It's all one flower.

1865. Spillover effects

Cruzillo sent Farquille a photo of a sticker taken at the Royal Employment Agency.It seems that he has already grasped the official announcement of the Royal Government, but just in case.

After leaving my job, I went around several stores, but I was asked to show my ID at any retail store.Each time, Razornik gives out a forged press ID for the Lacrimalis Kingdom.

The only thing in Cruzillo's pocket is a Zerneau citizenship card, which was reissued at the Return Center.The radio license was also reissued, but it was put in a bag and left in the truck.

However, the restaurant does not have a poster asking for ID issued by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce in the summer.

I went into a coffee shop, but there was nothing like it in the store.The two of them asked for vanilla tea and listened to the conversation around them.

Huh? What's wrong with that cute girl?

It's been a long time since you came here, and you're the first to say that?

A middle-aged man looks around the store, and an elderly hallkeeper smiles bitterly.

"It's been a while since you've been here last month."That guy, are you off today? "

"... because I'm a nemoraris"

When the clerk hid his voice, the customer's expression disappeared.

Cruzillo brought the tea cups brought closer to his nose and inhaled the aroma of herbal tea all over his chest.

... if you were a restaurant, you would be able to cover your food expenses by paying a bribe.

I was wondering what happened to the clerk who was fired solely because of his nationality, but I couldn't ask.

The hallkeeper left the table where the air had become heavy, and began to clear the dishes of the empty seats.

Razornik said as he walked to the [Jump] permission point.

"Even if I can go to a restaurant as a customer, can't I work?"It's expensive to eat. "

Isn't there something we can do about it?

From what I just saw, it looks like the amitostigma people are in trouble, but I don't know what to do with the nemoraris, Kanzi.

Razornik, who holds a forged press card for the Lacrimalis Kingdom, goes further and further, like any other human resource.

Kruilo picked up the pace and caught up, but couldn't say anything.

As soon as I arrived at the residence of the patron Marjana, I was escorted to a computer room where Farquill was waiting.

“I'll make sure you get a list of the arms embargoes and economic sanctions.”

Two A4-sized pamphlets were handed over.Each one was as thick as the width of two fingers.It was very heavy in the hands of Kruilo who took it.The content weighs more.

Data gathered by our comrades has been downloaded on the way here.The data collected by the mobile station Praetor Misa has also been sent.

I saw the market and job security a while ago, but it was quickly affecting you.

Isn't it okay in the city?

Razornik's short report drove Farquil nervous.

But refugee camps can't pull back support, can they?

Kruilo's voice trembled more anxiously than he thought.

Farkill sits back in front of the computer and recommends a chair for both of them.

“Do you remember when I started making and selling belts out of used clothes?”

"Um... um, I read in the report that something became popular in the bazaar."

When Cruzillo remembered, Farkill activated his email software, displaying pictures of his belt on his computer screen.

The five belts are all beautiful in different colors.The fact that it has become a popular product is also repulsive.

The email Farkill opened came from Frigio Corporation.

It is an Internet mail-order company specializing in clothing, and its head office is in the Kingdom of Amitostigma.

"The Hunan Economic Newspaper brokered the sale of this belt made in the refugee camp and the grass-coloured scarf, but until the economic sanctions were lifted, I was told that it could not be handled."


“I'll hide the page of the product made by the refugees on the site, but I'll leave the data, so you can resume as soon as it's lifted.”

I don't know when it's going to happen.

Kruilo's voice fell to the floor.

Razornik caught a frown between his eyebrows and stared uncomfortably at the screen of the computer.

What's going on with the inventory?

“It was collected by Parumbina Co., Ltd. and is now in the room that is being used for the sewing of this house.”

"Huh? Why is Marjana-san's company in between?" What about the Hunan economy? "

“There was a move to bring in inventory.”

“How's it going?

The two voices overlapped.

After receiving a suspension from Frigio Co., Ltd., Farquill requested the return of the stock he had deposited in order to sell it directly in the bazaar.

But they refused, saying, "When we resume, we'll keep it there so it can be shipped right away."If you ask me what to do with the warehouse fee in the meantime, I won't answer.

Farquill was troubled and consulted the Hunan Economic Newspaper, which he brokered through the Silentium reporter.

A few days later, the department in charge replied that Frigio Corp. 's response was unnatural.

The government of the Kingdom of Amitostigma has a policy of continuing to support refugees.

There are no spells or marks on the refugees' merchandise, and the materials are not special materials for magic.

Because it's just a fabric product, it's not subject to embargo or economic sanctions.

There is no need to stop working with the site itself.

If you ask me, it's true.

Cruzillo was a little relieved and his shoulders relaxed.

With the approval of Hunan Economy, I attached the email and asked Frigio Co., Ltd. to return it again, but it was razor-sharp.

When I consulted with Marjana, Parumbina Co., Ltd. turned around and collected all the goods, but they didn't tell me the details.

"The bazaar is too dangerous to go to worship because it's being turned down everywhere."

"What do you mean, dangerous?"

Kruilo listened with frustration.

"I don't think there is any violence in the stones, but I think they may be harassed by unwanted people, scolded for selling things, cheated on exchanges, stolen, etc."


Answered with a sinking voice, Kruilo was irrationally angry.

"There aren't many of them, but there's a lot of bad talk on the Internet about the nemoraris and things like that, so I know the charities are worried about me, and I'm sorry I got into trouble."

The number of video views was also visibly reduced.

Farquill raised his face and said with a weak smile.

I decided to turn the collected belt into a crowdfunding gratuity, so it will help.

I see. That's what it was.

The sale of handicrafts and other items is one way for refugees to buy their own food.

Making money on your own will reduce your anxiety and reliance on donations.

It is also to maintain a connection with the society that extends outside the refugee camp.

It was regrettable that the refugees had to avoid going out until the fever (almost) cooled down.