaking yet.

Since the grounds are grassy and rough, people may not stop here much.

"My outfit is weird, but the weirdest thing is..."

This is the worst discomfort of the day, I should have worn the clothes of the local girls' school, but when I saw it, it turned into red and white witch clothes, and I wore white footbags and waste.

I noticed when I touched my hands everywhere when I checked my injury, but there was nothing in the area where the human ear was, the beast's ear on the top of my head, the beast's tail from slightly above my buttocks, and long beautiful fox hair.

Besides, the point of view is quite low, as if the Titans were lost in the mountains where they live.Rather than that, it is normal to think that you are shrinking.

"I don't like it. I feel it when I touch it, and I wonder if it's nervous."

I don't want to... moan, but it doesn't start, so I decide to take action.

Anyway, if I didn't do something, my anxiety would swell up infinitely, and I would be crushed by the pressure of a situation I don't know why now, and I would cry and be unable to move a step.

In that regard, I can say that it was useless to think how much you don't know, and I was lucky to have the character of running in a straight line like a boar.

Otherwise, when I woke up in a strange place as the daughter of a penis beast, I would have panicked and waited for help I didn't know when to come without feeling like doing anything, eventually losing my life from hunger and dryness.

Beginning to move, I made sure there was a small company in the back, and on the other side there was a curved descent path close to the beast road, and thought it would be difficult to get down the mountain if I asked someone for help.

"Hah... can I get in touch with my family with my cell phone?Nh... what? "

All but a set of witch clothes are completely useless now.But even if you have a cell phone, you can only see fallen leaves, weeds, and even tall trees and bushes.

Never before have we entered a mountain rich in nature, but I began to wonder if radio waves might come through in the deep mountains where I don't know where I am.

But before that, I don't know the house number for some reason.However, I feel comfortable thinking that it will be remembered soon because I rely on the telephone book.

Anyway, now that I've met someone and thought about it, I walk along the rough all-you-can-walk path, but even in the eccentric outfit of tail, ear, and waste, it goes down with a swimming pool without tiring with an outstanding sense of balance.

The narrowness of a child's stride is one of them.

"But was I so good at exercising?"

It is difficult to walk on a barely maintained mountain path without falling into waste.

Especially when I was at home quite often on holidays, I was confident that walking down the mountain road with my sneakers on would help me fall.

After two or three gentle steps, he landed on unstable scaffolding and was able to stand on one foot.

"Ugh... um, there's so much I don't know."

But for now, meeting people is our top priority.Now the tree leakage day is plugging in, but if the sun goes down, the mountain road won't walk properly without the lights.

I don't know how long I would walk to get to people, but I shook my head and wiped out my anxiety, trying not to stop walking anyway.

As I went down the mountain and tried various things about my body, the sun would soon fall and the mountain path would be wrapped in darkness.

"I can see through the dark.... amazing."

The area was dark and worried, but there was no need to worry.After all, this body is not human... and night vision is effective enough to make you realize it.

And when I hurriedly searched for something to light up, I made a blue ball of fire at the end of my hand, so this is completely monster.

"But I know the beast monster, but cat, dog, fox or fox."

Because she fell in front of Inari-sama's company, I think she might be the daughter of a fox, but I don't really know who she really is because there is no mirror.The tail certainly looks like a fox.

There was a blue flame, but it seemed to float as I wanted, and now I installed it one meter ahead of myself and used it conveniently instead of lights.

"Is that... a street light?"

Looking ahead, I saw a little light from the gap in the trees.However, it is not very bright for street lights, and it has an orange color instead of white, so something is strange.

But whatever it was, it passed through the rough mountain road, and the dirt was bare, and the asphalt was not paved, but it was finally possible to go down the road.

Hee, it's been a long time.

Down from the mountain road to the general road, I exhaled little by little.Near the entrance to the mountain was a small company that looked as if it had fallen down.

And since the wooden statue of Inari-sama was enshrined here, I'm sure this is a branch office.

But don't let yourself get distracted here, just because you're finally in the middle of nowhere.Anyway, let me borrow your phone first.

Very spiritually, but full of energy, I walked out again aiming for the light that I saw from the mountain.

Apparently, it was a mountainous countryside, with idyllic countryside in the darkness.Anyway, while gazing around, I wander around looking for people.

It looked slight when I was going down the road, so if it wasn't a street light, there wouldn't be nobody there.

The evidence shows that there are simplistic dwellings that look like dug houses everywhere, but none of the houses appear to be lit.

Maybe it's the middle of the night.

The exact time is unknown because there is no clock, but it is possible that everyone is asleep in the middle of the night and the lights are not on.

However, since there were no poles or street lights anywhere before that, it is possible that the electricity is not on.

"I'm in trouble... I can't believe it's so rural."

Because I don't want to be reported to the audience now, the blue flame is out.The air is clear because it is still in the countryside, and there are star and moon lights that are quite bright.

It's bad to disturb you while you're asleep in the boulders, so I wonder if anyone is still awake and look out at the wooden abandoned house.

How poor is it that there is not even a window glass?... that I might not be able to borrow this phone, and I came here again and I was beaten up by a bitter reality.

After walking around the lower road for a while, I finally found a lighted abandoned house, and walked closer with joy and courage, skipping dexterity.

It was only a little splendid in the village house.Still, from my point of view, it's 50 paces, but it's probably the richest neighborhood in the world.

And I'm sure it'll help me break this situation down, so stand in front of the sliding door, a little nervous, and open your mouth to avoid bothering your neighbors.

Um, excuse me for being late at night.

"... hmm? Who's up late at night?"

Since I heard a familiar language from the back of the house, I can still confirm that it was Japan and feel relieved.

I thought so because Inari-sama was enshrined, but I'm really glad this is not a foreign country.

I was happy and thought I'd open the door for a moment, but the ears of the beast seemed to be excellent, and the footsteps gradually approached, so I waited a little further away to leave it to the other side.

"Who the hell are you... huh?"

Well, thank you.

The moment my gray-haired grandfather opened the sliding door in front of me, it hardened.

The sudden do-up was so stimulating that I took the distance, but it still seemed that mental upset could not be avoided.

"What the hell is wrong with you...?"

There was another woman from behind who looked like an old lady, but you looked at me and it hardened like a stone.

I don't even know why this is happening, so if they ask me anything, I'm going to force them to mislead me into thinking it's a Wesen cosplay.

Anyway, now that we have limited means to break the status quo, we need to move quickly to implementation.

"... um..."

"Ha!? What?!"

"I need you to give me your phone."

"Hmm... phone call? Yes?"

Grandpa restarts and faces the adjacent grandmother.However, I feel that the clothing is simple or the color is light and plain.

The surrounding houses are the same, and the standard of living in modern Japanese countryside should be better, besides, they both tilt their necks without knowing the telephone.

"I've never heard anything like Inari-sama's phone call..."

"Oh... is that so?"

At this point, I had a bad feeling and had a slight cold sweat.Some elderly people believe in God, but in modern society, you should first question a well-made costume.

Even though he was a suspicious person who visited suddenly in the middle of the night, he saw Inari-sama and affirmed it at a glance.In addition, I don't have any appliances in the house, not just a phone.

I'm afraid to ask honestly, but I can't move forward unless I hear it now, so I take a big breath and ask questions clearly.

"Oh, by the way, how many years now, do you know where we are?"

"Have you just turned into Yongroku? My grandmother."

"Yeah, that's right. And this is Mikawa, Inari-sama."

I came with Mikawa, not Japan.Besides, I don't remember what happened at that age because I'm not a veteran.Still, I knew very well that this was the Sengoku era.

If this is the shooting of the era drama and the clear planning of the village, it's fine.But if what they say is true.

With so much despair that I might not be able to go home anymore, I unexpectedly lost my waist. I was shocked to think of my modern Japanese family that I had tried not to care about before.

(What was the name and appearance of my family and me? I can't remember at all.)

You can only express yourself with me, as a matter of fact.Only memories of family, me, and friends in Japan have disappeared beautifully.

Someone who had his fox daughter on board cut off the practice in order to live in our time.

Anyway, it was more shocking than I thought that I didn't know who I was.

"What's the matter?!Suddenly you get in!? "

"Oh, my God. Inari-sama, I can't offer you much hospitality, but please come up."

Looking at me bluishing my face, I was obviously upset by my grandfather and the kindness of my grandmother who came closer to me and gently rubbed my back, and I managed to walk myself into the house.

Now I can't grasp the truth that was told and the memory that only the relationships over there have disappeared, and I don't know what to do anymore.

Tears flow from eye to eye and don't stop, crying loudly like a child without shame or audience.

After that, I didn't remember what happened, and when I noticed it, the morning sun was inserted from the gap in the window of the wooden frame while the linen clothes were hanging from the top.