It's all one flower.

1863. Power to Break the Earth

At lunchtime, a middle-aged male priest visited the mobile broadcasting station's simple tent holding a small pot.

“My boss and I don't have the same food preferences and we always eat separately.”

This east shrine official likes to cook frogs, but other shrine officials don't like to see them.

The fried cuttlefish was only half a cup of paper when handed out to everyone, but the taste was enough.

Reno laid a plate of frogs that the girls and Morphs had refused, and laid them before the guru.

Huh? Is it okay to have so many of them?

"Yeah. The stew went to everyone."

The green-haired guru thanked him with a full smile.

I explained to everyone that I was away from gathering information a short while before the shrine official came, but I looked at the frog dishes and cuisine in a restless manner.

The bread and the usual grilled fish are the main body of the lunch, and the local cuisine of Machazina City is just a fingertip.

How do you make it?

"First of all, let's pull out the mud..."

When Reno heard that, the guru taught him a great deal about how to make it.

Cut the nucifera roots into rings and boil them down to remove the ash.Simmer a large slice of nucifera roots and a mushroom called lentinula that can be picked in the northern forest over low heat.

Fast with clean fresh water for a few days and peel off the muddied prawns.Cut the body into bite-size pieces and fry with the undercoat.

Place the fried chicken in a pan of nucifera and lentinula and simmer slowly over low heat.

The priest waited for Reno's note to pass.

"Just before eating, sprinkle the chopped seasoning vegetables, and it's ready.The mushroom stock is stained, and the second day is more delicious. "

"Heehee... what kind of seasoning do you want for your clothes?"

Everyone's meal progresses as the guru talks about the spice blend and talks to Reno.

The funeralist Agoni is a long-lived race that has lived for more than 500 years, but it is the first time that a frog has been cooking, and he struggles with the large number of skeletons.

Amanah turned a disgusting face to her father and brother, who had frog legs in their mouths.

"Pretty yummy." Do you want to eat too? "

When Medvedge heard it, Morph shook his head sideways with his mouth full of bread.

The Eastern Temple official smiled bitterly.

It's an ingredient that can divide your taste completely.

How about you?

I don't think so, though.

In fact, everyone at the mobile broadcasting station also talked about cooking.

Given the difficulty of cooking and eating, it may be better to eat it than to eat it with a frog.

However, I heard that the cultivated swamp near the city of Sakarya was buried during the civil unrest.The frogs flee to land and relocate to other swamps, but they can't.

After all, it was a protein source that was easy to procure, and I felt that a frog that was also a material for magic drugs would be better.

... worst of all, it could be used as medicine and as feed for chickens.

The DJ leaf got lost and retracted its hand.Announcer Joel Chi liked the grilled frogs.I got a portion of the loaf and cheeked it.

Captain Sornyak tried to remove himself from the bone with a fork, but he did not succeed, and halfway threw the legs of the broken frog into his mouth.

Why can't Liberation Generals and Government Generals be settled?

The boy soldier Morph, who finished eating first, looks away from the frog's legs on the Medvedge plate.

... what are you going to say all of a sudden?

What? To the stick?

Agoni, the funeral parlorist, is in charge.

"Just yesterday, I read in the paper that Crevelle was talking about creating a new country."

"Hey kid, are you able to read such a difficult article?"

Medvede broke his face (flashed).

I can read most of the characters, but I don't know what they mean, so I heard them.

If there's a reason the generals won't fight each other, I know it too.

The answer came from an unexpected direction.

Morph looks at the Fraxinus priest with a surprised look on his face.

Huh? Huh, why?

“General Unuk El-Haia and General Al-Jadi are both members of the Lacus Neinian family.”

Because you're inside each other?

When the boy of the people of the land asked, the priest of the people of the lake drew his chin down.

"That being said, the Lacus Neunia family... people who are connected to the blood of the goddess have powerful magic powers"

Is it bad to bump into each other from the front?

Razornik hears the frog's bones stacked in the corners of the plate.

“That's right. For example, the island of Marj, just around the corner, is a new island that was just formed during a half-century of civil unrest.”

Huh? Can't you make an island?

Morph looks suspiciously at the green-haired guru.

“In Alton Gaza and the eastern Chinucarculu Nociu continent, there are examples of reclamation to create artificial islands, but Marsh Island is different.”

Razzolnik and Krujlo showed the downloaded map on the tablet.

To the east of the city of Machazina lies the peninsula of Marj.Large and small islands float from north to south off its coast.

"Huh? Is this..."

Amana raised her face from the screen as she saw her brother's hand and looked at the guru and the older announcer.

Did you cut it instead of making it?

"That's right."

The guru and announcer nodded at the same time.

“How's it going?



Several surprises overlapped.

“During the half-century of civil strife, the Lacus Neunias were divided between the Democrats and the Renaissance and shed blood on each other.”

The area around the formerly directly administered territory and the capital after independence, Crevelle, was a fierce battle zone.

Fortunately, the city of Machazina was not directly involved in the battle, but in the battle on the Margi Peninsula, huge forces that no ordinary human could imitate collided.

With each other's strong magic and strong defenses, we were temporarily stuck in battle.

In order to break through the situation, both sides raised the power of attack magic with the help of the [Nibes] school, but the reversed forces bumped into each other and cut off the peninsula.

Both armies suffered heavy casualties, but both were intact, and then died on separate battlefields.

"The Marui Peninsula is dotted with half-farming villages, but now they are traveling with ships [jumping]."

Originally called "Marui Island", the small island became "Little Marui Island", and the mass of land separated from the peninsula was called "Greater Marui Island".

The younger generation, dazed by the incredible story, saw a green-haired guru.

“The base of the army is also west of Clavelle, but that's what the Liberation Army and the government say.”

The government is supposed to fight against the Artelians.

The Nemus Liberation fought immediately after the bees rose, but after capturing the capital, they did not attack the headquarters just beyond the eyes and nose, and the government forces did not move to recapture the capital.

Reno nodded, feeling like he knew something.