It's all one flower.

1864. Identification card used for shopping

Cruzillo came to the summer capital of the Amitostigma Kingdom with Razornik.

I replenished the [Infinite Bag] as I handed over the information to the Far Kills.

When I went to the market and went to the usual store, I was greeted with love by the shopkeeper.

"Hello, there's always something in there."

"Hello, I'm glad the apprentices have come up lately."

Discover cheap wagons by talking freely to the public.

It was handled by an apprentice who didn't get the [Yoshikiri] school emblem yet, but I haven't had any particular problems using it.Even if the shape is slightly distorted and the capacity is small, it is of sufficient quality to withstand use in mobile broadcasting stations.

I bought five today and paid with the magic wound medicine made by the pharmacist (Kusushi) Awelana.

“So, I'm sorry, but from this month on, I started to need all my IDs to make my purchases.”


The shopkeeper shrugged with difficulty and turned his gaze to the side of the cash register.It's a poster asking customers to show their IDs.Issued by the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce in the summer, but does not state the reason.

Why are you making such a hassle again?

The shopkeeper greeted the two as Razornik bowed.There are three other customers, but they are obsessed with product definition.

Cruzillo activated the recording function of the tablet device behind Razornik.

"Oniisan, have you seen the news?"

"News? What news?

"The U.N. made it impossible for me to do business with the Nemoraris."

"Huh? But there's a refugee camp, right?"What are you going to do? "

Cruzillo listened in the pretence of not knowing anything.

I can't sell to individual refugees anymore, but the Royal Government will buy the necessities and continue to support them.

"Something's turned out to be troublesome."Is it okay to have an ID like this? "

Razornik holds a hand in his pocket and issues a press card for the Lacrimalis Kingdom Press Club.

"Huh? Were you a reporter?"

The shopkeeper looked at Razornik's face and the press ID, and furrowed his eyebrows in suspicion.

“At least I don't know that the Amitostigma government has announced its endorsement of the UN arms embargo against the Nemoraris and the economic sanctions that the Twenty National Economic Powers Council has arbitrarily decided upon.The only official announcement from the King and the government about this is that he will continue to support the Nemoraris refugees. ”

Razornik put a press ID in his jacket's inner pocket, and the shopkeeper squeezed out a weak voice with a troubled face.

"Well, that's certainly true for the bureau."But in the private sector, the wholesalers don't do that. "

"What is that? You think I said it was good?"

"Please don't tease me." I'm in trouble.

“I'm sorry. In a literal sense, are there wholesalers in stores that do business with the Nemolaris?”

Razornik takes out his tablet and listens.

"I'm a freelance journalist, and I'm sending you around with my interviews, so I want you to tell me about it for reference."

"The wholesaler is also dealing with vendors from all over the country."If the country agrees to the economic sanctions, the wholesaler won't be able to do business with the Nemolaris just because he's involved with the shop, what do you call a chain reaction?I'm in some kind of trouble. "

Cruzillo saw a workshop and a magical tool shop with the comfort of a pebble thrown into the bottom of his stomach.

"Huh? But the Nemolaris don't just live in refugee camps, they also live in cities relying on their relatives."Can't those people shop? "

"After all, because there are too many targeted items, I uniformly refuse, and if I find out that I am hiring a nemoraris person, I will be hired by a business partner, so there are more business locations where I can choose whether to fire or naturalize and transfer my nationality."

Asked by Kruilo, the shopkeeper's face became more and more troubled.

The bureau didn't say anything about firing you?

Razornik asks questions from a reporter-like perspective.

"That's right, the Labor Standards Inspectorate said that dismissal for such irrational reasons would be dismissal."Naturalization of the nemoraris has become less scrutinized. ”

"Heh... ah, you've been interrupting me for a long time." I don't need any change. "

Razornik left the store with the [Inexhaustible Bag] after placing another wound medicine at the cash register counter.

Kruilo stops recording and listens as he leaves the store.

"Thank you. That was helpful."Were you from Lacrimalis? "

Razornik laughed as he crooked the edge of his lips.I waved my hand and walked.

I was distracted by the crowds in the market, and I answered from the store far enough away.

"I've got a lot of stuff all over the place."

... forgery is a crime, isn't it?

Cruzillo nodded silently, feeling that Razornik was becoming more and more unknown, but could not hear the strangeness.

From each terminal, the data is sent to the cloud prepared by Farquill, and Razornik contacts him by email.

I'll be at work a little bit.


"I have to take the ulla I just talked about."


Happy to be told something like a real reporter.If Cruzillo had come alone, he would have reported it to Farquill just by talking to the shopkeeper.

The Royal Employment Agency in the Kingdom of Amitostigma had previously visited Awelana, the father and pharmacist.As I heard, it's a splendid building.

A notice regarding the employment of the nemoraris was immediately posted on the bulletin board in front of the government building.

Every sticker is a long, difficult bureaucratic phrase.

To summarize, it is only natural that employees should not be dismissed simply because they are nemoraris, and that they should be given the same treatment as amitostigmas, such as giving more than a month's notice, consuming paid leave, and paying a daily wage for the month in which they retire.

Another sticker includes a list of nemoraris who have been fired.

"If you don't have to make a poster like this, it's actually pretty good, right?"

As Razornik told him, Kruilo photographed the sticker of the Royal Employment Agency with a desire to cry.