It's all one flower.

It's all one flower.

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髙津 央
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After half a century of civil unrest, the peace that lasted thirty years was lost and the Lacus Hunan region sinks into the scourge of war. A crowd play of ordinary people

 who suddenly lose everything and twilight on the way.


 [Present] ◆ Chapter 49 staggered

 January 2913. Rubel, a demon-mounted soldier attacked by

 the presumed Scootum Kingdom Navy, painstakingly left the scene with a demon asthma cannon and an engineer nayarburi. The

 mobile broadcaster Praetermissa will begin an investigation in the city of Lyabina in order to consider the possibility of broadcasting in the city of Muscavito. Mutual support between the charities of the Autonomous Community

 of Listwar and the Kingdom of Amitostigma begins to move.

 Soon we will be celebrating a full two years since the beginning of the war on demonic asthma cannons.

 ◆ The presence or absence of

 race, ethnicity, religion, or magic… A person of different circumstances, flirting with the situation, accidentally became one of us. We hold

 each thought in our hearts, hand in hand beyond grace, and live together. The journey to

 peace is far.

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It's all one flower.


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